Myths about storage units – busted or true

Having and using storage as an option in our everyday life is still something new. Many people that have never rented a self-storage unit may have some wrong preconceived ideas about storage facilities. Also, some people that had a bad experience with some storage facility may believe all storage is the same. This way, people create myths that are sometimes far from the truth. Instead of believing all the myths about storage units you have heard, take a look at our list of myths and truths and figure it out for yourself. 

Myth no 1- It’s easy to remember where you packed everything

You probably think packing items for storage is a piece of cake. Well, it’s not that simple actually. All your belongings are tightly packed inside your storage unit. Do you think you have completed the task by shutting the door and fitting everything inside?  Well, not really. Remember, when it comes to packing, you can never have too many labels. Keep in mind that one day you will need something from your storage. And it might be months before you open the storage unit again, don’t think you will remember where you placed what. That is definitely one of the myths about storage units. Most importantly, by staying organized and utilizing boxes and labels, you get to prevent the mess afterward. If you are not sure how to deal with this task, you can hire professional residential movers to pack your things for you. Additionally, plan ahead and make sure items you might need to access sooner are placed in the front.

Myths about storage units with a lot of things, drawers and old furniture
A myth is that only hoarders use storage

Myth no 2 -Your belongings can fit in any size storage unit

People often underestimate the importance of the size of the storage unit. Instead of measuring their things and searching for the best size, they choose the first or the cheapest unit they see. Obviously, then end up not being satisfied with a result. Bringing that three large boxes back home with you as you leave the storage unit is not going to be a nice surprise. And neither is realizing you are actually paying for a huge space whole you could have managed with half the size. Hence, do your research and try to estimate the exact size storage unit you need. Consider the size of the trailer or truck you are transporting items in and if you will maybe need more space in the future.

Myth no 2 -Renting a storage unit is too expensive

The fact is that renting a self-storage unit may be more of a monthly cost than stashing belongings in your spare bedroom, closets or garage. But it is also a fact that it is possible to find good storage for rent at reasonable prices. Prices mostly vary based on location and amenities. And if you are looking for a way to keep costs down, we have a few.

  • Choose the correct size and don’t pay for space you don’t need. Also, make sure you have enough room to easily access your items when you need to.
  • Skip expensive features you don’t need. If you are not planning to store specific, fragile or expensive items, you could decide on a storage facility without climate control or enhanced security.
  • Go local and get a better price. If you are moving and you are looking to find local movers you can trust, chances are they will have affordable storage too. Besides, when storage costs are together with your moving costs, you will probably get a discount.
Antique TV
For storing antiques, you really need a climate controlled unit

Myth no 3 – Storage units are just for hoarders

Yes, the truth is that some people that rent storage units may be hoarders dealing with an overflow of collections in their home. But most noteworthy, beyond storing personal items someone can’t bear to part with, units have other purposes. Furthermore, storage can have a very practical use during moves and renovations. It is also ideal for storing seasonal items such as holiday decorations or seasonal sporting equipment. Additional, many people use storage for their business use while others use it for decluttering their home. Local shops or online merchants sometimes store inventory in their unit rather than consuming valuable space in their home or office. Also, landscapers often keep their equipment in units overnight, on weekends or during the holidays when not in use.

Myth no 4- Storage facilities are not safe

Like many other things, storage theft is not uncommon in the news. But in fact, modern self-storage facilities are using advanced technologies to prevent this kind of loss. Every well-maintained storage facility has lighting, fencing, security cameras, electronic gate access, on-site managers, and individually alarmed units. Therefore, this is one of the myths about storage units.

Myth no 5- You have to get long term contract

This is also not true since most storage facilities offer the convenience and flexibility of month-to-month unit rentals. And although some facilities will offer a discount for paying rent in advance this is not usually a requirement. If you want only to store some belongings for one season or during a renovation, that is perfectly manageable. And even if the facility closest to your desired location only has long-term commitment leases, you can always negotiate. Furthermore, ask if they’d consider leasing to you on a monthly basis at a slightly higher per month rate.

People shaking hands
Like in other businesses, prices of storage are also negotiable sometimes

Myth no 6 – Storage prices are fixed

Just like in many other industries, you can sometimes negotiate a price with a moving and storage company. This is especially the case when the facility is not full of tenants. Also, many self-storage facilities offer discounts to special personnel and customers who pay on time each month.

Myth no 7 – Climate-controlled units are the unnecessary luxury

Yes, climate-controlled units aren’t always necessary. But if you’re sacrificing important perk to save a little money, you might want to reconsider. More specifically, if you are storing antiques, wood furniture, books or appliances, you really need a climate-controlled unit. It will save your items from possible damage and give you peace of mind. Temperature changes can cause severe damage, such as warped wood, yellowing of paper and even mold. Hence, if you have this option, better take it.

Hopefully, our list of truths and myths about storage units has helped you get a more realistic picture of storage. Good luck with storing your items!

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