Misinforming moving companies and how to avoid it

Relocation is one of the most important events in your life. That is why it is important that everything goes smoothly and without stress. You are about to change your entire life, meet new people, find a new job. You will have a different house that you will call your home. Most of the time it is much easier to hire a professional moving company with reliable movers that will help you achieve your goal. However, nowadays there is a growing number of misinforming moving companies that you should definitely avoid. That is precisely why we have created this simple guide that will help you avoid any scams and unpleasant situations.

Over-the-phone estimates are one way the misinforming moving companies operate

When you find cross-country movers that will relocate you, pay close attention to what they are offering to you. A reliable moving company will send a member of their team to make an in-house estimate of your belongings. They will assess how many items you have, ask you a lot of questions related to the move in order to make the best estimate possible. Their job is also to predict whether you will need additional services, and finally estimate the total cost of your relocation. However, if the moving company only offers you the over-the-phone estimate, you should avoid them.

a woman with headphones holding a pen between her hands. an employee of misinforming moving companies
Misinforming moving companies will often only offer the over-the-phone estimate which you should always avoid.

Different types of moving estimates

Regardless of over-the-phone and in-house estimates, there are three types of moving estimates that you can choose from. Here we will explain each one so that you can avoid misinforming moving companies.

  • Non-binding estimate – A moving company will assess how much the final bill is going to be. However, since this is not binding, you could end up having a totally different price at the end. Luckily, you won`t have to pay for the entire bill if the final amount is 10% higher than the estimated amount. Nevertheless, if the moving company only offers this type of estimate, it is better to stay clear of it.
  • Binding estimate – This type of estimate is great because you will know what is the final price of your relocation right away. The only downside is that if your items end up weighing less than estimated, you will pay for the full price.
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimate – This is a perfect type of estimate. Here you won`t have to pay extra money in case your items weigh more than expected. In any case, you should choose whatever suits your needs best. However, bear in mind that reliable movers, and especially senior movers must clarify all these options in order to avoid misinforming you.

Always ask whether additional fees are a part of the price

Misinforming moving companies will neglect to mention how much the additional fees are going to cost. In order to avoid this, you need to be aware of what exactly are additional services. The best way is to ask your moving company directly. The Master Moving Guide company will always connect you to superb movers who will tell you the right price for your relocation. Here we will layout the most important additional services.

  • No elevator in the building – If your building does not have an elevator, and you live on the fifth floor, you may be charged additional fees. The reason for this is that the movers must carry all the items down the staircase.
  • No parking in front of your home – When there is no parking available in front of your home, the movers need to park further away. This means that again they will carry the items longer than expected. Pro-tip: Reserve the parking space as well as the elevator for the day.
  • Hoisting fees – Sometimes the furniture you want to relocate just cannot fit through the front doors. In this case, you will require hoisting fees. This basically means that the movers will have to get the items out using special equipment. They will also do it through the window.
a person holding a pen signing a contract
Remember to always ask everything in writing, and never ever sign a blank contract.

Never sign a blank contract

If there is one thing you should never ever do, it is signing a blank contract. This is just one of the ways in which misinforming moving companies operate. You need to avoid any kind of misunderstanding by demanding everything in writing. Then, read the contract carefully, and pay close attention to the small print letters. These are just the basics of signing a contract with any business. If you are not sure about something, just call your lawyer to check it out for you. Or, you can contact the moving company and demand a correction.

A large deposit is often a sign of misinforming moving companies

Giving a deposit to your moving company is quite normal before the relocation begins. However, if this deposit is half of the entire relocation cost, you need to avoid the moving company in question. Giving a large deposit upfront is not a good idea. They can simply disappear with your belongings and your money. So, avoid being scammed by not giving a large amount of money in advance.

a woman wearing a watch is holding dollar bills
If your moving company demands a large deposit upfront, you should start searching for a new moving company.

Take the before and after photos

Sometimes it happens that your items arrive damaged, or never arrive at all. Well, in order to avoid any issues, you need to have proper moving insurance for starters. Then, make sure that you take photos of your belongings before the relocation. In this way, if some of your items get damaged, you will be able to easily prove your point.

Misinforming moving companies are not a rare thing, and you need to be cautious all the time. The best solution is to hire a reliable moving company and pay attention to every single detail. Good luck!

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