Most tech-savvy US cities today

The tech-world is an exciting and fast-paced place to be. With strong growth rates and an emphasis on merit and innovation, it is an attractive workplace for many people. Millennials who have started to break away from the narrow and strict hierarchies of traditional 9 to 5 jobs are turning to more tech-focused jobs and professions. The aim of technology is to connect us all. Thus far it has done a good job at creating a global village. However, there are certain places in the US where you and your career are more likely to flourish if you are tech-savvy. We have compiled a list of the 3 most tech-savvy US cities today bearing in mind the best cities for millennials in the USA as well as some useful tips on how to move to them with as little trouble as possible.

San Jose, California is the #1 among the most tech-savvy US cities

Silicon Valley, as the home of Apple, HP, Oracle, and Intel, is probably the most famous tech-hub in the US, and maybe even in the world. The region is known to be the driving force of the US’ tech and start-up industry. San Jose is the largest city in the region. Along with the great California weather, millennials will be able to enjoy a wealth of amenities as they climb the tech ladder. If tech is your passion and you believe in doing what you love, you want a place that has a rich tech-culture like San Jose. Continue to exchange and develop your ideas even after you leave your office. The city definitely inspires you to achieve your full potential. And it gives you everything you need to do that with its work on your ideas or exchange

Beach and waves
Great weather and tech giants, all in one place

2. Austin, Texas

One of the reasons you may consider moving to this beautiful city is the fact that it boasts the fastest Internet. If the most tech-savvy US city has Silicon Valley, then the runner-up has Silicon Hills. Silicon Hills is the nickname the city got due to its very vibrant tech-scene. Apple, for example, is set to build a new campus in Austin with a USD 1 billion investment, as it announced in 2018. A number of other prominent tech companies will open up further jobs in the city. Google, for example, also recently signed a lease for a building in the city. The building can house around 5000 workers. The strong emphasis on innovation in Austin makes it a melting pot of both cultures and ideas to help bring out the best in you and your career.

3. Denver, Colorado

If you are looking to enter the tech business and go the entrepreneurial route, Denver is the place to be. Around a fifth of its residents are between the ages of 21 and 34. This means that the city is buzzing with young talent and ideas. Denver is also famous for hosting a large number of tech-related meet-ups to keep the city’s innovative spirit running. Both state and local resources support the expansion of Denver’s tech and business culture. Add to this the fact that its corporate tax rate is low and that its workforce is very well educated and you may just have found just the place for your business.


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Experience the vastness of nature and opportunity in Colorado

Moving to one of the most tech-savvy US cities

Selecting to move to one of the best cities for millennials is only one part of the equation. The other is actually taking steps to move there. If you already live in one of these cities, consider yourself lucky. However, if you don’t, then here are some tips and tricks on how you can make your move and overall transition as smooth as possible. To successfully start this new chapter in your life, make sure you:

  • research moving companies as soon as you decide to move
  • tell your moving company about any special transport requirements
  • ask for a quote to know how to budget the move
  • explore the city you have chosen to move to
  • know your rights and responsibilities about the move and in the city

Dealing with moving companies:

Moving your life from one place to the next, especially if it spans a long distance can be challenging. That is why it is important to plan your move as soon as you find your dream city. There are a number of moving companies on the market. To find the best fit for you and your needs you should research what is available. While this may at first seem overwhelming, fear not, technology is there to help you. Look-up a few companies on your phone while you wait for your coffee or during your commute to work.

A great way to do this is to use the Master Moving Guide for an overview of recommended movers for various locations. Also, make sure to only look up movers that are licensed. This should guarantee the safety and security of your belongings as well as peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with experienced and trusted movers. It also Once you narrow down the list, contact them and communicate your needs as well as questions. Once all of that is sorted, and you are on the same page, ask for a quote i.e. ask your moving company for an estimate of how much it will all cost. This will allow you to factor in a possible trip to your desired location without breaking the bank or dealing with unexpected costs.

What to do before the move
Movers make moving easy

Getting to know your new home

While your chosen city may look great on paper, getting a sense for the atmosphere and narrowing down your moving location is essential. After all, you are looking to up-root your entire life and set up everything anew. Book a weekend trip or ideally a vacation, if it’s possible to truly get to know the city. Coffee shops and local events and gatherings are an ideal place to meet natives. Their perspective can be very useful and enlightening for your move. Last but not least, before you sign any kind of agreement, make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities. This will save you a lot of trouble and money, should anything unexpected happen. Once you have taken these steps, you can start sorting through your belongings and visualizing them in your new home, in one of the most tech-savvy US cities today.

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