Master guide for moving to Philadelphia

If you are considering a move to Philadelphia, you are most certainly in need of a little bit of help. Philly is definitely a good place to move to, don’t get us wrong. But moving is not always simple and it is good to know some tips and tricks to help you through the process. From hiring the movers and organizing the budget, to downsizing and what you can expect from the city, these topics need to be addressed. That is exactly why we made this master guide for moving to Philadelphia. It will help you know all that there is to be known about how to plan and execute a perfect relocation to the city of Philadelphia with relative ease! Therefore, if you are ready to start planning for your relocation to Philly, we have you covered! Let us dive right in!

Moving to Philadelphia takes planning

If you are going to be traveling to Philadelphia, you will need the ultimate moving guide at your side. Here is the top advice this master guide can give to you. Start planning as early as possible. Planning for the relocation will ideally begin around 8 to 10 weeks before the moving day.

moving to Philadelphia near a river
How to plan for a move to Philadelphia

There are a lot of moving parts in relocation, and if you start too late you will find yourself in a problem. You will have a lot of work and not enough time to do that work. Therefore, find good movers, organize the budget and prepare for what and how to pack.

Find good movers

Our Master Moving Guide recommends that you dedicate most of your beginning weeks in choosing a mover. Yet, if you are in a hurry, we made this short portion dedicated to how you can do it.

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You will need good movers!

Three steps matter when it comes to selecting movers. The first step is to exclude anyone who is not licensed to be a mover. That way you will protect yourself from scammers or otherwise malicious movers. Secondly, focus on those with experience, a positive one at that. Read up on Philidelphia movers on review platforms. That way you will know who you are dealing with. Finally, make sure that they fit your moving budget.

For the purpose of the last step, know that if you are moving long distance, the most important part of the price calculation for you should be the weight and volume of the items you intend on moving. If, however, you are moving in local relocation, you will find that the work time and additional service are the variables that are mostly the ones influencing the moving quote you receive.

Prepare for Philadelphia

As we said, there are a lot of reasons to why you should consider relocation to Philadelphia. However, just saying it like that does not mean a lot to someone that is considering a move but is still far from making a choice. That is why we will make this part of the article dedicated to the city of Philadelphia and to some of the facts that make it one of the best cities for families, business, and education in the United States!

Philly is the largest state in Pennsylvania, holding number six on the list of largest cities in the states. It earns this place on the list with more than a million and a half residents. However, its powerful positions earn it the title of an economic and cultural center of the greater Deleware Valley, with all of its 7 million people.


statue in philedelphia
What to expect in Philadelphia?

The city is one of the oldest municipalities in the United States and has been the place of many of the formative events of our nation’s history. It has a proud heritage and you can see it in its streets, architecture, and museums.

  • Education – If you intend to move to Philadelphia with kids or with the intent of pursuing your studies, we will now address education. The school district of Philadelphia is the eighth largest in the States with 142 000 students in 218 traditional and 86 charter schools. Furthermore, there are 120 000 college students in the city with some of the Ivy League institutions calling Philly their home.
  • Economy – Philadelphia is home to 5 Fortune 1000companies and has a GMP of $490 billion. Economic sectors include trade, financial services, biotechnology, food processing, tourism, etc.
  • Transport – the City of Philidelphia is serviced by Southeastern Pennsylvania transport and two airports.

Packing and moving

If you are going to be moving to Philadelphia, we must definitely cover the part in which you will actually move. In order to do it right, you need to know how to pack. Packing isn’t exactly rocket science, but there is some nuance to it. First and foremost, you should find good packing material. This means finding boxes and cushioning materials of acceptable quality. They should not break or bend, and if you are storing the items, you should also avoid them being susceptible to water damage.

Furthermore, when packing the items, make sure that they do have some breathing space. Packing them too tightly into the boxes might actually produce the opposite of the effect you desire, leaving them susceptible to damage. Fill the space with cushioning material and all should be fine. Finally, make sure that you stack the boxes from the heaviest to the lightest. Don’t stack the heavier ones on top of lighter ones.

In conclusion

Hopefully, our master guide for moving to Philadelphia has addressed all the issues and challenges you might face on this relocation. However, just in case you are preparing for relocating in a hurry, we will now summarize all the big points. So, first off, try to start planning on time, which should be around 8 weeks before the move. Hire reliable movers and keep everything written down when planning. Finally, make sure you pack properly and find storage in case you might need one. We hope you will like it in the City of Brotherly Love!

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