Most welcoming West Coast locations to settle in

When moving to a new location, it’s essential to research what kind of community you’re moving into. Close, tight, and united neighborhoods are characteristic of many small and big towns and cities on the West Coast. Master Moving Guide has put together a list of some welcoming West Coast locations that will make your life easier and make settling into a new place less anxious.

Learn about the welcoming West Coast locations

Many people say that West Coast is the best coast. Also, many people think only about California when West Coast is brought up. However, there are many more states and cities other than the famous ones. And they have some welcoming and warm communities. West Coast is known for its’ beautiful beaches, so why don’t we start off with some pretty beach towns that you could move to? Next to every location is the number of residents as of 2021.

  • Avalon, California – 3,377
  • Bandon, Oregon – 3,331 
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon – 1,547
  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, California – 3,196 
  • Newport Beach, California – 84,792
  • Port Angeles, Washington – 20,134 
  • Port Townsend, Washington – 10,306
  • Sausalito, California – 7,199
  • Friday Harbor, Washington – 2,747
  • Florence, Oregon – 9,475
A couple on the beach
Beach towns on the West Coast are amazing to live in.

All of these beach towns are considered to be welcoming West Coast locations. Except for the beautiful beaches and weather, they offer a feeling of belonging and you will for sure feel at home in these towns. It’s a win-win because you get to live in a beautiful place with lovely people. Residential movers are always happy to help one person or a family move to a new home.

What other places are welcoming West Coast locations?

When you are looking to escape the big city crowds and find a community where people are welcoming and close, you want to go for a smaller place. The West Coast is full of charming places that with make you fall in love with both the scenery and the locals. Let’s add some more towns to the list and give you more ideas. Here they are:

  • Sequim, Washinton – population 8,241
  • Ashland, Oregon – population 21,607
  • Bainbridge Island, Washinton – population 24,546
  • Joseph, Oregon – population 1,189
  • Solvang, California – population 6,048
  • La Conner, Washinton – population 968

Some of these places are very small and some people are skeptical about moving to a small community because they could feel like outsiders. West Coast people in small towns are known for their friendliness. They will make sure you like it and stay there. Many people have moved to these locations and decided to spend their lives there. These cities could easily be added to the best US cities to retire list. Growing old in these fairytale locations must be a good feeling.


An elderly couple in the forest
Retiring on the West Coast would be enjoyable

A lot of elderly people like to move to smaller places when downsizing or retiring. The towns on this list are great examples of peaceful, welcoming West Coast locations that would be a good fit for them. There are a lot of things to enjoy and fill your time with when you retire in places like these.

Where on the West Coast can young people move to?

Not only elderly people care to have a welcoming community. It’s important for all ages. And while some younger people don’t really mind if they are in a close community or just out there on their own, it’s important to have a good connection with your surroundings in case you need the support of any kind. Alongside the best cities for millennials in the USA that are usually big and crowded, some of these small west coast locations could be a good alternative.

  • St. Helena, California – 5,386 residents as of 2021
  • Leavenworth, Washington – 2,383
  • Cottage Grove, Oregon – 10,637
  • Tahoe City, California – 21,330
  • Astoria, Oregon – 10,343

Other welcoming locations

For those who prefer nature sounds and a peaceful time, these are much better options than the large cities on the west coast. However, it would be incorrect to say that some of those large cities are not welcoming West Coast locations. Big cities can actually have very welcoming communities, you just have to know what neighborhood to go into. You will also find out that some of these places are among the most beautiful spots in the USA. Some of the big cities where you can find welcoming atmospheres are:

  • Anchorage, Alaska, with about 398,000 people
  • San Diego, California with 3,316,073 people
  • Sacramento, California with some 2,315,980 residents
  • Santa Barbara, California, with 444,829 inhabitants
  • Los Angeles, California with as many as 18,657,347 people
Group of young people having pickic in one of the most welcoming West Coast locations
Most of the cities on this list are fit for young people as well as older generations.

It all depends on your personality and what you like. The point is that, while the most welcoming West Coast palces are usually those with smaller communities, the large cities can be welcoming as well. More people also means more chances to make new friends and become close to more people. Bigger cities are also good for singles who are looking for love. Some of these are among the top US cities for singles. Hopefully, you can find the perfect match for you in one of these welcoming West Coast locations.

Cities on the west coast that deserve all the hype

The West Coast is popular all over the world thanks to its rap music, among other reasons. It has a lot of fame to carry and a reputation. Many people have traveled to the West Coast just to see how it is and if it was “really like in the movies and songs”. Here is a list of some popular welcoming West Coast locations that lived up to almost everyone’s standards. It’s important to mention that, no matter which city you chose to move to, getting the best moving insurance should be on your list. This will make your move less stressful and allow you to relax.

