Moving your art collection across the country

Relocating your home long distance is a complex process that requires detailed planning and dedication. Planning to move valuable items, like artwork and antique furniture, can make the whole process even more challenging. Even though just a thought of packing your entire home and art collection and moving to a completely new city can be overwhelming, there is a way for you to avoid any stress when moving your art collection. The crucial thing is to start planning in advance and follow a few simple yet important long distance moving tips. By preparing and planning ahead you will able to create a detailed moving plan, double check your relocation tasks and avoid common moving mistakes.

painting on a wall after the move
Create a plan so your artwork can be safely moved to your new home.

What is there to know when moving long distance?

Moving interstate is a bit trickier than relocating your home just a few blocks away. Even though the packing process is quite similar, moving across the country is a multi-step and time-consuming process. In order to make informed decisions when planning, you will need to educate yourself. Find reliable online sources, like Master Moving Guide that can provide you with valuable information on the moving procedures and preparations.

The very first thing you need to do is evaluate whether you need the help of a professional moving company. Having a reliable mover to help you with packing and moving your art collection can make the whole process much easier and let you save time. However, whether it is due to a strict budget or the last minute relocation, some people prefer to move on their own.

In order to help you evaluate whether you need to hire a moving company, let’s take a quick look at the pros of both options.

Moving with the pros

With more than 40 millions of Americans relocating each year, the moving industry is thriving at the moment. Therefore, there are many moving companies to choose from. When hiring a moving company you need to be careful in order to avoid moving scams. Besides making sure you have picked licensed and reliable movers, you also need to ensure they will be able to meet all of your relocation needs.  Moving your art collection across the country is a more demanding task than just relocating heavy furniture and household items. Artwork requires professional packing and proper handling. Therefore, make sure you check your movers’ reputation and whether they will be able to move your artwork safely and according to your requirements.

Here are a few pros of hiring professional movers for your artwork relocation:

  • Moving your art collection with a professional mover will save you much valuable time. – A reliable mover will be able to plan and conduct your move according to your deadline.
  • Professional movers will be able to protect your art collection during the move. – Moving companies use professional and specializes packing material. Therefore, you will avoid any damages during the move.
  • You can end up saving money. – Even though planning a DIY move might sound cheaper, your mover might be able to tailor the moving quote and services. Therefore their services can still fit your budget and you will avoid any moving stress.
  • Moving companies can provide you with additional services. – Whether you need a safe storage solution or some help to install the artwork in your new home, a reliable mover should be able to help you.
an outdoor sculpture
Movers have the skills and tools to relocate your artwork safely.

How to check if your mover is reliable?

In order to make sure you avoid moving scams, you need to check your movers’ reputability.  The best way to do so is to follow a few simple steps:

  • Pay attention to the way they present themselves.

Reliable movers are proud of their brands. Therefore they make sure they clearly brand their website, vehicles, and premises. Also, they will make their address and contact information easily reachable.

  • Search for the online reviews.

Visit reliable online rating websites like Yelp. Look for the ratings from their former customers.

  • Contact a few moving companies in advance.

Pay attention to their customer service. There should be no red flags with a reliable mover.

  • Do an additional checkup.

Search for official proofs of reliability. Contact the FMCSA and ask for more information on a specific moving company. Therefore, you will be able to check whether your mover is licensed.

Moving your art collection – DIY style

Relocating your artwork on your own will require detailed planning. However, a stress-free DIY move is possible if you start planning in advance. The very first thing you need to do is to prepare your moving budget. With a clear picture of how much you can spend you will be able to rent a proper truck and gather packing supplies.

Prepare for the DIY move

In order to have a safe move, you will need to make a relocation plan. Here are a few guidelines to help you:

  • Rent a proper moving truck. Find a company that can provide you with a reliable vehicle.
  • Gather the right packing supplies. Your art collection will require proper packaging. Therefore you need to invest in quality packing material. Keep in mind that plastic wraps can damage your paintings by producing mildew. Make sure your artwork stay intact by using proper supplies.
  • Evaluate whether you need storage. Having some extra space during an interstate move can be useful. However, don’t forget to look for climate-controlled units. Temperature changes can damage your art pieces. Therefore search for secured units that offer proper conditions.
  • Find some help. Ask your family and friends to help you. Packing, loading and unloading the truck will be much safer and faster with some help.
  • Create a task list. Ensure you don’t overlook any important tasks by creating a checklist. Write down all of the important pre-move tasks.
  • Prepare for the moving day. While moving your art collection you need to ensure both you and your belongings are safe. Therefore, dress properly. Wear non-slippery shoes and gather necessary moving equipment. Remove any obstacles that could be a falling hazard. Stay hydrated. Pack an essential box. Make sure your family is dressed and equipped properly as well.
packing supplies for moving your art collection
Gather proper packing supplies well in advance.

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