Master guide for moving to New Orleans

Moving is a complicated process. First, you need to find good movers for your move. Then, you must go through the very long and exhausting process of packing. When you thought that the hard part is over when the last box is placed inside of moving truck, you are greatly mistaken. You still must go through the journey to a new home and unpacking all you have packed past couple of months. However, don’t despair, as moving to New Orleans can be a good experience. Just follow smart tips from Master Moving Guide, and you have nothing to worry about. Before moving to any city, you should familiarize yourself with the city’s life, customs, and traditions. Moving can be the greatest experience in life, as you can meet new people and lifestyles. 

What can you expect when you are moving to New Orleans? 

If you are moving to New Orleans, you need to have an ultimate moving guide to follow. First thing is to find good movers who have good offers at a reasonable price. Try hiring movers a couple of months earlier, and avoid summer since it is the busiest and the most expensive season for movers. After you found the right movers, make a moving plan that includes when you start, what you pack, and when you finish. 

The important part of a moving plan is a moving budget. You should prepare enough money to cover all the expenses. Try putting aside a reasonable sum of money, as moving is not cheap and, you must count additional expenses too. 

person writing on the paper
Make a detailed moving plan

What kind of city is New Orleans? 

New Orleans is known as the ‘Birthplace of Jazz,’ and rich culture influenced by  Native Americans, the French, and the Spanish. You can see these influences in various types of music, food, culture, and art. This is the reason why this city attracts every year a large number of tourists. With many famous attractions like City Park and many more, you will never be out of places to visit. 

If you are moving for a job, you should know a couple of information. The unemployment rate is higher than the national average and, the average income is also lower than the national average. The good aspect is that the housing market is very affordable, and the only expense higher than average is transportation. 

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New Orleans has many beautiful places to visit

What else you need to know about New Orleans? 

If you are moving to New Orleans, you will be experiencing a rich culture with modern benefits. However, here some not-so-great aspects of this city. 

  • High crime rates – There are higher crime rates in both property and violent crime. This can be connected with a higher unemployment rate. 
  • Weather – New Orleans has a humid subtropical climate with long, humid and summers and short, windy, mild winters. You will need some time to get used to the summer heat. 
  • High chance of flooding – Because of its coastal and below sea level location, the city is in danger of hurricanes, tropical cyclones, storm surges, and severe flooding. 

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