Packing for moving overseas – tips and tricks

Preparing and packing for moving overseas is probably in the top 10 challenges you will ever have to face. In general, moving carries with it a lot of stress, due to its complex nature. The fact that you are leaving the country where you grew up, can be a really emotional one. That is, of course, nothing to be ashamed of, and should be taken as a normal part of the move. As you plan the move, you will face many different challenges, and though every move is complex in their own right, there is a big difference between moving from corner to a city to another, from one state to another, and then from one continent to another one. We know how these things can be hard, so we have prepared a list of tips and tricks to help you out throughout the moving process.

When packing for moving overseas, you have to pack yourself mentally first

Moving overseas is a hugely important event and, probably, not an easy decision, unless you are moving from one of the US islands to one of the best cities to retire. It is important that you do not hide away from yourself and your feelings. What this means is that denying how emotionally hard this is for you can be potentially very problematic. You do not want yourself to break down in the middle of the packing process, right? Breaking down may happen, but depending on the level of your awareness of your feelings, it can be really tough, or it can be just a moment or two where you will need simply take a few moments and rally yourself. So, give yourself a chance to step back and get in peace with yourself.

Packing for moving overseas is a complex task
Before packing your things, make sure you are mentally ready for the task

The reason why the move is happening is probably a good one like getting a new job or some other sort of opportunity. It is important that you acknowledge the fact that whatever is happening is going to be over at some point. You are going to be alright once the moving abroad is over and things will eventually start getting easier and easier. You have to accept the fact that things will be hard at times because they will be, but that you will push through. Once you do that, all the challenges are going to be easier to face. And step by step, you will eventually reach the point where you will be feeling completely like at home and you will be proud that you pushed through whatever obstacles you are going to encounter through packing for moving overseas and actually moving.

Hiring a good moving company is something that you should definitely do

Moving companies are there for a reason. Their sole purpose is to help you with moving to your new home. A good moving company has trained teams of professionals who have undoubtedly faced numerous challenges throughout their career, so having them by your side greatly improves the efficiency of packing for moving overseas quickly and efficiently. Some moving companies have different specializations, so they may have a special program just for moving overseas.

travelling bags
Moving companies can help you pack also

This can be very useful for you, as having someone who has turned moving overseas into a routine for themselves is something you will be very grateful for as the move continues forward. They may have tips from finding cheap moving boxes to properly packing for moving overseas. Moving without the help of a moving company may be possible when moving locally, but moving overseas is something that is not to be trifled with.

Make sure that you prepare and pack the essentials first

There are some things that you simply cannot afford to forget about when packing for moving overseas. Whatever happens, there are some particular documents you’ll need overseas. So, you will need your medical records, health insurance records, driving licenses, financial records, passports and visas, for starters. Make sure that you have several photocopies of each of them stored safely in different parts of luggage, so if something to happens to one part of it, you will have a back up for the documents. Other documents that you should have with yourself overseas include things like birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, school records, etc. You should also leave a set of copies of each of those documents with your relative or a close friend.

person holding a passport and an airplane ticket
Pack, check and recheck your documents carefully

Prepare an “essentials” suitcase for each of the family members that are moving with you. An “essentials” box or a suitcase should be filled with the things that you will need in the first couple of days of your move. So, some basic clothes and towels should be there. Next, you should have a set of preferred cosmetic products and the crucial personal care items. If some of them are easily obtainable in the country you are moving to, then you may not have to carry them with yourself. Also, make sure that you are taking with you the ones that are really the most important ones. This is because toiletries can take a lot of space, so take just the ones you honestly need. Furthermore, no matter how carefully you pack them, they may get ruined during the move, because some are really sensitive.

Be selective with packing

When packing for moving overseas, it is really important that you make a proper selection of what you need. You do not want to over pack. Overpacking can increase your moving costs by not so small an amount. So, if you are moving during Spring to a country with a moderate climate, you won’t need winter clothes. You will have enough time over the year to get them, and winter clothes take up a lot of space. Same goes for the shoes. You do not need ten pairs of shoes. Take a couple of your best sneakers and one couple that you can use for going to store or jogging. Take some for your job meeting also and you are set. Moving is a great time to make some cuts in your life, so why not start with unnecessary clothes?

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