Master guide for moving to Las Vegas

Many people are surprised to learn that Las Vegas is not just about casinos, hotels, shining, bright lights, and entertainment. Although it is famous worldwide for these things, you should know that settling in Las Vegas for a peaceful, family life is not only possible but it is desirable. With affordable living prices, no state tax on income, and warm weather, you will find moving to Las Vegas to be one of the best decisions ever. With the help of reliable movers, your dream can come true without all the stress regarding packing, and transportation. Let us see what you should know before becoming a resident of Las Vegas.

When moving to Las Vegas you will be able to visit the desert and the valley of fire
Located in the Mojave Desert, you will experience over 300 sunny days after moving to Las Vegas.


With over 300 sunny days a year, we are sure that you will love living in Las Vegas. It has a subtropical hot desert climate, which is understandable as it is located in the Mojave Desert. Here you will experience long and warm summers, with temperatures over 100 degrees. Winters are mild, and the temperature can go as low as 40 degrees. If you do not like rain, you will find Las Vegas a perfect place to live, as rain is scarce here.

Income and housing

The median household income in Las Vegas is $53, 575. Around 295 thousand people are employed here, and the poverty rate is 16,2%.  If you want to buy a house when moving to Las Vegas, it may be comforting to know that 53% of its residents are homeowners. The median property value here is $285,000.

Public transportation

You have several options to reach your destination in Las Vegas. As far as public traffic is concerned, you can choose between the Las Vegas Monorail, RTC, and Shuttle service.

  • Las Vegas Monorail – It functions along the Las Vegas Boulevard. You may know it under the name the Strip. With trains coming every 5-10 minutes, you will never have to wait for a long time. A single ticket is pricey at $6, but you can always buy a seven-day pass for as little as $50.40 if you buy it online a bit in advance.
  • RTC or the Regional Transportation Commission of South Nevada – With these public buses, you can reach the Strip easily, as well as the Downtown, and the suburban areas. A three-day pass costs around $20.
  • Shuttle Services – These are completely free; however, you can end up waiting 30 or 40 minutes for their arrival. Therefore, if you have some free time you can have a free ride along the Strip.

You may be surprised to hear that the average car ownership per household is 2. So, if you own a car, we know that you will be happy to use them here, just like the majority of locals do.

Moving to Las Vegas made easy

What can you do to make Las Vegas relocation stress-free and easy? If you follow our simple guide, we are sure that you will love every step of the preparation and moving. If you are a senior, senior movers will make the entire experience pleasant and worthwhile.

a to-do list on a yellow post it paper on a black surface
Make a to-do list as soon as possible and stick to it, as it will be your guide during the entire relocation process.

Start planning on time

Make a to-do list and write down every single thing that you need to do regarding the moving. And most importantly stick to that list. Thick off the items from the list as soon as you finish them. This list will be your best guide to simple moving. Allow yourself enough time to finish everything, and always find an hour or two during the day to just rest. It is equally important as working.

Hire professional movers

Local or interstate movers will help you with your relocation in the best way possible. You will have plenty of time to organize the move, and they will make your wishes and dreams come true. Although it may seem that you have tons and tons of household belongings, they will relocate it in a couple of hours. Plus, you will have insurance and an experienced team on your side.

Save money

Before moving to Las Vegas, you need to have saved enough money for the first month or two. If you haven`t found a job yet, you will still need to pay a deposit, rent, utilities, food, etc. And you must expect the unexpected. Something will always break down, go bad, and it will be at the most inconvenient time for you. Luckily, nowadays when you have the money you can solve any problem that you have. So, save money by contacting the Master Moving Guide company and enjoy your relocation.

a couple happily sitting on a couch, looking at the laptop and drinking coffee
Find reliable movers and make your relocation stress-free and enjoyable.


Another way to save money, but also to say goodbye to the past is to declutter.  Go through all of your belongings, and make some cuts. The point is to get rid of all the things you are not using anymore. Here are a couple of suggestions regarding the good faith of those unwanted items:

  • Donate – Donate clothes, books, appliances, or furniture to charities. Either someone will use those items or sell them to give the money to those in need, the gesture is heart-warming.
  • Sell – You can sell items online, or organize a yard sale. Whichever way you choose, you will earn some money, and part with all the things you do not plan on using in the future.
  • Throw away – Moving to Las Vegas means that you should throw away all the useless, broken, and old things. Never be sorry about owning fewer items, it will have a positive effect on your relocation, trust us.

Moving to Las Vegas does not have to be hard, time-consuming, or stressful. Follow our simple guide and enjoy your relocation process. Remember, your relocation will be as easy as you make it. Good luck!

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