Master guide for moving to Memphis TN

You have decided to move to Memphis TN. Consider yourself a lucky person. Have you ever been to Memphis? What do you know about the city? This great city offers a variety of things to do, see and experience. Historical locations, museums, nature areas, zoos. But moving isn’t just about fun activities you will have. In particular, long-distance moves are often overwhelming and stressful. How do I get there, what to do first? You are in desperate need of a master moving guide for Memphis TN. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime event. And naturally, you do not want this to become one of the worst nightmares. We need you to stay cool-headed and concentrated. Grab a cup of coffee and start going through this useful guide.

Packing furniture

And there you are in the middle of the room, grabbing your head. And not knowing where to start. Well, a piece of good advice is to start from the beginning. On the checklist you are holding the top place takes furniture packing. When packing furniture, you should be extra careful not to get any injuries. Therefore, we hardly recommend hiring furniture movers. They have a lot of experience in packing, storing, and transporting heavy goods. Moving to Memphis TN is a long way. Ensure that both you and your furniture will reach your new home safe and sound. In the initial phone call with the moving company, make a deal of which part the professionals will do. Some movers do only transportation. Some also do both packing and transporting. When it comes to packing bulky pieces, avoid DIY options. In addition, better to go for the latter.

a woman packing boxes for moving to Memphis
Be very careful while packing your furniture

Moving to Memphis TN: tips on going long-distance

People may say that moving is nerve-racking or fun. But one thing is for sure: it is a demanding job. There are so many things you need to organize. Also to mentally prepare both you and your family for the upcoming moving o Memphis TN.

With so many things in mind, people can easily fall into a trap of hiring the wrong professional moving company. Doing the research on reliable long-distance movers is crucial. You should check upon their reputability. How long they have been in the business. Also, check the type of service and price range they offer. You should also visit their websites and profiles on social media. Long-distance movers should visit you and see your possessions which they should transport. This in-house estimate is a good sign that the company is professional. Read comments and search for star ranking. Also, make sure that there will not be any hidden costs. In general, think about the impression they left on you.

Downsizing and decluttering

Moving unnecessary items can cost you more time and money. Take into account the size and the arrangement of the rooms in your new home.

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you need this or not when moving to Memphis TN. Also, if you didn’t use that particular item in the previous year or two, you will probably not use it in the future. Make a list of the items you no longer need. Old clothes that you no longer like or do not fit any longer. There is no point in bringing them, as they will take so much precious space. Go through your bathroom cabinets. Safely dispose of the medications and other health care products with a due expiration date. They can harm your health. Finally, think about perishables. They can open, spill, and ruin the rest of your possessions.

Save while moving to Memphis TN

You will make an arrangement with professional movers about the whole moving process. On the way, you will need some additional packing material that you should obtain on time. Moving long-distance is already a very costly process, and you would like to save your budget. Therefore, make a list of how you can reduce all the unnecessary costs. Ask your friends for their experience or read blogs written on that subject.

a pile of moving cardboard boxes
Get free packing boxes and save money

Try to obtain cheap moving boxes, packing paper, and permanent tape for your packing. You should use cardboard boxes to store your clothes, books, and other possessions. The easiest way to find them is to go and ask in your local stores. Many stores such as liquor stores, bookstores, or groceries offer these boxes for free. To protect your goods, you can use moving blankets. This way you will save extra when moving to Memphis TN.

What else to do in Memphis TN?

Since Memphis is going to be your new home, you should discover all the advantages of moving there. There are many remarkable spots you should think about visiting when moving to Memphis TN. All this information you can easily find out on the Memphis TN official website. Some of these are National Civil Rights Museum, Graceland Mansion, and Levitt Shell- an open-air amphitheater. If you would like to go for experiencing nature, there are numerous places to visit:

  • Botanical Garden
  • Shelby Farms Park
  • Mud Island River Park

Also, there are numerous fun activities in the city.

letters on wooden blocks
Relax and reduce stress when moving

Find the time to relax

Not that you have done an amazing job, you should really just relax. You have packed and prepared all of your possessions. A professional moving company has taken care of your furniture and other bulky items. Another quick tip: make sure that you have all the important documentation with you when moving to Memphis TN. Don’t let those be loaded on the truck, as you may need those while traveling. Also, keep some clothes that you can change on a moving day. Don’t forget to pack enough food for your family and pets (if you have them). You can of course pop up at a restaurant on the way to your new home. Now you will have enough time to say goodbye to your friends and neighbors. Sit in the car and start this amazing journey!

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