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Portland is calling! With its location on the West Coast and burgeoning opportunities, Portland is becoming something of a beacon. Its lighthouse that stands guard over the rugged shores now also serves as a light that calls many to this city in Oregon. Where previously settlers from the Oregon trail went, now go modern nomads, carried on by dedicated professionals of the moving industry. So, how will your relocation to Portland look? Have you been planning it for a while, or have just now started to contemplate it? Have you had time to prepare or are you moving on short notice? Do you have experience with relocations or are just starting? Whatever it may be, our master guide for moving to Portland is here for you and ready to get you through the basics of relocating to Portland with ease.

Long-distance vs local moving to Portland

So, there are generally two ways you can move anywhere, Portland included. For example, there is a difference in moving to Portland from Wilsonville or from Seattle. And the difference is not only in the crossing of state lines. We are, of course, talking about the differences in distance crossed in both moves. In one, you are crossing around 30 miles from downtown Portland to your destination, and the move is done within an hour or so. However, a move from Seattle to Portland is a longer move (down the I-5 S) and requires more time and preparation to be completed. This is where the distinction between local relocations and long-distance moves comes in. Both have their own local and long-distance movers, as well as differences in complexity, price, and other specifics. Let’s explore this further.

portladn lighthouse on a clif
From how far away are you coming?

For example, long-distance relocations cost more than local ones. Moving to Portland from nearby can be around 300 to 700 dollars. But moving in further away can be 1000 – 4000 dollars, depending on the distances involved. The cost of the move is decided by other things as well. For example, your move will cost more if you require more additional services, such as packing or furniture disassembly. These things are, however, often more required in longer distance relocations to Portland, since you are dealing with an intrinsically more complicated move. Furthermore, you will find that your cost is calculated differently if you are moving locally. In local relocations, the time required is the most consideration when it comes to moving. On the other hand, with long-distance relocation, that would be the weight and volume of things you intend to move.

Downsizing when moving to Portland

One way to lower the cost of your move to Portland is to downsize before you move. By downsizing, you are decreasing the number of your possessions that will be moved to their new destination, and that definitely includes their volume and mass. As those are the main component of the price for a long-distance move, you should think about lowering them and significantly lowering the price of the move in the process. When you are downsizing, you first need to make sure you have located all the items you no longer need. Then, you have three options at your disposal.

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Portland is waiting for you!
  • You can sell the items for a small profit, further improving your moving budget;
  • Donating the items is also an option, as you can give them away to a Portland charity of choice.
  • Recycling the items is also an option for when you are moving to Portland for when the possessions in question are truly no longer of any use to anyone whatsoever, and should simply be used for scrap…

One more alternative, though not one that is very helpful if you are trying to conserve money, is to store the items. Portland is seeing a pretty big increase in the price of housing. However, it is not at the same time witnessing any kind of growth slowdown. Therefore, you will probably have to downsize a little before moving to Portland, which would mean that using storage is one way to fit into your new apartment, especial if you are in a last-minute relocation type of situation. Short-term storages are perfect for just that kind of eventuality.

Make lists and plan out

Our Master Moving Guide for moving to Portland would not be complete without an obligatory reminder to start planning early. That would be around eight to ten weeks prior to the day of the move. That way you can have enough time to figure out all the tasks and sort out all the obligations you have before you set out for Portland.

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Invite your kids to help you packing – turn it into a game!

What kinds of lists will you need?

There may be a lot of things on your plate during the move. It is not really possible for us to say exactly what will that be since every move is different in one way or another. However, one of the more universal facts about planning for a move is that you need to write things down in order to stay properly organized during the whole ordeal. Here are some of the things we suggest you write down on your moving checklist:

  • Inventory list – Go over all of the possessions you intend to move to Portland and make sure that they are ready to go. That will be a good way to see if anything needs downsizing as well.
  • Finding good movers – Also be sure to write down candidates for movers early on. The answer to the question of how to prepare for movers is to stay in contact with them and to start your planning with them early.
  • Essentials -When moving, don’t forget the essentials. Write down the packing of medicine, toiletries, documents, etc.
  • Moving day checklist – Finally, you will have a lot on your plate on the d-day itself. So make sure you write down all the things you will need to do the day before. That way you won’t forget anything in the frenzy.

Just follow the steps you have found here and you will be moving to Portland in no time. Bon voyage!

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