Moving costs checklist – the essentials

We all know that moving comes with a lot of expenses. Nobody likes the fact that they have to go through the entire process of moving house and spend lots and lots of money on top of that. Everyone has a different budget and different priorities. Some people like to splurge when buying furniture for their new home and others prefer to spend a bit more on a good moving company. In any case, planning is in order and calculating the moving costs is essential. A great way to figure out your budget and see how much money you’ll need is making a moving costs checklist.

Renovation expenses

When you are moving to a new house, one thing is certain – there will be a lot of changes. Not only are you changing the street you live in, but you are also going to be changing the look of your home. Your current living space works with the furniture you own you’ve adapted to space. But, now you’ll have to make the new house work with your items and you’ll need to get used to living in a new place.

Empty room that needs renovation
Your new home might need some renovation, so make sure to write that down on your moving costs checklist.

You need to make your old furniture work in your new place. Before you move out of your current home and go to the new house, figure out what needs changing. What are the problems you might face in the new home and what are the things you don’t like about it? Will you have to get some extra storage or will all of your furniture fit in the new place? Do you have any pieces of furniture that need to be replaced? Do you need to paint the walls? Basically, you need to figure out how much money you will need in order to make your new house a home. This definitely needs to be on your list of moving costs.

Actual moving costs checklist

Everyone has a different experience when moving and everyone chooses to do it differently. If you would prefer to transport your belongings on your own, you’ll probably need to rent some form of transportation. In that case, a moving truck or a moving van should be at the top of your checklist of moving costs. If you choose to move solely with the help of your friends and family, you at least don’t have to think about paying professional movers.

Moving company costs

If you choose to hire some professional movers, you know that’s going to cost you some extra money. Moving companies are very helpful and opting to pay the professionals is a smart idea. However, that doesn’t mean that all of your problems will be solved. Unfortunately, before you even choose a company, you’ll need to do research. Compare moving quotes of different companies, research the most reliable movers in your area and ask friends for review. Make sure you consider your budget when hiring movers and make a list of prices. Compare the prices and pick the right movers for you and your budget.

Ask a few moving companies to tell you an estimated price for the service they’re providing. The prices differ depending on the situation – how far away you’re moving and how many things you own. If you want to get help with packing, unpacking, building furniture or any other extra services, you need to know that you will be paying extra. Another thing to think about is how much you should tip movers.

Packing supplies

Labeled cardboard boxes, illustration
Getting moving boxes, tape and other supplies needed for packing can also become pricey.

Whether you’re hiring a company or your friends’ and family’s help is enough, you need to pack. Packing requires packing supplies and equipment. Depending on the amount of stuff that needs to be packed, the number of boxes is different for everyone. Think about where you are going to get boxes and how many of them you need. You also need tape, bubble wrap, tools, blankets, etc. If you choose to go for the environmentally-friendly option and you want to get plastic moving boxes, you need to research where you can rent them and how much different companies charge for them. If you struggle with packing, you can hire some professional movers to help you out. That is a great way to reduce stress, but it’s another thing to add to the list of moving expenses.

The things you need for packing your life into boxes will probably be among the smaller costs on your moving checklist, but they can still add up. Try to write down all the costs that you’ll have in order to avoid surprises.

Post-move costs

Now that you’ve moved into your new place, the list of expenses is getting shorter. You just need to figure out a few finishing touches.

  • Calculate how much you’ll be paying monthly for rent or mortgage.
  • You should also think about the money you’ll be giving for the bills, food supplies, and maybe even transportation.
  • You should always be prepared for some unplanned costs when moving as you never know what can go wrong. Make sure to leave some space in your budget in case there’s an emergency.

It’s not very pleasant that there are still costs after you’ve moved, but that’s why you should prepare your moving budget in advance.

Making a moving costs checklist

A calculator, pen and books needed to calculate moving costs
Making a checklist of all the moving expenses is a good way to plan a successful move.

The relocation sure is expensive and that can be pretty stressful. Planning a budget is something that’s not very fun, but it is essential in situations like these. That is why making a moving costs checklist might help you stay on top of things and relieve some stress. Get all of your moving expenses on a piece of paper and calculate your budget. It’s an important part of the process and you’ll thank yourself later for being organized and thinking ahead. Also, checking things off of the list is pretty satisfying.




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