Moving while pregnant-how to stay safe?

It is known that moving is a process that is not at all easy to handle. It does not matter whether you are moving cross-country or in the vicinity, you need a lot of patience and effort in order to do so. However, if you add to it the fact that you are moving while pregnant, it is a special kind of challenge. What you need to be aware of is that you will need to take extra precaution. You will not be in a position to move heavy boxes around or pack things all day long. It is advisable not to do the hard work, but leave it to someone else. After all, nothing is more important than the life of your baby and yours. Here are some pieces of advice, in order to help you go through the whole thing with ease.

First of all, talk to your doctor

A doctor is the most reliable person to tell you what you can and cannot do while you are pregnant. Even if everything is just fine and you feel well, it is much better to be on the safe side and avoid complications. He or she will let you know how much weight you can carry when to take a break etc. The doctor will probably advise you to hire professional residential movers and let them take care of everything. It will be best to do so since they can make the whole process much easier for you. Also, do not forget to drink water and eat regularly.

Your doctor is the most reliable person to tell you what and how you should do when moving

Make a plan and write everything down

As with all pregnant women, you can easily lose track of all the things you need to take care of. Start making a plan as soon as you can, write it down and you will be sure that you will not forget to do a single thing. You can write it on a piece of paper, in a calendar or you can even use an app. Whichever is easier for you- what matters is to get the work done. Since you are pregnant, bear in mind that you should put down physical work to the bare minimum. Let other people participate as much as they can.

A woman writing
Making a plan can help you not to forget a single thing when moving while pregnant

Sort out the things you will no longer need

The fewer things you need to transfer, the better. This is a great opportunity to give or throw away some things you do not use. Of course, there are things you should not pack, even if you use them now. Those are, for example, perishable goods and toxic material. They are not safe to transfer, and some of them are not even safe for you to use since you are pregnant. Therefore, it is much better not to store them. Once you have settled, you will get new ones, which are less dangerous.

Sort out the things you no longer need and you will have fewer items to transfer

Find help when moving while pregnant

Now is a fine time to get help from whomever you can- friends, family, neighbors. Do not be shy to ask- no one will refuse to help a pregnant woman. This does not apply only to the moving day, but for the whole process of packing. You should avoid lifting heavy boxes, moving furniture or staying up late packing. Keep reminding yourself to take a break and to ask somebody else to do the heavy work. Also, you should find local movers you can trust. They can be of great help, even when packing or unpacking is in question (or both).

Do not be shy to ask for help- let others do the heavy work

Be careful when bending and lifting

Pregnancy injuries are quite common since your ligaments are loosened. In order to avoid them, you should be careful when bending and lifting. This means that you should bend your knees with a straight back, take the object and then slowly lift using your legs. In addition to this, you should move things frequently and make sure they are not heavy. Of course, moving while pregnant is not easy- you need to think about many things. But, it is neither easy to move with a newborn. All in all, just be careful and everything will be alright.

Boxes- be careful when moving while pregnant
Be careful when moving boxes and other items- take the lighter ones

Pack essentials moving box

An essentials moving box is a must when you are moving, and it is probably larger when you are moving while pregnant. First of all, take with you something to sit on when you need to rest. Then, pack water, snacks and everything else you usually eat these days. Also, bring with you medications, some clothes, a phone charger, and toiletries. Maybe you will not need all of this, but it is better to be on the safe side. One thing that you will definitely need is toilet paper, so make sure you put it in the box. Now you are ready to go.

Vanity case
Do not forget to pack all you may need, like a phone charger, toilet paper, water etc.

Moving while pregnant is a quite demanding task. Not only that you need to do many things, but you need to think about how you are doing them. This is not an easy job even if you are moving after the baby comes. You need to think about how you are bending and lifting when to take a break and even how to walk up and down the stairs. However, this is all for a good cause. You need to be aware that you are carrying a baby inside you and that the health of your baby and yours is what matters most. Maybe the work that you usually do in two days will be done in a week, but it is something that matters less. Just think about your safety, be careful, and the whole process will be done with no complications.

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