Master guide for moving to Scottsdale AZ

Moving away is not the easiest thing in the world. You are leaving everything and everyone you know behind, and settling down in new surroundings. This is brave, and most of the time necessary, as people generally move to find a better job, or live with their significant other. Oftentimes, people just want to experience a change in their life, and moving to Scottsdale AZ just may be the perfect choice for you. In order to make the relocation easier for you, we suggest that you hire reliable movers, and our guide will help you with the rest.

before moving to scottsdale AZ make sure to declutter all of your items. a woman standing in front of moving boxes, taking notes in her notebook
Think of moving to Scottsdale AZ as a perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid of all the items that you no longer use.

Scottsdale AZ in numbers

Scottsdale is only 14 miles away from Phoenix, and it is located in the desert. It has a population of 246,026 thousand residents, so you will definitely not feel overcrowded here until you spot the tourists, that is. The median household income is $84,600, and the median property value is high at $446,000. You will be pleased to know that the average commute time after moving to Scottsdale AZ will be only 19.5 minutes, which is excellent.

Weather in Scottsdale AZ

The climate here is arid, which means dessert climate basically. With warm and mild winters, you will not have to wear a sweater for a long time. Summers are really hot, so we suggest you’re A/C is in good working condition. For the lovers of the sun and warm weather, the average of 299 days a year are sunny days. The rest of the USA has an average of 205 sunny days a year, just for comparison. So, bring your t-shirts, hats and the rest of your summer equipment and just enjoy the sun and warm weather here. And hire interstate movers for relocation as there is no reason to get stressed out about moving to this beautiful place.

Public transport

When moving to a new city, one of your biggest concerns is how to navigate it, and how much will it cost. A vast majority of people use their own car for commute, but you should take advantage of solid public transportation here as well.

  • Valley Metro Bus – The buses navigate the entire Phoenix metro area, among which is Scottsdale. You can hop on Bus 72, reach Scottsdale road, and enjoy yourself in numerous restaurants, parks, shopping malls, etc. Other bus lines that you can use are 510 and 512, and they will help you reach your destination in Scottsdale. The bus fare is $1,25, but you can also take monthly and daily fares at different prices.
  • Trolley service – This type of transportation is completely free of charge. Trolleys have A/C and arrive every ten minutes, so we know you will love them.
traffic during the sunrise
Scottsdale AZ has a great public transportation system that you can use to commute to your work, or simply navigate the city.

How to make moving to Scottsdale AZ easy and stress-free?

One of the biggest questions when moving is how to make the relocation easier and stress-free. Well, the best advice you can get is to not think of moving as such a big deal. And to follow these steps for easier relocation.

Hire professional movers

Especially if you are relocating your older parents, or are older yourself. Senior movers will help you with the relocation and you will avoid any type of moving injury. Proper insurance, a lot of free time on your hands, less stress, experienced team of people working on your side. These are just some of the benefits of hiring reliable movers when moving to Scottsdale AZ. People usually worry about the money they will pay for the relocation, but the truth is a DIY can cost a lot more if not done right.

Declutter before you move

Leave all the broken, useless, old, and excess items you simply do not need. Think of relocation as a perfect opportunity to get rid of absolutely everything that you do not use anymore. Start fresh in a new city, and save some money along the way. The more items you relocate, the bigger the final bill will be. Avoid paying ridiculous amounts of money for furniture you don`t even like, or clothes you have outgrown years ago. Let go of everything and make someone else happier by donating the items, or selling them online. And the Master Moving Guide company will help you find the best movers to relocate only the things you love.

Throw a goodbye party

You may think that you don`t have enough time for throwing a simple going-away party, but you are wrong. It does not have to be spectacular or expensive. You can just go out to your favorite bar with your closest friends and say farewell. When moving, we are too focused on what is going to happen, that we forget about cherishing all the moments with our dearest ones. Make sure that everyone knows how you feel about them, and make a plan of how you will stay in touch in the future.

a person jogging during the day in the park
Dedicate at least an hour a day for relaxing activities such as jogging, watching movies, hanging out with your friends, or listening to music.

Take the time to relax every day

Always make time for activities that relax you. A local move takes about 12 weeks to plan and perform, and an interstate move can last up to 16 weeks. You can agree that this is a pretty long amount of time without having fun, right? So, never forget to play loud music, watch your favorite movies and series, or anything else that relaxes you. Hang out with your friends at least once a week. Remember your life does not have to stop while you’re moving to Scottsdale AZ, so enjoy yourself as much as you can.

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