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Ok. So the big day is here. You’ve been dating for some time and decided to take it to a new level. Moving in together is great. It does away with the loneliness of living alone. Also, it is a great help with the expenses. But it also includes a move. And every move is a stressful process. It’s far too easy to become irritable in such situations and a fight can break out. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have made this guide on moving in together, to help you overcome all the hurdles and start a new fairy tale life, together. Follow it through and the both of you will be fine!

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Moving in together is a new chapter for your relationship.


As with every other move good planning is very important. This becomes even more prominent when you have two people moving in together. Not only will the moving party have to prepare for the process, the one they’re moving to has some work to do as well. Or maybe you’ve just found a great new place for the two of you and now both of you have to get ready for the transition! Obviously, this all can be stress inducing. Therefore its very important for you to coordinate. If able, start planning the move a few weeks in advance. You can also form moving schedules for the both of you. One of the more important things to coordinate about is how you will be packing and unpacking. Moving in together will bring a lot of new items.

A man writing on a piece of paper. Good planning is vital when moving in together
Good planning is very important.

Coordinating your unpacking will ensure you waste as little time as possible on that part of the moving process. It’s really not necessary to waste time unpacking duplicate items when one set will do. Same goes for clothes if you will be sharing a closet. Space could become scarce and you might need to come up with a compromise on how you will organize your wardrobes. Another point you can consider is taking only the stuff you will really be needing. If both of you have a nice set of cutlery, you don’t have to pile it all up in one place. Think about donating or selling all the excess items. Not only will it help make your move easier, but you might also earn some money on the side.

Share the costs

Since you will be moving in together, you will probably be having a joint budget. Consider the moving costs together even if only one of you is moving. Its never too early to start practicing maintaining a budget together. Also, you might come up with ways to save some money. After all, two minds brainstorming work better than one. Also by sharing the moving costs, you will reinforce the sense of togetherness. Wouldn’t it be a bummer for one of you to move in almost broke from moving costs? Thankfully this is avoidable with a bit of cooperation. A good way to save up on the move is to help each other out with the packing. You can go hunting for free boxes and other packing supplies together. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned, especially since the proverbial pennies are now affecting your joint budget.

Keep your calm

Moving is stressful. But it gets even more so when you have to plan it with another person. Every one of us has different schedules and daily tasks. Maybe your work times don’t match. Maybe one of you has additional obligations to do around the move date. Whatever it is, all the stress can build up and burst out in the form of a quarrel. But neither of you needs that right now. Moving in together will mean you will have to become a little more flexible. You’re swapping the absolute liberty of living alone for the many emotional benefits of living with the person you love. So keep your calm and take a breather before you bring a problem up. Maybe you’re just stressed and overreacting over an insignificant issue. Or maybe your partner appeared insensitive in the rush of the moment. But they don’t really mean it.

An angry man pointing a finger
Try to keep your calm even when things get most stressful.

A good way to avoid unnecessary fights is to have a pre-move talk. Apart from coordinating your move schedule, make a deal to be there for each other and to try to be as understanding as you can. Also, agree that you won’t take it too badly if the other person points a problem out to you. This way you can approach problems in a constructive way even in the middle of the moving chaos. After all its important to remember that you’re moving in because you love each other. Even if that comes with highs and lows, in essence, the reason for your move is love. So, try and keep that idea front and center whenever sparks start flying.

Find good movers

One huge help in this situations is going to be finding good movers. Avoid cheap movers and read the contracts closely. Many a bad deal have been slipped through the fine print. You don’t need that added stress when moving in together. So, investing a little time into finding good movers can save you a lot of stress. Knowing that your belongings are safe and having the professional help will ease a lot of the moving stress. This will, in turn, make you more understanding and able to deal with your partner’s move-related stress.

Celebrate moving in together

No matter if your experience with moving in together was a breeze, or a complicated mess, make sure you put some time aside to celebrate. After all, it’s the start of a whole new chapter of your lives. Treat yourself to a nice date. A dinner or a movie. Or both! You’ve certainly earned it. And once all the unpacking is done, you can look back at the adventure that was moving. Even if it was hectic and stressful, you’ve weathered that storm together. And that’s what it’s all about.

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