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Miami is home to many ex-pats living their best life. You will never feel like an outsider here because there are simply not a lot of Miami natives. Moving to Miami has never been easier, and here you can really have it all. Great job opportunities, the best education, fine salaries, many, many outdoor activities, restaurants, art galleries, museums, and much more are waiting for you. We know that you will never want to move out of Miami and leave the best beaches in the world. This is why Master Moving Guide has created this guide to make the relocation easier for you.

a to-do list on a yellow post-it paper is a must when moving to Miami
Make a to-do list when moving to Miami.

Start with the preparations on time

Miami relocation is a process that requires time, and you know what they say, even Rome was not built in a day. For an international move, set aside at least 12-16 weeks to organize everything properly. Although 16 weeks may seem too much, it is actually the perfect amount of time where you will be able to do one thing at a time. Make the ultimate moving checklist, set your priorities straight, and work on a schedule. If you set aside two to three hours each day for planning your relocation, it will surprise you how smoothly will everything go. Here is what you will need to do before the relocation:

  • Find a new job – Job opportunities in Miami are not scarce, but you will need to spend some time applying for new jobs and finding the best working environment for you.
  • Find a new apartment – Once again, finding a place where you will feel comfortable, and where you will not have to commute so much demands time and some searching skills.
  • Hire reputable movers – Moving becomes so much easier when you have pros handling all of your belongings. You will have more time to spend with your family, and you will not feel so stressed about moving, we can guarantee you that. If you’re moving with your parents, hiring senior movers is the best thing as you will avoid moving injuries which is extremely important for senior people.

Save money when moving to Miami

Once you move to Miami, saving money may not be realistic. We are not saying that it is impossible, or that you will need to work several jobs just to survive here. The truth is, the salaries here are not low, and you will be able to live comfortably. But the city surely is pricy. Also, there is no income tax here, so you will work less for more money basically. However, you can certainly expect to have unexpected costs when moving to Miami.

You should save money for the deposit, rent, or mortgage, but also for living costs if you do not find a new job right away. Utility bills, gym subscription, transportation, food, are just some of the costs that you have on a daily basis. It is always a good thing to save some money for unexpected events. It keeps the stress away when relocating.

a person holding a coin over a blue piggy bank
Always save money prior to the relocation and you will not feel under stress when the unexpected costs appear.

Throw a goodbye party

Moving to Miami is certainly unimaginable without throwing a goodbye party. Life is just too short not to say farewell to your closest friends and relatives. Hence, invite your favorite people over for pizza and cold beverages and just talk the night away. It really does not have to be anything special, but if you have time you can decorate your house, or a bar and prepare some delicious food. The best timing for a goodbye party is a week and a half before you move. By then you will have finished all the important things, but you will still have furniture in your home. At least, most of it.

Why moving to Miami is the best thing ever

Miami has some of the best moving and storage companies. Your entire relocation will be in the safe hands of a reputable moving company. It is not every day that you need to move, and you will certainly not do it any time soon, so these moving companies make sure that you are satisfied with the service provided.

And once you move, you will learn that beautiful beaches are just luring you out of the house all year round.  Yes, there is a hurricane season (June-November), but Miami is fully prepared for it. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, you will enjoy kayaking, water skiing, parasailing, swimming, boating, and other sports.

When you get hungry after all of these activities, know that Miami offers some of the best eateries with the finest food ever. So, you will never get bored here, and if you are a fan of art, there are plentiful of beautiful art galleries to visit and simply enjoy.

If you have moved to Miami for education, you will certainly not be disappointed. Miami Dade College, South Florida Institute of Technology, and Miami International University of Art and Design are among the best universities in Florida.

a group of friends having dinner
Invite some of your best friends and relatives over and have fun before you relocate to Miami.

Final word

We have seen that all that it takes for moving to Miami to go great is good preparation. Start planning the relocation on time, and save money along the way. Never forget to say goodbye to your friends and relatives, and enjoy every day as much as possible. Moving is hard, but you should know that so many people have moved to Miami and never regretted this decision. You will notice this when you realize that everybody in Miami is smiling, hospitable, and kind. We wish you good luck with your relocation!

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