Master guide for moving to Chicago

Do you want to move to Chicago? Then, you have to organize a relocation. This can be quite a feat. Moving is never easy. You have so many things to do and not enough time. Luckily, Master Moving Guide is here to help you. You can find everything you need to know about moving to Chicago right here!

Start on time when moving to Chicago 

You should start your moving preparation on time. This means at least two months in advance. The reason is simple. You have to give yourself enough time to accomplish all the moving tasks. In the meantime, you still have to work full time, take care of kids and pets, do your everyday chores, etc. For this reason, you have to find a balance between your daily chores and moving tasks. In addition to this, you should find reliable long-distance movers. Most reliable moving companies, if not all of them, will be booked, especially during the summer. In order to avoid hiring fraudulent movers, find yours on time.  

chicago during the daylight
Organize everything on time for your relocation to Chicago

Hiring a moving company 

Here is how to do it. 

  • Channels to find a moving company – the safest channel is your family and then friends. If not, then search for it on the Internet. 
  • Official websites – you should check if your potential moving company offers moving services you need. As you might know, some companies offer only local moving services, while others offer everything from local, long-distance, to even international services. 
  • Moving reviews – check moving reviews. See what people say about certain moving companies. 
  • License – all reliable movers should have a license issued by the FMSCA. They can also be a member of the American Moving and Storage Association. 
  • Track record – the BBB is your best source. 
  • Moving quotes – ask at least three to five moving companies for their moving quotes. You can compare them and see which company is the most affordable one.  

Packing tips when moving to Chicago 

First, you should gather all the packing supplies. It should include moving boxes, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. However, alternative packing solutions are more than welcome. Then, you have to decide if you will move your furniture as well. If yes, let your furniture movers disassemble and pack your large and heavy pieces. In addition to this, do not forget to properly seal the boxes. Label the boxes as well, especially if you are moving valuable or expensive things.  

person folding clothes
Pack your items properly for your move

All the moving tips 

As you can see, it is not so difficult to move to Chicago. You should organize your time well. It is important to start on time. In addition to this, it would be wise to make a packing schedule. This would keep you on track. However, if you do not have time, hire professional packers which are your movers. You just need to pay for additional service.  

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