Moving your business across the street

What do you do when your office becomes too small for all your employees? Your business is growing, and you need to find a bigger location to house your new and improved company. One idea might be moving your business across the street. There are many advantages to this kind of relocation!

Moving your business across the street to a new office is great!
Move to a new office across the street.

Moving any business is difficult and dangerous, especially if your business is tied to a certain location. For example, the local butcher can’t relocate his business without the risk of losing customers. All of the locals are used to buying meat form him because his product is good and he is close. However, if he moves his shop, it might take forever to establish such customer relations in a new neighborhood. For our butcher and shop owners in a similar situation, moving your business across the street can make the difference!

Things you should do before the move

Moving across the street may seem like an easy task, but it’s not, unfortunately. With any commercial relocation, there are a lot of things you’ll need to pay attention to. Therefore, it’s best to prepare for the move well in advance!


Make a good plan, and your move is halfway done. Once you find the best moving company for your needs, you should get with them and start planning your relocation. Think about the best time for moving your business. Moving will take some time, even just across the street. During this time, your business will be down, so make sure the move happens when your shop is closed! Apart from this, see how many people you’ll need for the move, and ask some of your staff to help out. Finally, at least one of the top managers should be present on the moving day. It would be best if you could be there, but you’ll have a lot on your plate. So, find some of your employees you trust and ask them to help you.


Next, you should get ready for the moving day! Since your company will have a completely new location, you’ll need to take care of a few administrative tasks.

  • notify everyone – first, let your customers know about the location change. This is fair and it builds up trust. You can post it on the website, e-mail everyone or call them. Next, you should change the address of your business with the authorities. Notify the post, banks and all change your address in the registry.
  • talk to your employees – notify your employees about the relocation. Ask them for help because the weeks around the moving day will be very difficult. Try to keep them in the loop, even though you’re just moving across the street.
  • get good supplies – you’ll still need good moving supplies when moving a business across the street. It doesn’t matter that the relocation is a short-distance one, you’ll need to protect your things. Since you use them in your daily business, any damage to them may hinder your companies growth.
  • be ready for anything – even though it sounds a bit cliche, you really should be prepared. Make a plan B, find somewhere you can run your business from in case something bad happens or get a lot of insurance. Any commercial move is very tricky, and it’s best not to risk anything.


The last thing you’ll need to do before you relocate your business is to pack. Make sure you use a lot of protective material when you pack your things for the move and check out these packing tips to make your relocation even easier. Apart from this, you can hire packing services from your moving company, to help you get ready faster. This might be crucial when moving your business across the street.

Benefits of moving your business across the street

What so good about relocating across the street? Firstly, you’ll have a different office in virtually the same location. So, you won’t need to find new customers or new employees. This old team on a new location will definitely help to reenergize and push your business forward. Apart from this, keeping the same location but a different address reduces the problems with package delivery. Someone doesn’t have your new address? Just put a notice on the door of your old office saying that you’re just across the street. No more lost packages because of relocating your business. Another benefit of moving your business across the street is that your movers will charge you next to nothing on the distance. You’ll only be charged for the weight of your items. So, you’ll save a lot of money while you’re moving. This will help kick-start your business at the new location.

Moving your business across the street can save you money!
Save money on a really short distance move!

What you should consider…

Unfortunately, not even moving across the street is easy, and there are a lot of things you should consider. First of all, there are things you should do if your new office is smaller or if you need to find temporary storage for your items. Since you’ll probably be needing them sometime again, we suggest putting them in a storage unit. In order to keep your office items as safe as possible, we suggest you choose a climate controlled storage unit.

A clime controlled unit
Choose a climate controlled storage unit for storing your office items.

Another thing to keep in mind when moving your business across the street is that you might consider it easy. If you do, you’ll be surprised, and not in a pleasant way. This is just like moving any other business – it has it’s challenges, troubles, and rewards. The only thing that’s different is the distance, but that doesn’t affect a commercial move a lot.


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