Moving in a single day – is it possible?

Unpleasant situations such as last-minute moving, are those when we have no choice but to face and overcome them. Instead of thinking if moving in a single day is possible and panic, follow our tips and start packing! But make sure to find out how to prepare for movers, too, before they arrive.

Moving in a single day? Start early!

Start early if you want to deal with moving in a single day successfully! Get enough sleep to have enough energy for last-minute relocation. And even if you’re stressed, don’t panic. Although it may seem impossible, you have 24 hours to move. Get organized and you’ll make it!

a notebook with calendar
To successfully move in just one day, get up early, don’t panic, and stick to the checklist.

Make a fast checklist

Moving in a single day requires good organization. To achieve that, make a fast checklist. Write down all moving tasks and stick to them. The checklist will help you to do the fast packing, and finish your priorities first. But it’s also a great reminder in case you forget something.

Rent a storage unit

Rent a storage unit for storing bulky things and furniture, and save time on packing! Some small units run $50 to $55 per month, while larger can be $300. Just make sure to find the right size unit and those with appropriate features. If you’re interested in storing your household somewhere out of the way, check the pros and cons of remote storage solutions. It may be the best choice for you when moving on short notice!

Build a moving team

Moving in a single day means you don’t have enough time to hire movers, check their reputation and get cheaper fees. But you can check if there are available last-minute movers. If not, build your own team! Ask your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues to help you.

If you can’t find available last-minute movers, build a moving team with your family and friends!
Get rid of clutter

Get rid of old, damaged and unnecessary things and lower the weight of your shipment. Throw away, donate or recycle. As a result, you’ll save money on moving services, but also speed up the packing time. Easy and fast packing is the key to last-minute moving.

Use packing supplies from your home

Don’t waste your time on buying and searching for packing materials if you’re facing moving in a single day. Instead, use everything you can from your home. You can use:

  • various moving boxes
  • plastic bins
  • trash  and sandwich bags
  • vacuum-sealed bags
  • suitcases
  • old clothes and blankets
  • packing paper and magazines
  • tape

Quick packing tips

When it comes to last-minute moving you need to think and act fast. First, start packing room by room. Don’t think about the entire house, focus on one room at a time. That will increase your productivity. And avoid sorting boxes, it’s enough to pack them safely. Use trash bags to pack everything you want instead of fragile items. Leave your clothes on hangers. Fill suitcases and bags with books, clothes, breakables, and others. Put blankets and clothes in moving boxes with fragile items to protect them.

girl vacuuming clothes
Need more space in moving truck? Use vacuum sealing bags for all cushioning and soft items!

Hire last-minute movers

The fastest but also, the most efficient way to pack in one day, is though hiring last-minute movers. They will manage all moving tasks and relocate your household safely. The only bad thing is – last-minute services are the most expensive.

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