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Sunny New Mexico and its vibrant capital of Santa Fe is always ready to welcome new residents! Its climate might seem harsh, but in the sun-baked plains of New Mexico live good people and grow prosperous business and neighborhoods. Many have found their careers in the state of New Mexico and many more have lived some of their greatest life chapters there. It is truly a good place to move to. With that settled, however, we come to more practical considerations. How should you move there? Well, for that, you can read this guide we made on moving to Santa Fe NM. We will cover everything from planning, to finding a mover, to information about Santa Fe itself. All in one place (they don’t call it master moving guide for anything). So, let’s start!

Plan for moving to Santa Fe NM

If you are going to move anywhere, Santa Fe included, you will first need to have a plan. That is why our Master Moving Guide for moving to Santa Fe NM will firstly address this crucial part of the moving process. You will need to plan long before you embark on the relocation. This is not because Santa Fe presents any special difficulties. Far from it, Santa Fe is quite reachable, being the capital of the state and well connected via highways. However, the simple truth is that you are most likely relocating long-distance (statistically speaking). Let us elaborate.

moving to Santa Fe NM - a monument in Santa Fe, New mexico
How will you move to Santa Fe?

There are two ways you can move. Either you are moving less than an hour away, or a local relocation or you are moving for a longer period of time, or even across state lines. One requires more money, more planning time, and more planning in general than the other, and it is very clear which.

If you are in the long-distance relocation category, we highly recommend you start planning for the relocation at least 8 to 10 weeks before the relocation itself. That way you have enough time to prepare all the necessary aspects of the move. That would include hiring a mover, setting up a schedule. Arranging for discontinuation of utilities and various services, change of address, calling of friends and relatives, getting the help of the move, arguing for new schools and so much more. All in all, there is a lot of work to be done.

How to work on the short schedule

Okay, but what about the last-minute relocation situation? When there is barely any time to get your affairs in order, let alone pack and move to Santa Fe? Well, we have you covered.

  • Essentials – Whatever you do, do not forget to pack the essentials pack.
  • Good movers – If you are moving on short notice you will need good movers even more than usual. In order to make sure you can find one fast, focus on three things. Firstly, make sure that they are registered with the FMCSA, so you can know that they are legitimate. Then, check their track record via reviewing platforms. Finally, compare the price. You can basically find a fairly good mover in less than a few hours!
  • Keep track of your plans – Make a short checklist and make sure you go item by item. From packing to arranging schools and utilities to movers, make sure it is all on the list. So you never get confused and accidentally skip something while figuring out how to get moving to Santa Fe NM on short notice.

What to know about Santa Fe

The fourth-largest city in New Mexico, Santa Fe boasts a population of around 85 000 people, while also being its capital. An interesting fact is that it is technically the oldest state capital in the United States, as it was also the capital of Nuevo México.

Santa Fe, greenery and a mountain on a clear day
What can you expect from moving to Santa Fe?

It is one of the world’s great art cities, a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. It offers a rich history and tourism opportunity. Spanish is spoken widely and there are three public schools. Those are Santa Fe High School, Capital High School, and New Mexico School for the Arts.

Packing and storage

If you are going to get the help of long-distance movers, you will probably need to pack a lot a long trip. This is not a short, 20-minute move where anything goes. All items need to be properly packaged. Therefore, you will probably need some tips on how to pack your items for a long-distance relocation. Here is how you should go about it. First and foremost, you can find most of the packing supplies for free, with only the boxes for Tv, furniture and such being the complicated ones to find (if you didn’t keep the original one. On that point, make sure that you clean and disassemble all electronic equipment before you pack it.

When you are packing things, make sure that the box has some, but not too much space between the item that is being packaged and the box walls. You should probably fill the said space with some crunched paper or other wrapping material so they serve as additional protection against outside stresses. Finally, when you stack the boxes, make sure that the heavy ones go closest to the ground, and the higher ones

Budgeting for moving to Santa Fe NM

Moving can be quite expensive. That is why you need to make sure that you handle the price well. First things first. Your best tool in setting up a moving budget for Santa Fe relocation will be a moving estimate. Almost every mover out there will offer you a moving estimate that will be either binding, nonbinding, or binding not to exceed variant. While some of those are definitely preferable to others, almost always they are all free to request. And, if the company is bound by the FMCSA regulation, they will have to make sure not to exceed 110% of the price projected, with binding or nonbinding moving quotes both. Therefore, they are a great tool in order to calculate the final price of the move.

Crunching the coins over the calculator
How to prepare a budget for relocating to Santa Fe?

Furthermore, you will find that the additional price comes from the weight of the items you are moving (in long-distance relocations) and from additional services. One you can regulate with downsizing and storages. The other, by supplementing some of the mover’s functions with DIY solutions!

You are now set for moving to Santa Fe NM without a hitch. Just make sure you start planning on time and you are sure to be successful.

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