Packing for retirement – what do you really need?

Retirement is the part of our lives we’re all looking forward to. You’ll have all the time in the world and enough disposable income to enjoy yourself. This is perfectly understandable and completely deserved! You’ve put in the time and now it’s the perfect moment to lay back and enjoy yourself. So, why not go to a new place and experience some interesting things? Or do you prefer to move closer to your family and enjoy your free time with them? Well, whatever you decide on, there’ll be a lot of packing for retirement to do. Luckily, our guide is here to help you get through it.

Pack your essentials

First things you should pack are the things you need or use on an everyday basis. Packing these early will give you enough time to change or edit your list of essentials. It’s also useful to pack the important things early as it is proven to help you remember things you’d usually forget. Your everyday essentials will be different from everyone else’s, but there are some things you should not forget:

  • Toiletries – soap, toothbrush, towels and anything else you might need for personal hygiene.
  • Medication – don’t forget your medicine when you’re packing for retirement. It might even be a good idea to prepare a special bag just for that.
  • Grooming tools – scissors, razors, nail clippers, a hair comb or hairbrush. These will come in handy wherever you are.
  • Eyglasses – as well as a hearing aid, if you’re using one and dentures. Don’t forget all the accessories required to keep your aids clean and working properly.
  • Nametags – label everything that’s yours with your name. This is an excellent way to avoid confusion when packing.

Get rid of what you don’t need when packing for retirement

Retirement is an excellent time to let go of some things. With the stress and the pressure of your job gone, your emotional release if taken care of. However, what about physical objects cluttering your road to a stress-free retirement? It’s common for anyone who’s been alive for some time to gather a lot of things they don’t need. Well, now is the perfect time to get rid of them! Make a very short list of things you’ll keep and give away everything else to your family and friends. Or, choose to sell what you can (it’s good to have that extra cash when retiring) and donate or throw away what you can’t sell. Getting rid of things will definitely help your packing process.

A lot of junk someone doesn't need but still keeps.
People tend to gather a lot of things they don’t need.

Decide what kind of retirement you’ll want to have

Packing for retirement will be much easier when you decide what kind of retirement you’d like to have. Will you settle down, move closer to your family or visit all those places you wanted to visit but couldn’t because of your job? Whatever it is you decide, start making your retirement travel plans a few weeks before your actual retirement day. This way you’ll have enough time to find the best movers for your needs if you decide on a location or a possible set of locations you’d like to visit or live in. Then, let the adventure begin!

two retired people rowing a boat.
If you’re planning an active retirement make sure you pack properly!

Pack according to the location you’re planning to visit

If you want to move out but don’t know where take a look at the best cities to retire. Knowing where you’ll end up will be very important when you’re packing. Don’t bring a lot of winter clothes if you plan on spending your retirement in Miami, Florida. Also, don’t plan an active retirement unless you pack good equipment.

Pack according to how long you’re staying

The duration of your stay in one place will also affect your packing. If you plan to move around a lot, you’ll want to travel light. So, don’t pack too many bags. In addition to this, if you’re planning on moving far away then getting a reliable moving estimate is especially important for you. Consider all this while you’re packing since it should affect your choice.

two seniors travelling and holding hands after they've been packing for retirement.
Visiting a lot of places in a short period of time means you’ll need to pack light.

Don’t overdo it

You should’ve started planning your retirement at least a couple of months before the actual day. In some cases, it’s best to start even earlier than that. Getting good conditions for your retirement is crucial in the States, where people live long after they’ve retired from their jobs. So, don’t try to do too many things at once after you retire. This goes double when packing for retirement. Packing is a tedious and tiring process and it can take days in some cases. Don’t try to finish it all in one day! Instead, pop a bottle of wine with your friends and pack while reminiscing about the good days long past. Or, if you’re in a rush, call in your family to help you. With a few young and strong backs, they’ll have you packed in no time.

Packing for retirement is easier with your son and his wife there to help you.
Call in your family to assist you!

Don’t spend too much money

Finally, if you’re moving permanently after you retire, make sure your relocation isn’t too costly. You’ll need as much of your retirement money as you can save so find out ways to reduce your moving costs. If you’re relocating to be closer to your family, they can help you with your move. If not, you can find cheap moving boxes and hire affordable movers to further reduce your moving costs and save your hard-earned money. In this case, don’t bother packing for retirement! Just ask your moving professionals to assist you with that!

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