Pack Christmas decorations for a move

Imagine it’s early December, and you are so thrilled that you will put up your Christmas decorations in the next few days. You have recently relocated and all you need now is to relax a little. But you open the decoration boxes and you find a disaster. There is nothing more heartbreaking than broken ornaments. But it is understandable, you were in a hurry, and you didn’t pay much attention to packing that part of your belongings. People make decorations out of fragile materials like glass and porcelain, which are difficult to transport without damage. So Master Moving Guide decided to teach you how to pack Christmas decorations the right way, to avoid that.

Why is it important to pack Christmas decorations properly?

Skipping the step when you need to pack Christmas decorations can lead to a lot of problems, for your belongings and your sanity. The easy way out is to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. The other option is to invest a little bit of time into packing. As said before, fragile materials chirp, Christmas lights get tangled and broken, etc. When you pack organized, it doesn’t take as much time as expected. And the benefits are for sure worth it.

Christmas tree next to a fireplace
It is very important to pack decorations the right way

What are the steps to successful packing?

You cant expect to just throw everything into boxes and call it a day. Doing this is faster, but will result in sad news after self moving. You also have to organize your decorations before you start the process. Doing this now will keep them safe during the move, and ready for the next season. The steps to doing this properly are:

  • Get rid of everything that you don’t need – decluttering is the first step to every packing process. Getting rid of decorations doesn’t mean throwing them in the trash. If it still works you can always donate it. Even though these items can be quite sentimental, sometimes it is time for a change.
  • Sort the decorations – the easiest way to do this is to put together items that you hang up in one area. This is a good tactic since most of us decorate in stages, and we don’t it more or less the same every year.
  • Pay attention to the strands and strings – putting string lights in a pile is a bad idea. It will result in it frustrating tangles and potentially damage. Use some stabilizing product to keep it in place during the relocation.
  • Pick the storage containers – there is often a debate whether to use plastic containers or cardboard boxes. Plastic bins are more expensive, but also give you more protection and last longer. But if you don’t want to commit, regular boxes work just fine.

How to pack Christmas ornaments

After checking everything from the above list, it’s time to pack Christmas ornaments. Whatever type of containers you are using, the steps are quite similar. Maybe you will have to put a bit of extra protection before you move long distance with one of the international movers, but apart from that, there is not a lot of difference.

Family decorating their Christmas tree after managing to properly pack Christmas decorations
The packing process is similar for whatever type of container you will be using

Keep the item groups you made separated

Remember the groups of items we talked about? Try to put each of the groups into a different box. One of the packing tips that people usually follow here is that small boxes are better. This is because it will get full faster, therefore there will be no wiggle space in between.

Protect your artificial Christmas tree the right way

A lot of people use artificial trees instead of natural ones for many reasons. The main one of most of them is the fact that it can be reused for years to come. Heavy-duty garbage bags are great for this. Take the tree apart and fold down the branches. Put each piece into a separate bag and put all the pieces together in one box. When the tree is packed this way, it is also great for storage between the Christmas seasons.

Try to eliminate empty spaces

Empty spaces during transportation give the items the ability to shift and this is something you don’t want because it can cause damage. Use items like tissue paper, packing paper, or bubble wrap to stuff between the items.

Keep fragile ornaments separated

If by any chance you have saved the original boxes of your ornaments, this is your lucky day. But let’s be honest, who does that? Instead of that, use cardboard dividers, whether it is purchased or homemade. If you want the cheap and easy version, use empty eggs cartons.

Remove the batteries

You should remove the batteries from Christmas decorations that contain them. During storage and relocation, there can be temperature fluctuations that can damage them. If you happen to have batteries that are damaged or don’t work anymore, make sure to properly dispose of them.

Don’t forget the labels

We bet that you have seen this tip so many times, and it is for a good reason repeated often. People think that they will remember what they packed in which box. But once you have a pile of similar-looking boxes, you will see that it was a mistake. To avoid this, simply invest a few minutes of your time into specifying what you have in each box. Not only will it make the relocation easier, but it will also be easier to find once you need to take them out again the next holiday season.

Cardboard boxes on the floor
Labeling boxes is important for every move

Don’t put heavy boxes on top of light ones

This goes without saying, but it’s never bad to repeat something. The majority of Christmas ornaments are fragile, and these boxes should always be put on top. If you are moving during a time that’s not close to the holidays, you can also put them in the back of the van, since you won’t be needing them soon.

Pack Christmas decorations for a move – final thoughts

When you pack Christmas decorations for a move, a little bit of extra invested time goes a long way. And the good thing is that the way you pack them for a move, you can also keep them like that in storage. By properly packing your decorations you will have them in good condition and ready for years to enjoy. We wish you a happy and successful packing experience!

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