Moving from Miami to Tampa – pros and cons

Low cost of living, good education, exciting career opportunities – Tampa has a lot to share with its residents. Whatever the reason for your moving from Miami to Tampa may be, choosing the right company to relocate you can make your transition easier. Since it was founded, Master Moving Guide has been the mediator of choice for people looking to connect with local and long-distance movers. We are proud to be a part of a nationwide network of trusted moving professionals who can ensure your move is smooth and problem-free.

Choosing the best movers that will be moving you from Miami to Tampa

When you choose a reliable moving company, they will be able to provide you with all of the services your unique relocation requires. We believe in providing you with attention to detail from the very beginning when you have to choose the right movers to get an accurate in-home estimate to actually settling in your new home. Let us be the mediators that can help you to coordinate moving from Miami to Tampa in a quick and easy way.

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There are so many opportunities that await you in Tampa, and you are at the right place to read all the pros and cons for making such a transition. Our ultimate short distance moving checklist can help you find the most convenient moving solution for moving from Miami to Tampa.

Quality relocations to Tampa from Miami, FL

Our network of reliable movers values their customers. Their premium all-inclusive moving offers were created to make your life easier. Let us help you find all of the moving solutions you’d require, including:

  • Packing, unpacking, labeling, and loading/unloading.
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  • Storing your belongings.

Moving from Miami to Tampa has never been easier

Florida is packed with vacation-worthy spots that can make wishing to live there very easy. But deciding on a final destination can prove to be a difficult choice. Moving to Tampa is probably going to become one of your top choices pretty fast, but you’ll want all the pros and cons before you call the movers.

So how will you know if this city is the right choice for you? Living in Tampa, although it has amazing perks, isn’t without concessions. Common complaints revolve around the fairly flat landscape and a somewhat of a small town rather than a city feel. Although traffic is often a nightmare. It is the lightning capital of the US if you didn’t know, so expect daily thunderstorms in the summer. Also, if you are moving from Miami to Tampa, get yourself a hurricane emergency plan.

But with temperatures that rarely rise above 100, the gentle breezes and fresh air are what makes living in a house near the beach so attractive. It has a lot of history and a welcoming charm, but that’s not the end of our list of pros and cons for moving from Miami to Tampa. Read on for the in-depth analysis of the Tampa lifestyle.

1. Tampa has charming and historic neighborhoods abound

The best neighborhoods in Tampa have a lot of character but are usually hidden gems. But when you search for the right spots, you can find some amazing local businesses and impressive restaurants. Where to settle in Tampa should depend completely on the lifestyle you desire. As Florida’s third-largest city, the city of Tampa has almost 380,000 residents and has adjoining towns and suburbs nestled in its greater metro area which add to over 4 million inhabitants. There are many options that offer a great place to live in the Tampa Bay area:

  • Ybor City — This trendy area in Tampa is called the “Cigar Capital of the World” and has a lot of history. Note that if you buy a historic home here, it could be on the National Register of Historic Places. That means you’ll need to align with strict restoration codes of the city.
  • Channel District — Just east of downtown, this District has lots of local businesses and entertainment offers. You’ll be able to choose from an array of high-rise condos for your preferred lifestyle.
  • Hyde Park — This section of Tampa is very pedestrian-oriented and family-friendly. The historic district dates back from the late 19th century and offers cute bungalows, tree-lined streets, and brick sidewalks as an ambiance for your future life.
Crazy confetti
Some of the most lively Tampa festivals include Tampapolooza, the Sunset Music Festival, and the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival. There are so many events with amazing entertainment program!

2. Tampa jobs might not pay as well as other cities.

Tampa is not the most progressive city, but the labor market is steadily growing. You can actually get excellent opportunities for employment, but some say that a lot of the corporations in Tampa are stuck in the past.

  • If you decide to move to Tampa is what you want, make sure you properly assess which of the available careers fit your line of work. Try to relocate only after you have a job in hand.
  • If you move to Tampa without employment, you could be quickly settling for a position that is low paying and with little room for advancement. Don’t make this mistake if you can help it.
  • A bonus in the Tampa job market is cultural diversity. Tampa has a large Spanish speaking population, so a lot more bilingual job opportunities are offered than anywhere else.

A few industries that offer a lot of opportunities in Tampa are:

  • Healthcare — Most important employers are the BayCare Health System, Tampa General Hospital and Wellcare.
  • Finance — Top employers include JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Bankers Financial Corp, and Amscot Financial Inc.
  • Shipping — You can get a great opportunity The Port of Tampa, Pak Mail, and OSG Ship Management.

3. No state income tax and houses are relatively inexpensive.

The cost of living in Tampa is fairly low when you think of what you get for the money. For those of you who love the idea of living close to the beach, buying a home in Tampa is possible without a six-figure income.

Money related pros of moving from Miami to Tampa:

  • There is no state income tax.
  • Property taxes are around 2%.
  • Insurance costs are higher, usually because of flood insurance.
  • Tampa has relatively affordable housing costs compared to other parts of the country.
Tampa skyline can be the main reason for moving from Miami to Tampa
Want to live in a thriving metropolitan but also feel like you’re on a beach vacation all year round? This is one of the many pros of moving to Tampa.

4. A quality beach is under an hour away!

One of the best pros about living in Tampa is the clear, clean beaches. St. Peters, Treasure Island, Indian Rocks Beach or Fort Desoto, just pick one that all that you and your family needs!

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