How to organize your documents when moving house

Moving can be a very complicated process, especially if you are going long-distance. You are standing in the middle of your home, trying to imagine how you will pack all that you possess. Should you start from the bulky ones or should you begin packing all those scattered paper documents from your drawers? Do not neglect to pack all the important papers, as you will need them in your new home. Also, you certainly do not want to see them falling out of boxes when you try to load them on the truck. Before trying to use some DIY techniques for packing, we recommend checking a master moving guide from professionals. Here you will learn how to organize your documents when moving house long-distance.

Hiring reliable movers

You are about not just changing your home and neighborhood you are used to. You should also relocate your entire house long-distance. Since this is probably one of your most important life events, you want to make sure that everything goes by plan. You will need reliable movers, either to help you pack large kitchen appliances or just to organize your documents when moving house.

Assorted documents on a shelf.
You may need help with packing documents.

Consider hiring professionals as you try to set aside a relocation budget. Although this may seem like an attack on your wallet, think about how much experience they have. What may now seem like a big expense will later prove to be a huge saving. And not just of your money. Here we also want to emphasize how much of your time and energy can be saved. You can spend some quality time with your friends and family, while experienced people are doing difficult tasks. Plus, the reliable moving company will handle the driving, while you can travel in the comfort of your own car.

Why it is important to organize documents prior to moving

It might be easy for those people who always put their documentation in certain drawers, folders, or document organizers. But if you do not belong to this group of people, then you need help to organize your documents when moving house. Therefore, take your time to sit down, get a cup of coffee, and start going through all the papers from your boxes and cabinets.

a man trying to organize documents in a black boxdocuments
Make sure to prepare for moving only those documents you really need

This might be the boring part of the process so you need to stay organized. Decluttering is the first step to getting rid of the chaos and for this process, you should consider decluttering with the help of storage. You should classify in piles documents such as property-related documents, personal IDs, or financial documents. Pay special attention not to discard any document or piece of paper that you still need. On this quest, you will find many receipts from everyday shopping or used theater tickets. You should say goodbye to those as they don’t have a purpose any longer. Finally, organize one pile with personal documentation that you should carry with you at all times.

Prepare special storage facilities to organize documents when moving house

Since paper can be easily damaged, you may need special storage units. Therefore, climate controlled storage facilities may come at hand. These units will protect your documents from severe damages from extreme temperatures, humidity, or tearing.

white binders for organizing documents when moving
Using special climate control units can preserve your documents

You should obtain different kinds of binder pockets, pocket dividers with tabs, and lots of plastic sleeves These special storage units can preserve the documents from any possible damage. Then, put each of the separated piles of papers into plastic sleeves and moving binders. Do not forget to label them. Once you start unpacking, this way everything will be labeled and you will know into which section to put them.

Medical and other special documentation

Not all documents should go into the same document storage. Some of them you should keep in a separate box or a moving binder. You may need some of the documents such as medical documentation or a contract for a new house while traveling long-distance. If you are moving to another country, you should keep your passport or a personal ID close to you. It is very important to keep your medical documentation at hand, especially if you suffer from some chronic diseases. Of course, we want only good things to happen, but moving is very stressful so it is good to be well-organized. Also, when you arrive at your new home, you might need to sign a contract with the previous owner of the house. Therefore, keep the document in a safe and available place.

What about the old paper and documents you no longer need?

Through all the previous years, you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary papers. Old device warranties, expired driver’s licenses, plane tickets, restaurant bills-these should also be relocated. But definitely not to your new, well-organized home. When trying to organize your documents when moving house, you may easily put them into a disposal bag and then into the trash bin. But there is something else that you can do for your planet. Try recycling those old documents. Our planet will be thankful, plus you would feel much better doing something good. You may easily find how to reach local recycling facilities. Or if you are too busy packing, you can invite the recycling staff to visit you and collect your paper waste.

To conclude, if you have all your documents in order you will ensure a peaceful mind. Also, throughout organizing your documents, in the process, you will learn how important being organized is in general. Therefore, you may change some of your bad habits and keep other things neat and tidy as well. After all, you will not get panicked when asked to find a certain piece of document. Finally, you will settle into your new area peaceful and serene.

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