Master guide for moving to San Francisco

Why are you moving to San Francisco? Sure, we know you already are moving because, well, you clicked on the master guide for moving to San Francisco. We would say intentions are not really at play here. But we, the creators of this blog, are not the ones that actually need to hear the answer. The answer is for you, from you. San Francisco means something. It is not just another dot on the map. It is a city that stands for many things worthy of respect. And if you are moving there, like many others, you should know what kind of microcosm you are moving to and why. Not because it is scary or wrong to do so, but on the contrary. Because it is a good thing to move to San Francisco, and because you should get the most out of it.

We hope that our guide will help you move to this great city. Therefore, let us begin. We will first introduce the city, and then help you pack. The rest is on you!

What kind of city is San Francisco?

So, let’s first talk facts about San Francisco before we turn towards the ins and outs of relocations such as moving insurance. San Francisco is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of North California. Not only that, but is it is also one of the most iconic cities in the world, and boasts a population of 880 000 people on its 46 square miles, making it the fourth most populous city in California and 16th most popular in the whole of the United States. It is also the second-most densely populated US city.

San francisco golden bridge
What to expect in San Francisco?

Living in San Francisco is good, to say the least. With the highest salaries, disposable income, and median home prices in the world, San Francisco is truly a place to be. It is also the seventh highest-income county in the United States, with a per capita personal income of 130 000 dollars. And all of that while also being considered among the world’s most livable cities. That is because of great GDP per capita, but also labor protection and beautiful architecture.

The city of San Francisco is a place of rolling hills and steep streets, of Golden Gate Bridge, of ideas and companies, of science and art. It is truly a place to be in.

Plan for moving to San Francisco

If you are planning on moving to this city, make sure it is not a last-minute relocation. While not imposable, these types of relocations are not easy and take a lot of planning.

A women moving to San Francisco
You need a plan to tackle the move!

The best-case scenario would be starting to plan the move around 8 to 10 weeks before the move, picking out the mover and the apartment. After that, setting affairs in order on both sides, estimating the price, packing, etc.

Picking the right mover is key

In order to move right, you should do the first task on your moving guide right. you need to find a good mover. How should you go on about this? Well, look for three things:

  • Good communication and presentation -You want a company that is good at communicating with you so they can help you with any challenges of moving to San Francisco.
  • Reviews and experience – Reliability comes from years of service. Make sure people that use them trust them and are happy with the service.
  • Capability for moving to San Francisco -Finally, make sure that they are capable enough to move you potentially interstate in order to relocate you


After figuring out how many movers you need, try figuring out how much will you pay for them! Free estimates are a thing, of course, but make sure you get a lot of them while also setting the budget. While doing that, be in the “worst-case scenario” mode. That way, any surprises that come your way can only be the good kind. Try to offset any cost by doing any additional services by yourself and lowering the number of items you plan to move.


San Francisco is famous for its colorful houses that sit upon some very steep streets. Homes in San Francisco are considered to be of great quality, but they do come with the price to match. Therefore, if you are to move to San Francisco, you should be, most likely, ready to downsize and move into litter tinier living space than what you are used to, at least for some time. A good way to do that, especially if you are young, is to downsize. Downsizing is a decluttering method that is of great use for moving for two main reasons.

Firstly, it is a good way to make sure you actually fit into your new apartment without making it horribly unusable. It provides you with more space for living.

Housing in San Francisco
Where will you live in San Francisco?

Secondly, it is a good way to offset the cost. As we mentioned in the budget section, weight and volume add to the cost, so you want to get rid of as much stuff as you can in order to make your move affordable.

In summary

Will you also leave your heart in San Francisco, as in the lyrics of this greats city anthem. Who is to know what holds the future, for both you and the city. That being said, we hope that you take the leap of faith and join so many others that live happily in this city on the edge of the Pacific ocean, all the way on the West Coast of our nation. Moving to San Francisco is a big step and one we hope you do commit to. That is exactly why we made this article. To help you prepare. Not only for the moving itself, though we did cover that part extensively, but also for life in San Francisco. For the change, you will face. We hope that, in this, we have succeeded. Best of luck on your journey.

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