Most Popular Long Distance Moving Routes

Once you decide you want to change your location and move your household, you know that this will be a challenge. The first one is to find the perfect new home. Once you do that, you can proceed with planning a move. We strongly advise you to consult Master Moving Guide and get as many tips as you possibly can. Things get even more complicated when you have to organize a long-distance or interstate relocation. So, among things you have to find out are some popular long distance moving routes. If you are interested in this subject, we are here to give you some ideas and help you with them.

Find just the best city for you

If you want a change but you don’t know where to move, start your research. If you are moving by yourself, start looking at some top US cities for singles. Maybe you will find the perfect city for yourself, but if this is not the case, you can get some ideas on what is important for you to have in your next town. Sit down and make a list, and go further from there.

Find the best city for you.

That list will be much different from the one that a family person will make. They will look for the best cities for families in the USA. Families will be interested in the kind of neighborhood they have, is there quiet, will they have an easy approach to the playgrounds and parks. Also, an important thing is how much they need to commute to their work. They would want to know are there some nice public or private schools for their kids.

Find the right movers

Once you decide where you are moving to, look for the best long distance movers you can find. If you get yourself an experienced moving company, you won’t have to think a lot about many moving things. They will know for sure popular long distance moving routes. They know those for sure. But, if this is not the case and you want to be well prepared for your relocation, you can find which they are. So, let’s take a look.

What are the most popular distance moving routes?

Americans tend to move often. That is most probably more often than other nationalities in the world. Averagely, an American will relocate 12 times in a lifetime. If we observe the yearly data, that is around 31 million people who are relocating to the US. This number stands for 10% of the entire population. If we take that the average household in the United States has 2.3 people, we can conclude that there are around 15 million moves that happen during the year in this country. If you are this year among those numbers, look for some local movers to help you with a safe relocation.

Why do Americans move so often?

We all know that relocations are expensive. And this is especially true if you are moving from one state to another. So you may wonder how come Americans move so often? People are moving for different reasons, but whatever yours is you would want to get a decent offer. So you have to know how to compare moving quotes, for sure.

If we start looking at a broader picture, we will be able to see some patterns in those reasons. The recent pandemic changed some of the reasons why are people moving. Even with all that mess, there is some common ground. We all tend to strive for better living conditions. So it is all the same in a way: reasons are housing-related, family-related, or work-related. Also, many elderly people have the need to change their environment after they retire. So they should look for some of the best US cities to retire.

Let’s look at some of the most popular long distance moving routes

Now let’s look at some of the most popular long distance moving routes in the US. We are talking here about interstate relocations. And if you are one of those people who decided on a state-to-state move, you really should look for some interstate moving advice before you start planning it all. And now let’s look at our list of some busy moving routes.

most popular long distance moving routes
Let’s look at some of the most popular long distance moving routes.

Moving from California to Texas

Texas really is a top choice for many people from California. It is noted that back in 2016, more than 70,000 CA residents have completed their papers to relocate to Texas. This is one of the reasons why Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the US. And there are many reasons for it. One of the greatest benefits is that people don’t need to put a large portion of their incomes in the state’s pockets. Both personal and corporate income taxes don’t exist in Texas. This really is huge for so many people, because they have better chances for success.

Another important thing is that the costs of living in Texas are significantly lower. We noted that life in California is even 31.4% more expensive than in TX so people won’t be able to get some savings while living in Cali. If we compare the expenses on groceries, they are 28.1% more in Cali, that percentage is even bigger for transportation. Childcare is even 47.2% more expensive, clothing 14.1%, and housing goes 45.1% up. When we collect that monthly rent, health insurance all the other costs, we conclude that a family with kids can save even 60% if they relocate to Texas. So it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular long distance moving routes, as you can see.

New York to Florida

If you are ready to trade the cold winters of New York for the warmer shores of Florida, this is the moving route for you. However, it is very rare that people relocate for the weather only. So let’s look at some reasons why so many people tend to take this route. Have in mind that Florida is really huge and you will have a chance to choose what is the right place for you because the costs of living are very different in the state of Florida. And the costs of moving will be really different depending on the mileage your residential movers will have to cross.

New York to Florida is one of the most popular moving routes.

