Packing for a cross-country vacation

It’s time to finally take that vacation you deserve. After a long year of working, you can finally relax a bit! However, one of the most annoying things you’ll need to do before you leave your home will be packing. This is usually a tedious and boring task, but, it’s very important. Packing for a cross-country vacation will help you have the best possible time. So, don’t do it half-heartedly.

Start packing early

The first thing you’ll need to do will be to start packing as soon as possible. It would be ideal to start as soon as you decide to have a vacation. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option. Work, obligations and many other things tend to get in the way of successful and speedy packing. This is another reason why you should start packing for a cross-country vacation as early as possible. If it’s easier, you can divide this task into smaller ones. Pack your shoes on Monday, towels on Tuesday and so on. If you have kids, you can invent a game for all of you to play while packing! Make a treasure hunt for missing clothing to inspire your kids to pack faster. If you need further packing tips, make sure you check out our advice.

Pack according to where you’re going

There are a lot of things we like or want to bring on our vacation. From our lucky hat to our favorite bag. If you’ll spend your vacation in one place, then you won’t need to trouble yourself with the number of things you’ll bring. However, when you’re packing for a cross-country vacation which will involve many locations, you might want to pack light! Preserving mobility while packing everything you might need will be perfect for a vacation which requires you to move around many locations.


No matter where or how far you decide to go on vacation, there are certain things you’ll need to bring!

  • documents – IDs, passports, drivers’ licenses. All in all, you’ll need to ring some form of ID when you’re taking your time off in your own country. Passports are required when going abroad and you’ll need to get one and always keep it by your side.
  • cash – most of your funds should be in your bank account, easily accessed by your credit card. However, don’t forget some cash when packing for a cross-country vacation. Since you’ll be traveling, you’ll find yourself in places where you won’t be able to find an ATM. This is where the cash will come in handy!
  • medication – whenever and wherever you’re traveling, you’ll need to keep your medicine closeby. Don’t risk injury or disease! Feel free to pack more medicine that you need, just in case. Apart from your therapy medication, you might consider bringing: some painkillers, band-aids, some activated carbon and medical alcohol. Make sure you pack these safely and report them to airport security if you’re going by plane. Also, make sure they’re not in your carry on luggage, since you can’t bring them on a plane.
  • a good mood – extremely hard to pack, but very easy to bring along. Make sure you have enough of it before setting off on your vacation.
  • an extra pair of underwear and socks – better safe than sorry.
A person enjoying themselves after packing for a cross-country vacation.
You won’t be able to enjoy your vacation if you don’t pack well!

Optional baggage

The most important part of your luggage will take up the smallest portion of your bags. Thus, you’ll have a lot of space for the items you love but can live without! However, there are certain you’ll want to bring to make your time off a little bit more interesting.

  • energy for the gadgets – no one leaves for a vacation without their trusty gadgets! Bring enough cables, batteries or power banks to charge all your electronics.
  • pocket knife – always useful when going anywhere.
  • attire for tricky weather – bring a thicker jacket or a hoodie just in case. Even if you’re going to Hawaii, you might experience some rainy days, and it’s good to be prepared.

Pack according to who you’re going with

Finally, when packing for a cross-country vacation, you might want to take into account who’s going with you. There are a lot of differences when packing for a holiday with your kids and when you’re going alone. If you’re bringing your significant other along with your offspring, you’ll need to take extra care about what you’re packing. Make sure your kids don’t waste time when it comes to packing, and that they have all they might need.

A family at the beach.
When packing for a cross-country vacation with your family, make sure your kids have all they need.

On the other hand, when packing for a singles vacation, you’ll want to put a little bit more emphasis on your style. Preparation for partying starts with packing! You’ll want to bring your A game to your singles vacation, so make sure you’re ready! If you’re not sure where to take your vacation in one of the top US cities of singles. In these cities, you’ll find the best conditions to enjoy your single life.

Packing for a cross-country vacation for singles is not easy!
Enjoy your singles far away vacation in style!

Avoid stress when packing for a cross-country vacation

Stress is one of the main consequences of packing last minute. Thus, you can avoid stress by following the first piece of advice on this list: “Packing early”. However, in some situations, we can’t avoid packing on the last day. We are usually swamped with work, obligations and all the other things we want to run away from on our vacation. So, in case this happens to us, we’ll need to find ways to reduce stress both in ourselves and in our families. Reducing stress when packing for a cross-country vacation is a very good idea. You’ll need to make sure you start your trip relaxed but ready! Thus, to best enjoy your vacation, make sure your packing is stress-free!

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