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If you think that the time has come for a change of scenery, you are in the right place. We are here to help you how to decide whether moving to Jacksonville is the best choice for you. Before our suggestions, you should know that Jacksonville is ranked among the most livable U.S. cities. Abundant employment opportunities, warm sunshine throughout the year, and top recreational facilities contribute, for sure. In this article, you’ll discover why many people are relocating to this popular tourist center. You’ll also discover why life is better after moving to Jacksonville, Florida.

Basic info if you’re moving to Jacksonville – where is it?

On the banks of the St. Johns River in Florida’s northeastern corner lies Jacksonville. It is located 25 miles south of the Georgia- Florida border. It is also 140 miles south of the nearest large city, Orlando. If you are thinking about moving to Jacksonville from long-distance, moving insurance is a must because of the distance. Anyway, Jacksonville is well-connected to surrounding states and the rest of the United States. Therefore, moving to Jacksonville will allow you easy access to any part of the state.

A bird near the water in Jacksonville
If you’re moving to Jacksonville, you can expect numerous beautiful beaches.

Moving to Jacksonville and living there – what’s there to know?

With more than 890,000 residents, Jacksonville is Florida’s most populous city for sure. However, you will never feel like you’re living on top of your neighbors. Since Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the United States, it’s extending across more than 874 square miles. That is more than enough not to feel crowded, right?

After moving to Jacksonville, what are the costs of living?

If you move to Jacksonville, you can expect а relatively low cost of living, unlike many large cities. You can even conduct last-minute relocation at an affordable price. Also, properties in Jacksonville are affordable, and you can upsize or boost your savings if moving to Jacksonville. Another aspect is that the price of utilities and groceries are lower than in other cities of comparable size. As you can see, moving to Jacksonville may be a smart financial decision.

Best neighborhoods if you’re moving to Jacksonville

After you’ve fоund the best movers with a little help from Master Moving Guide, it’s time to explore neighborhoods. With more than 500 neighborhoods, you can find everything, from energizing urban areas to quiet, rural suburbs. You must research the city carefully to find a location that suits your lifestyle best. Do it before you opt for moving to Jacksonville.


If you are all about location, living in Northside is your option. This is a friendly residential area that was once an industrial zone. But nowadays, this area north of the St. Johns River is close to key attractions. It’s close to Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville Zoo, and Huguenot Memorial Park. Even though the Northside community is rapidly growing, it’s small enough to give its residents peace from the bustling city.

Southside as an option if you’re moving to Jacksonville

Another suburb popular with families is Southside. It provides a low crime rate, abundant parks, and reputable schools. According to your budget, you can afford a modest bungalow. Or treat yourself to a more lavish property in one of the golf communities. However, you should know that Southside’s growing population has brought traffic. That includes rush hours that can get hectic, so bear that in mind before moving to Jacksonville.

How about the beaches?

Jacksonville, Fl, has several beachside neighborhoods, yet they hold the local area’s highest prices. If you’re an active person, consider Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Neptune Beach. This is a good option if you love spending your weekends riding the waves or running along the water’s edge. If you’re moving for a job, you should look for condos or apartments. On the other hand, if you are moving with your family, look for larger single-family homes.

The education system in Jacksonville

If you’re moving to Jacksonville, you can’t go wrong regarding education. That’s because it has several quality educational options for students of all ages. For instance, Duval County Public Schools oversees many of the local public schools for kindergarten to grade 12 students. Jacksonville’s large school system has more than 9,600 students and more than 200 schools. Osceola, St. Johns, Pasco, and Clay Public Schools also operate some schools in Jacksonville. Moreover, for students seeking private education, Jacksonville has religious and secular schools. Here are some of Jacksonville’s best-regarded schools.

  • Julington Creek Elementary School
  • Chets Creek Elementary School
  • Fruit Cove Middle School
  • Stanton College Preparatory School.
A student reading a book in a library
A good educational system is another benefit of moving to Jacksonville.

After they graduate, students also have easy access to a variety of tertiary institutions. University of North Florida, Florida State College, and Jacksonville University provide quality higher education for students. Also, the main campus of the University of Florida is only 90 minutes away.

Best things to do in Jacksonville

The vibrant city of Jacksonville has a range of cultural venues and recreational facilities. There are many activities to enjoy in Jacksonville. First, with more than 80,000 acres of parkland, Jacksonville has the largest urban parks network in the nation. You can choose from Hemmings Park where you can enjoy a fountain and shady trees for a picnic. Then, you can visit Klutho Park and take in the sculpture park and disc golf course. If you want to discover the fountain and ancient oak trees, visit Jessie Ball DuPont Park. Finally, to experience a splash zone, playground, and a freshwater lake, visit Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. You see, there are a lot of activities to enjoy after moving to Jacksonville.

A woman and a dog in a park
You can enjoy your free time in some of Jacksonville’s most gorgeous parks.

Moving to Jacksonville- the summary

As you could see, moving to Jacksonville is such a good decision in many ways. If you decide to leap, we wish you all the luck and a positive experience.

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