Moving from the suburbs to the city

Moving is a process that doesn’t just involve a change of living space. Maybe more importantly, it involves a change of surroundings. This is true whether you are moving interstate, long distance or even within the same city. Naturally, it goes without saying that this applies to moving from the suburbs to the city as well. And that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Differences between the city and the suburbs

Even before you decide on moving from the suburbs to the city, you should consider your lifestyle. Then think about how the differences between the two impact that lifestyle. Here is a rundown of differences between suburb and city living to help you out with that:

Home size

One big and very apparent difference between suburban and urban living is home size. If you are living in the suburbs you are probably used to living in a house on a lot and big open spaces around you. This very rarely applies to urban living. It is very unlikely you will find a house just for yourself in a big city. Chances are you will be living in an apartment, which isn’t without it benefits. First of all its perfect for singles and couples without children as the maintenance costs are way lower than those of a house.

A large suburban house
Home size is a major point to consider when moving from the suburbs to the city

Secondly, with less space comes less time spent on cleaning it, leaving you with more time to enjoy your leisure activities. Then again if you were used to having a lot of room, you might find city apartments limiting. If you were planning on hiring professional hot tub movers to move your dear place of relaxation to a city apartment, you might want to think again. Space in the city is scarce and some of the luxuries you had in the suburbs you just might have to leave behind when moving from the suburbs to the city.


Another key difference between urban and suburban living is how you get around. While in the suburbs you might need a car to get anywhere, in the city you can enjoy a plethora of public transport options. While having a car does give a sense of freedom, it’s not without its costs either. Costs that are way lower when using public transport. Besides, with so many things packed together, as they are in a big city, you can walk to your nearest shop that just might be on your corner. This will save you a lot of time in contrast to having to get into your car to drive to the store, as you usually have to when living in the suburbs.

A metro station
The city offers much better public transport options.

The commute

Another thing to consider, closely tied to transportation, when moving from the suburbs to the city is your commute time. Chances are that if you work in the city, your commute time will be much lower. Especially if you can take the metro to your work and back, bypassing the rush hour.


Another great difference between the city and the suburbs is the entertainment on offer. Big cities are overflowing with events, concerts, clubs and interesting places to see. Something that is simply not present in the suburbs. This makes city living ideal for younger people that like to be out and about. You could visit several events in one night and still simply walk home, something you can’t really do if you live in the suburbs. So if you are the kind of person that enjoys an active nightlife, moving from the suburbs to the city just might be the thing for you!

Schools in the area

It’s no secret that the suburbs have better schools. In general, that is. However, big cities are not far behind in this field. So if you are moving from the suburbs to the city with children, pay attention to schooling options near you. You might have your eyes set on a certain apartment but it is just far away from a good school for your children. Here too you need to consider your kid’s age. It is not smart letting youngsters ride the public transport alone. On the other hand, older teenagers should have little to no problem with this, making the process of researching the schools a bit easier on you.

A school blackboard
The suburbs in general terms offer better schools, but the city isn’t lacking in good schools either!

Closing hours

One thing you can definitely look forward to if you decide on moving from the suburbs to the city are later closing hours. Moreover, even if the store or fast-food place near you is closed, you are bound to be able to find one that works and maybe even offers delivery, at any time of the day or night. You can say goodbye to the limited choice of last-minute options and having to drive there, like in the suburbs.

The environment

One more thing to consider when moving from the suburbs to the city is the environment around your home. While, yes, it is true cities have parks that can be really big. However, these can rarely match the open spaces found in the suburbs. Simply put an urban environment trades the peace and quiet nature of the suburbs for a more lively mix of people and events. Both are fine, you just have to know what appeals to you more.

How to plan moving from the suburbs to the city

Have you considered all these points and concluded that moving from the suburbs to the city is the right choice for you? Alright, then it’s time to get down to one thing all well-conducted moves have in common and that is – planning. Research everything from rent costs, nearby schools and transport to moving services and fees. For the latter, it is smart to compare moving quotes of several different moving companies to get the best deal. Moving from the suburbs to the city is a big deal. It’s a complete change of pace in your life. That’s why its smart to ease the transition by planning and researching well. It really is that important.

Making the decision

After all the research and weighing of pros and cons is done it will be the time to make a definite decision. Will you be moving from the suburbs to the city or not? Are you ready to trade in the nature, peace and personal space of the suburbs for the social life, events and the dynamics of the city life? Whatever your decision might be, we hope you found this article useful.

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