Master guide for moving to San Antonio

Moving does not have to be hard, stressful, or time-consuming. It is because we know that a stress-free move is possible that we have designed this master moving guide so that you know exactly what to expect. Moving to San Antonio is a great choice, and we are absolutely sure that you will love living in this large city with a small-town vibe. San Antonio has so much offer, it is culturally and historically rich, there is no lack of entertainment here, as well as places to shop and dine. Let us see what can you expect from this vibrant city.

a street with high buildings and high cars after moving to San Antonio
After moving to San Antonio you will notice that the majority of people are using cars to navigate through the city.

San Antonio in numbers

When moving to a new city, you are eager to find out what is the median household income and the median property value and similar things. Well, in San Antonio the median household income is $49,024, whereas the median property value is $155,600. San Antonio is home to 1.53 million people, and this number is increasing by each day. You will also be happy to find out that the average commute time in San Antonio is 23.8 minutes, which is really low in comparison to other major cities.


San Antonio has a humid subtropical climate. If you love long and hot summers, and warm winter, then moving to San Antonio is perfect for you. The highest temperatures do not go above 35 degrees, whereas the lowest does not go below 4.4. degrees. Nights can get a little chilly in winters though, so you can sometimes expect the temperatures to be as low as -7.8 degrees. What you might not like about the San Antonio area is that it is really prone to floods. They mostly occur during May and June because this is when most of the rain is falling. For this reason, Master Moving Guide recommends that you avoid moving during those months if possible.

Transportation in San Antonio

When we tell you that the average number of cars per household is two, you will know that the best way to commute through San Antonio is by car. People here just love to go everywhere within the comfort of their own car. So, if you are thinking about car transport, you should certainly do it. Of course, there are other ways to navigate through the city as well.

  • VIA Metropolitan Transit – The main public bus system in San Antonio. It can take you to see the most famous attractions downtown, such as the Alamo. But, it also connects you with the Pearl, Downtown, Southtown, and Broadway Cultural Corridor neighborhoods.
  • Taxis, Uber, and Lyft – Another common way of navigating through the city is by taxis and the riding apps. People often use Uber and Lyft in San Antonio, and another local app called Leep. It is not too expensive and it gets you where you want to be fast.
  • Bicycles – San Antonio is not famous for a very large pedestrian area where you can ride a bike. However, downtown is particularly suitable for riding a bike, so this might be a healthier way to get where you want to be. Also, you can rent bikes on numerous locations in San Antonio and enjoy the ride.
the Riverwalk in San Antonio, people riding in a river barge
The Riverwalk is easily the most famous spot in San Antonio, and definitely something you should visit after your relocation.

What to visit after moving to San Antonio?

Moving to San Antonio does not mean you don`t get to have fun and entertain yourself. As soon as you unpack, it is time to start researching the city. There are a lot of must-see sights, and we bring you the most famous tourist attractions in San Antonio, which will even make last-minute relocation more pleasant.

  • The Alamo – Famous for the Battle of the Alamo which occurred 300 years ago, the Alamo is attracting millions of tourists each year. Here you will be able to find out a lot about the history of the place through your guide, audio tour, or simply by walking past the magnificent fortress. You should not miss the Alamo Church and the Long Barrack Museum as well. It will be a day well spent, we can guarantee you that.
  • The Riverwalk – Located near the Alamo, the Riverwalk is easily the most famous spot in San Antonio, welcoming over 14 million tourists each year. Here you can enjoy yourself just by walking and soaking in the wonderful feeling it gives you. You also have plenty of places to shop here, plenty of restaurants with delicious food, or with the tastiest coffee ever. There are plenty of events held here, so we know that you will not be bored even for a second.

How to move stress-free?

Moving is not easy and it requires a lot of focus, careful planning, great organization, and patience. In order not to let the relocation dominate your life, you should do the following things:

  • Make a to-do list – And stick to it. List all of the things you need to do in the upcoming period and make moving to San Antonio much easier.
  • Set a budget – And stick to it. Define how much money can you spend on the San Antonio relocation and make money decisions within that range. It will give you a sense of control and you will know exactly what you need to do.
  • Hire professionals – You can hire professionals to help you with the move and make your entire life easier. Professionals will give you proper moving insurance, handle your bulkiest furniture, pack the irregularly shaped items perfectly, and much more.
a to-do list on a black suface
Make a to-do list with all the things you need to do before and after the relocation, in order to make the process much easier for you.

We have prepared this master guide for moving to San Antonio to make the relocation easier for you. What we can strongly recommend to you is that you never forget to spend an hour or two each day just relaxing and doing the things you love. Good luck!

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