Moving company website design inspiration and best practices

Nowadays, a proper web presence is important for a moving business.  Therefore, it’s necessary to put some effort into building an eye-catching website in order to promote your services. Although it seems simple, there are important elements that make the difference between average and professional web pages. We at  Master Moving Guide are happy to share useful moving company website design tips that will make your business flourish. By following the advice below, you’ll gain the knowledge necessary to improve your company’s online presence. Furthermore, you’ll also draw more traffic to the website. In case you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

A professional moving company website design matters a lot

We are living in a digital society where almost everybody has the access to a vast amount of information and services. That’s why the online presence is extremely important for any business. If your company doesn’t provide a good first online impression, the chances to gain a great number of clients are lower. When people are looking for interstate movers, they pay attention to website appearance and information. It’s important for them to easily navigate through the website as well.  In addition, the purpose of a website is to educate potential customers about services. Furthermore, the information on the website must be clear and concise. . In addition, the website is a way to let them know why your services stand out in comparison to others.

a couple discussing moving company website design
Customers pay a lot of attention to a moving company website design.

The customers want to hire movers without getting scammed. Therefore the professionally-build website is important to maintain. It’s the first interaction between them and your company. That being said, establishing trust with customers is crucial. In order to do is, make sure that your website:

  • Is easy to navigate.
  • Includes customer testimonials and awards.
  • Has an informative section about your company’s history.

A professional moving company website must be mobile-friendly

According to the current mobile vs desktop usage statistics, over 55% of website traffic comes from smartphones or tablets. The percentage is increasing every year due to advanced mobile devices and faster Internet. For these reasons, you must ensure proper optimization of your website. It can only bring you the long-term benefits:

  • Your company becomes accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Thanks to easy interaction with the website, the customers understand the company is professional and serious about their business.
  • It increases the visibility of your company in the digital landscape.

Minimal website designs are all the rage

Minimalistic website design is a simple and at the same time effective way to clearly present your services. However, make sure not to skip on important details:

  • The navigation menu with well-defined types of information: service offer, contact information, testimonials, and “about us” section.
  • Visible and defined company logo with a company’s name.
  • Clickable “GET A FREE ESTIMATE” button
  • Easy-to-read fonts: Lato, Open Sans, Montserrat, etc.

Baby blue, green and similar cool shades are your go-to colors in this case. The reason why blues and greens are popular in web design is the impression they create. According to color theory, each color has a “personality”. For example, light blue represents reliability, competence, and trust.

Clear and concise web pages are easier to follow

A well-built website also has to provide a pleasant user experience. That’s why clear web pages showcasing straightforward information work best. In addition, they don’t have filler content. Such websites are easy to navigate, which is a big plus among the majority of customers. However, don’t settle for plain and generic clear designs. A little adjustment here and there will work wonders if you do it right. Therefore, consider your company’s slogan that reflects your business philosophy. Use complementary colors that get along with it. Also, take a risk with a custom design. Gather your team and come up with a simple but at the same time unique design that will make the visitors remember your brand.

a person checking a tablet
Make your website easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Bolder and custom-made designs can attract more attention

If you want to make your website stand out a bit more, opt for a custom design and brighter colors. However, pay attention not to go overboard with too much red, yellow, or orange. For example, use the reds or yellows to highlight important information. Just make sure that the information about the services is clear in order to draw the customer’s attention.

Put high-quality photos to good use

You can use professional photos of your crew as a website background. In case you don’t have them, gather your team for a photo session. Background photos speak volumes, therefore make sure to pick the one that represents your crew in the best way possible. It’s important that a website’s homepage has visible contact information and a free estimate button. Further, it’s a good idea to put a chat window on the homepage. That way, the visitors can easily contact customer support.

Extra tips on moving company website optimization

Future customer needs to know that your company is a team of reliable movers. Moreover, they have to see you are committed to delivering a top-quality relocation experience. Therefore, do your best to keep the blog section updated with useful content. By doing so, you will also generate more traffic to your website. So make sure to stay in touch with the latest trends and research the other web pages.

a person using a computer
Engaging content will attract more customers.

Put an easy-to-read and straightforward content. Also, pay attention to the language you use. Avoid too formal tone, as well as slang. Find a middle ground where written content sounds professional and at the same time engaging. As for video content, keep it short but informative. However, do your best to prioritize content quality over quantity. The content must complement an impression that moving company website design leaves at first glance. For these reasons, put some effort into editing and proofreading. Also, don’t forget to make contact information in blog posts clickable.

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