Moving from the city to the suburbs

Life in the city or in the suburbs is a dilemma which many has to face. Moving from the city to the suburbs it’s not an easy choice to decide. At the same time, it can be the best one you’ll ever make. The vibrant downtown of a city is tempting because it’s provide everything we need in one place – abundant of shops, supermarkets, malls, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, schools, kindergartens. But, in many cases that means living in the small apartment, never-ending struggle to find a parking space, necessity to company your children to school and to the park, noisy and traffic-jammed streets. Suburbs, on the other hand,  providing more safety, freedom, and peace. The prices are lower, so you can be living in the big house with a yard at the same price of the small apartment in the center of city downtown. 

Moving from the city to the suburbs will give you more freedom and space.
Living in the suburbs means more freedom, safety, and space.

Things you have to consider if you are moving from the city to the suburbs

  • How well does the suburbs fit your needs – You may think that you could get used to living in the suburbs, but you have to be sure of that.
    Moving from the city to the suburbs is a big decision that requires a lot of research.
    Do a quick internet search about the general characteristics of the suburb that you have in mind.
    Visit the neighboorhood and see for yourself. Take in consideration cost of living, quality of healthcare and schools. Talk with the residents so you will see how everyday life is working in the suburbs and does it suits you.
  • Transportation – Those who live in the cities are used to have many forms of transportation available every time. That may not be the case in the suburbs. There will be a good chance that you’ll be needing a car.
    When you don’t depend on the public transportation and have your own vehicle, it will give you a new sense of freedom.
  • What’s the length of your commute – If you are moving from the city to the suburbs, but still have a job in the city, the commute time is something that you have to take into consideration. You should focus on the suburbs that aren’t more than an hour away from your workplace in the city.
  • School system – Good school district is important not only to a family with children but to any house owner in the area since adds great resale value. If you are moving to the suburbs with your kids take into consideration their interest. Discuss their needs, and find a school that offers services and educational opportunities that your child require.

Closing time

If you have lived in the big city, you may get used that everything is available 24/7.
In suburbs, it’s not the case, and most places are closing their doors around 9 pm.
If you think that will be a problem for you, suburbs still can be a right choice for you – just choose the one that has a town center, with shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants in which you can enjoy in the late evening.

Percs of living in the suburbs

 Bigger houses and more living space

Cities are expensive. Rent prices can be very hight, and buying a real estate in the city for many is only doable in dreams.

In suburbs, that dream easily can become reality. The prices are much lower for renting, and for buying also. That way, buying a home that seems like an impossible task in the city can become a reality in the suburbs, and it could easily fit into your moving budget.

The houses are bigger and cheaper and usually, have at least one yard.

Having more space is the main reason why people are moving from city to the suburbs.

In suburbs, you are getting so much more comfortability for the same, or even less price.

Meanwhile, suburbs are relatively close to the city and have a great infrastructure that connects them, so the commute isn’t a drag. You can spend the same amount of time stuck in the city traffic jam, that you’ll spend driving from your new home in the suburbs to the city.

Suburbs are close to the city.
The city is just a quick drive away.

Better Education

Since suburbs are design for families, they usually offer better schools than urban districts.
These days, the best schools are located in the suburbs. That is a big perc if you are moving from the city to the suburbs with your children.

As mentioned, even if you don’t plan to have children, a good school district is very important if you are buying a property.
Excellent schools add great resale value.


Suburbs are much more peaceful than the city. There is no that “always busy vibe”, so people are more relaxed and therefore friendlier.
Residents of the suburbs have a strong sense of community.
That means that you can always count on the helping hand of the neighbor and that you can make new friends in no time.

Of course, every rule has its exceptions.
So before your move, explore the neighborhood that you are interested in. Speak to its residents and see could you fit in.

People often move to suburbia so their children can have happier and fulfilled childhood. That means that there are a lot of children in the area that your child can play with.
There are also a plenty of greenery and nature, vast parks, and sports centers.

In suburbs neighbors are friendly and open for newcomers.
Friendly neighbors are another perk of living in the suburbs.

Quality of Life

If the stress of living in the big city is getting a hold on you, then take moving to suburb into consideration.
Life here is much peaceful, with less traffic congestion and crowd.

It is also a lot safer – the crime rate in suburbs is significantly lower than the one in the city.

Suburbs are safer.
In suburbs, there are a lot of open spaces design for children to play in.

There are many options for recreational and outdoor activities, cultural and educational manifestations, and also a lot of social gatherings in the suburb. Living in suburbs isn’t boring at all. Sometimes you won’t be able to choose from the many of activities that it provides. Make sure to read more advice for moving on our website. And when you want to remember the hustle of the city, it’s just a quick commute away.

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