San Francisco, CA

You probably thought there are millions of people living in SF since it is so famous. However, the population, as of 2021. is 815,201 in this city. This makes it a bit more comfortable, and even though it still has all the big city characteristics, communities in this city we welcoming and used to diverse groups of people as well as new faces. People say that SF is very beautiful and clean. With great food, drinks, and places to relax, it is worth giving it a try and maybe settling here.

Santa Monica, CA

This city is home to 91,105 people. A lot of travelers go to Santa Monica to see the famous Santa Monica Pier and enjoy a good summer day. However, those who live here all year round hold a tight community and welcome everyone who is joining. You will probably be surprised how genuine this place is and not as posh as it usually is represented in Hollywood. All ages can find things to do and friends to make in Santa Monica. If you are moving to West Coast from a different one, it’s important to get some tips for coast-to-coast moving expenses. This will help you prepare better.

Seattle, WA

This Washington city is home to 733,919 people. If you are looking to move somewhere with a lot of nature, good sports spirit, and amazing architecture? Seattle is the place. You can find anything from vast parklands to tech areas in Seattle. Microsoft and Amazon headquarters are both located in the city’s metropolitan area. We mentioned sport spirit, but that doesn’t even describe how crazy people here are about sports. If you want to have a loud game experience with a lot of people having a blast, go to a game of any sport in Seattle.

Seattle as one of the welcoming West Coast locations
When speaking of welcoming West Coast locations, one must mention Seattle

San Diego, CA

This city has 1.382 million residents and is definitely one of the prettiest West Coast locations. People are very laid-back, open-minded, and friendly in SD. The warm climate just makes everyone happier and more active. People say that locals here are always ready for a chat and to offer help when needed. For those moving into San Diego, you will be welcomed with open arms. This place is known for producing a large number of talents in all possible professions. This goes to show that San Diego has plenty of supportive communities that believed in these individuals.

Malibu, CA

Even though it is very famous, Malibu is home to only 10,429 people. Of course, you will always be surrounded by seasonal residents and travelers, but the city still has a “small place” feel to it. The beaches in Malibu are unreal. If you like surfing, you will love Malibu. However, let’s be honest, this place is mostly for the rich, famous, and those on their way to becoming that. The elite from L.A. comes here to relax and have fun. If that is something you wouldn’t mind having around, Malibu is for you.

Eugene, OR

Another “not so big” city, Eugene has a population of 161,649 people. It is a well-known college town and home to the University of Oregon. The city is full of arts and culture and a place for everyone to relax and have a good time. The city is one hour away from the coast, so going on a quick beach trip is not a hassle. The community in Eugene makes sure that all the residents and visitors stay positive and entertained. Many events are organized here to keep the community close. You can go to a Saturday Market and enjoy shopping while listening to live music. That’s something people don’t do every day.

Down to Earth home and garden in Eugene, OR
Eugene, OR is all about giving the community nice places to spend time at

Portland, OR is another one of the welcoming West Coast locations

Another fairly large West Coast city on the list. Portland, Oregon is home to 641,162 people. With the established tech industry, this city has gained the nickname “Silicon Forest” and many big companies, such as Airbnb eBay, and Nike, are hiring in Portland. The city is big on renewable energy sources and a lot of the population gets around on bikes. This makes the air stay fresh and the feeling of being outside overall pleasing. If you’re a fan of Green Onion Pancakes, this is the place to go.

San Clemente, CA

Much smaller than Portland, when it comes to population, is San Clemente. If you’re looking for a beach town/city with a smaller community, this can be the place to go. There are 63,896 people living in San Clemente as of 2021. It’s important to mention that this city is safer than 61% of U.S. cities, so the crime rates are quite low. A laidback town between Los Angeles and San Diego, it’s a perfect location to be in. You can find all the advantages of a big city in this small town, which makes it very convenient and enjoyable.

a beach in one of the most welcoming West Coast locations
San Clemente has amazing beaches

Tacoma, WA

Tacoma is home to some 219,205 people. A pretty good size. If you want to be close to the Seattle metro but enjoy a lower cost of life, this city is a great choice. Even though many Tacoma residents commute to Seattle for work, there are plenty of jobs in the city as well. Industries such as maritime, healthcare, and aerospace are hiring a lot of people. With close proximity to Mount Rainer, Tacoma offers amazing outdoor activities and is names Grit City because of this. Tacoma Film Festival brings people from all over the world to this Washington city, which makes it feel like an international center for those few days.

You will find plenty of welcoming West Coast locations

Even though we have mentioned many towns and cities on this list, there are many more welcoming West Coast locations. West Coast is a warm place, therefore the people are too. You will find friendly faces and people willing to help you if you need help. Aside from that, places on this coast are pleasing to the eye and very enjoyable to spend time at. There is no doubt that you will have a great time on the West Coast.

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