Must-have storage security measures to look for

When you have too many items and not enough storage space, you have to look for other solutions. This would be a storage unit. The other situation is when you are moving. Sometimes, your new house will not be ready by the time reliable movers deliver your items. Again, you have to find short-term storage. However, you have to make sure your belongings are safe there. For this reason, when you are looking for a storage unit, these are the must-have storage security measures your unit should have. 

How to find storage units 

You should know how to find good storage units with must-have storage security measures. There are several ways to achieve this.  

  • Friends and family – you can ask your friends and family for recommendations. Maybe they know someone who rents a storage unit. You can ask your colleagues as well. 
  • The Internet – you can find everything on the Internet, storage units included.  
  • Official websites – when you are surfing on the Internet, visit official websites of several storage companies. Make sure to read reviews. 
  • Moving company – if you are moving, apart from asking about special moving services, you can ask them if they offer storage services as well. If not, maybe they can recommend some companies.  
  • Local newspapers – lastly, you can look at ads in your local newspapers. 

Must-have storage security measures – A digital surveillance system 

It is normal to expect a digital surveillance system. Your storage unit should be under surveillance 24/7. This is the way to protect your items. Even if something does happen, it will be caught on camera. For this reason, make sure to ask the company’s representatives about their surveillance. In addition to this, you should personally see where the cameras are placed and how well they cover. Bad video quality and limited coverage are not acceptable, especially if you plan to store some valuable items but even just for peace of mind.

three white CCTV cameras mounted on wall
See if a storage facility has a digital surveillance

Password-protected access 

 The next must-have storage security measure is password-protected access. Your potential company should have an access system that requires passwords. You should receive a unique password for gates and doors. This is the best measure of limiting access. You can also check who has access to your storage unit. If you have the option to create your password, then make sure it is a strong one.  

Must-have storage security measures – efficient lighting 

A digital surveillance will not work without the proper lighting. For this reason, you should check if the outside of each building has efficient lighting. Do not forget to check aisles as well. In addition to this, even if your company has a proper lighting system, see how well they maintain it. If a lightbulb is out, they should change it in a short period of time. Lastly, you should look for a facility that has interior lighting that is always on, and an exterior one that is motion-activated. 

Good employee protocol 

Employees are an important factor in keeping your items safe. They should not have a key to your unit. You are the only one who should have access unless you authorize someone to keep the second key. In addition to this, employees should make rounds and check if all units are locked. If not, they should notify you immediately.  

three men laughing in the office
A storage facility needs to have good employees

Must-have storage security measures – strong lock and well-maintained property 

You should select a proper lock that will ensure the safety of your items. The best choice is a lock with a short, thick handle. These are the most difficult to cut with bolt cutters, so thieves will not be able to enter your unit. In addition to this, a storage facility should have a well-maintained property. This means it should not have damaged fencing or broken locks and keypads. Make sure that everything works properly before signing a rental contract. 

Things you can do to keep your items safe 

Apart from all these must-have storage security measures, you can also contribute to keeping your items safe. The first thing you should do is to properly pack your items. While you are packing, make an inventory list. If something happens, you have the proof your item was either lost or stolen. In addition to this, after a couple of months, you might forget what you put inside. If you cannot find something, first check if you actually stored it or it is really stolen. Besides this, you should know what not to put in a storage unit. Check with your facility which items are not allowed.  

Indoor storage and access password 

The indoor storage offers an additional layer of protection. For this reason, if you are very worried about your items, choose a unit inside a storage building. In addition to this, be careful with your password or your key. You should not give your password just to anyone, but only to people of trust. Apart from this, do not go around saying where you stored your items. Someone might get the wrong idea. 

must-have storage security measures - in-door pink storage units
Find in-door storage units for additional protection

Get insurance 

Lastly, you should get good insurance. Some facilities might offer their own insurance. However, their coverage is usually quite limited. On the other hand, they are not expensive. You will have to pay an extra 10 dollars for minimum coverage. For this reason, look for insurance that covers incidents such as robbery. Before you sign anything, review your policy carefully. Make sure you understand everything. See what is covered, to what extent is covered, and how you can file an insurance claim. In addition to this, if you are moving, it would be wise to get moving insurance. The same procedure applies here as well. Read carefully your policies before you sign the contract. 

How to keep your items safe  

As you can see, these would be all the must-have storage security measures to look for. In addition to this, you can also greatly contribute to the safety of your belongings. So, make sure to follow some of these suggestions.

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