Master guide to moving to Des Moines

You have made a decision to move to this Midwestern city. There are many reasons to consider this a good idea. Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, is the 3rd most affordable place to live. Also, it has a rank as Top 10 best place for business and carrier. With all this in mind, moving to Des Moines should be easy, right? But, as with every move in this world, it is overwhelming and stressful. Therefore, we recommend hiring professional movers. They will provide you with help and put your mind at ease when moving. Some things you can DIY. But when it comes to interstate moving, don’t play with fire. The whole process itself is already tiresome. The last thing you need are boxes falling around from the truck. Here you can find a complete guide to moving to Des Moines.

searching online for moving to Des Moines
Search for reliable interstate movers

How to find reliable movers when moving to Des Moines

Your moving would be much easier if you hire professional movers. There are several reasons why it is crucial to rely on experts. You go interstate and you need your belongings in one peace. But how to find reliable movers? There are so many movers that you can contact when moving to Des Moines. And each one of them should have a unique movers license number called the US DOT number. You may check if the company is legal on the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) website. A moving company doesn’t necessarily have to be registered there. But if this is the case, it is an indication that the company is reliable. There, you may also read about customers’ satisfaction surveys. It is important that in the reviews customers wrote about their interstate relocations. Also, check their social media for additional comments.

Moving cross country

When moving to Iowa,  you may face some difficulties. This is not an easy process. So we must say that when moving interstate, it is not time for DIY activities.

a woman mover measuring
Expert movers should measure your possessions

There are certain things that you will do on your own. Getting necessary documents, packing clothes, and other small possessions. For the rest, you should find cross-country movers. In the first call, a company should clearly state the services they offer. A representative will suggest coming and making an inventory. They should measure the size of your possessions. In addition, they should measure the size of your entrance. This way they will know if it is possible to take out certain furniture. So, they can prepare on time and provide appropriate packaging material. Please note that if the moving company offers to pack your stuff it can cost more. Set everything up prior to moving.

Packing large furniture when moving to Des Moines

This is another very big issue when it comes to interstate moving. People have a limited relocation budget. Therefore, they need to choose upon which services to pay for and what to do on their own.

a man packing a box for moving
For bulky furniture packing consult experts

When it comes to packing furniture it is not smart to go DIY. Smaller units, documentation, glassware-all this you can pack on your own. But for bulky pieces, you should hire interstate movers. The first thing you should think about is your safety. A reliable company has more experience in packing furniture. We strongly recommend hiring professionals for this complicated process. Also when getting this additional service, you may get a discount. In addition, you may request other services from the moving company. You may realize that you do not have enough time for finishing a certain task. A company should be at your disposal for all questions.

How to organize moving your seniors cross-country

It may happen that you should relocate your seniors cross-country. When this happens, you need to make sure that this process is relaxed and stress-free for them. It is already hard for them to move into another state. They should leave their previous home, neighbors, old habits. Your parents will be even more sensitive in this period. That is why it is more than necessary to hire senior movers. Get in touch with a senior move manager. Consult with them and make a plan of relocating your seniors. Also, check how experienced this senior moving manager. Rely on previous experiences of other customers. In addition, check what kind of help your senior may get in Des Moines. At some point, they may need additional help with everyday activities. It can come in handy to have such a service that can help elderly citizens in need.

Why should you consider moving to Des Moines?

Maybe you are still not sure if you made the right decision to move to Iowa. Here are some of the facts why you should start your move to this Midwestern state:

  • Housing costs are below the national average
  • The average commute time is lower
  • There are many outdoor activities, especially for hikers

It will include going to work by bike. Also, coming home to a community of friends and family. You may need more information on living in Des Moines. Another important thing is that here you can achieve is work and life balance. That means that you will have enough quality time to spend with your family.


Interstate relocation is not easy. It requires a lot of preparation. First of all, create a checklist. Go through your budget and stick to your list. It will be easier if you rely on a professional moving company. They will present you with a detailed relocation plan. Think about your seniors as well. Make this moving experience for them stress-free. It may happen that you will not be close to your parents at all times. Make sure that in Des Moines there is a certain organization that can help your seniors in need. In addition, keep open communication with your family. Together you can check online all the possibilities you will have when moving to Des Moines. If you have children, tell them which fun activities they can look forward to in their new hometown. Finally, when you arrange everything, sit down and start enjoying yourself.

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