The obvious benefit of wonderful sunny weather is not the only one. Here you’ll be also able to find the absence of a state income tax. That is really a major perk for the majority of people. It is also noted that there is a better quality of life. One of them is that the permanent residents got some discounts for local activities and attractions. And many communities are really dedicated to retirees. Also, have in mind that this is the state where you will meet a greater number of tourists than you did before. Some people really don’t like that. Have in mind that insurance is also more expensive. So you won’t find just flowers and sunshine in Florida. But still, it is all worthed for so many people.

Many people move from CA to Washington

If we compare the living conditions in California and Washington, we will see that the unemployment rate is 9.3% in Cali, and that is more than 6% in Washington. The costs of living are cheaper in Washington, too. Its residents will pay 6% less in restaurants, almost 12% less for groceries, 2% less for childcare, and 1.3% for transportation. Add to that even 15.6% for housing and you could expect lower rent prices and also get some monthly savings. And these are some real reasons to start planning on moving.

Washington notes a lower crime rate which is an important thing to look at if you are about to move. But for sure this is not the only one. In WA you will find a variety of industries that are rising in there. That is appealing for investors from other countries. This could give you chance to promote your business and raise it to an international level if you want to. There are many ports and comparative proximity to a country like China, where many companies from the United States set up manufacturing plants.

What are the benefits of moving from California to Arizona?

Getting the right information will help you make the choice. And you really should gather them as much as possible, whenever you are about to move. And this is not any different before moving to the Grand Canyon State. Did you consider that a warm Arizona climate can be beneficial for your health? Prolonged exposure to sunshine will increase the production of Vitamin D in your body. Have in mind that this vitamin stimulates insulin production and regulates your immune system. That will prevent diseases of your bones and heart.

grand canyon
Grand Canyon State is one of the most popular ones.

If you choose to live in a warm climate, you will face fewer infections and viruses than life in colder states will. And among other benefits, Arizona is a place with a small number of respiratory diseases, like asthma. Another thing we have to mention is your mental health. It is proven that there is a lot less depression present in the warm climate. Or at least, all of us experience mood swings that come with a seasonal change. That doesn’t happen in the places where the climate is pretty stable.

New York to South Carolina – why is this moving route so popular?

Did you know that even 59% of Americans who are looking for a change want to move to South Carolina? And this really can’t be just by chance. The beauty of SC is not lost on people. That is accompanied by natural green spaces and also welcoming warmth and southern hospitality. Gas taxes are there low, and that means that the costs of transportation are the lowest in the United States. There are many outdoor activities like hiking, enjoying the beach, fishing, and boating. History is alive on the streets of South Carolina. Almost every street has a story to tell. Property taxes are among the lowest ones in the country.

Moving from New York to Delaware

Delaware residents enjoy comparing the First State to a populous small town. Many communities have periodic fairs. In addition to that, there are many music festivals, wine tasting tours, and artistic events that are often organized in urban centers. You will maybe be interested to participate in St. Anthony’s Italian Festival in Wilmington or Clifford Brown Jazz Festival.

In Delaware, residents have some tax benefits.

The great variety of events sure is not the only advantage of moving to Delaware. Many residents enjoy attractive tax benefits. Retired people can receive up to $12, 500 in pension funds before state income taxes apply. Delaware doesn’t charge inheritance taxes or even personal property taxes, as it is reported. Although, in whole the honesty, we have to inform you that the tax laws there remain a subject of change, so that can be different in some time.

We offered you some of the most popular distance moving routes

If you are thinking of moving to another state, you should really plan it well. The reasons for change are many. They depend on your age, your needs, your desires and so much more. Have in mind that living in whatever state has its pros and cons. The best you can do is to talk to its residents if you know anyone like that before you move.

the most popular distance moving routes
We offered you some of the most popular distance moving routes.

That being said, we offered you some of the most popular distance moving routes. It really is no coincidence that those states are among the most popular in America. Have them all in mind and don’t skip doing the research. You can start by making a list of your priorities and the things you won’t negotiate about in the state you are about to call your home next. Start from there and then build a base of places that are on your wish list. It will all work out just fine. Just take some time to clear it up.

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