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Did you know that approximately 100 people move to Austin, Texas every day? This is because the job market is rising, you have a small-town vibe, and you can raise your family here. It offers plenty of opportunities for education, employment, entertainment, and all of this is accompanied by the hot summers and mild temperatures throughout the rest of the year. Although you may have heard that Austin is pretty expensive to live in, it is not actually. And you can find affordable long-distance movers to help you move to this beautiful city whenever you want. Making the decision about moving to Austin TX has never been easier, and we will show you why.

moving to Austing TX means that you need to declutter all of your items
In order to save on relocation costs, and to focus on what is important, we recommend that you declutter all of your things before moving to Austin TX.

Moving to Austin TX is the right thing to do

With a population of over 2,25 million residents, Austin is the third largest capital in the USA. If you want to buy a house here you will have to set aside the $407,400, as this is the median property value. Of course, you can find cheaper houses in neighborhoods that are not downtown. The median rent is $1,174. Renting in Austin is more affordable, considering the fact that the average annual salary is $59,136.

Job opportunities in Austin

Austin has so many tech companies that it is often referred to as the Silicon Hills. Facebook, Apple, Dell, IBM, eBay, Intel, Google, Samsung, BigCommerce. And this is just to name a few tech companies that have been set up here. Of course, do not worry, if you are not familiar with the tech sector there will still have plenty of job opportunities for you in Austin. Healthcare, education, entertainment, and business are also thriving sectors here and you will have no issues finding a job. The average weekly wage in Austin is $1,116. This is significantly less than the USA average of $1,021. If you are working in any of these sectors, even the last-minute relocation will not be an issue, thanks to reliable movers.


If you own a car in Austin that is great. But, if you do not have a car, that is also okay, as there is a wide variety of public transport that you can choose from.

  • Capital Metro – Capital Metro is quite cheap as rides begin at $1,25. It has over 80 routes, and it is 32 miles long. It will take you through the Downtown area, but also through the wider Austin Area.
  • MetroRail – The Metro Rail system is slightly shorter than the Capital Metro, at 26 miles coverage. But, it will take you anywhere between Leander and Downtown Austin on the weekdays, and from Lakeline to Downtown on Saturdays. MetroRail costs $3.50 per ride.
  • RideAustin App – If you prefer services such as Uber, you will use RideAustin App to get anywhere in the wider Austin area. The only thing you need to do is to download the app, and you will pay 99 cents per mile to get wherever you want.
  • Biking – Unlike the walkability score (39), the bike-ability score in Austin is really high at 52. Austin is definitely considered a healthy city, with plenty of active residents. Get yourself a bike and cycle to work or to any other place for that matter.


If you are moving to Austin TX with your family, do not worry about education. Here you will encounter 29 public school districts and 27 charter school districts. It also has over 100 private schools. When it comes to higher education, Austin is proud to be the home of the University of Texas, and 26 private colleges and universities. Hence, moving to Austin with family is a spot-on decision that your entire family will love.

staircase to the metro lines
In Austin, you will be able to choose between Capital Metro, MetroRail, car sharing, and bikes to reach your destination.

What should you do before moving to Austin TX?

Moving to Austin TX is just like any other move. It requires a lot of preparation and organizational skills. You need to be on top of your game if you want to have a stress-free move. And this is not so hard to achieve, just start with the preparations on time, and basically, you are ahead of any issues. For any other moving-related issues you can contact the Master Moving Guide company to get answers to your questions. Here are our ultimate tips on moving to Austin.

Save money

Moving anywhere can bring you a lot of unexpected costs. You will need money for the relocation, but also for the first few weeks in a new city. Deposits, rent, utilities, food, car maintenance, and God knows what else waits for nobody. That is why it is always a great idea to have some extra money before you even relocate to Austin TX.

Declutter before moving to Austin

Before you move to Austin, get rid of every old, broken, and non-functional item that you own. Moving here means that you are starting your life anew and fresh. So, get rid of everything you do not need, and know that using storage to declutter your home is very common. This will also help you reduce the relocation cost, as it mostly depends on the total weight of your items.

baked pizza rolls
Throw a simple farewell party and have fun with your friends and family members.

Throw a goodbye party

Life moves rather fast these days, don`t you agree? So, stop the time by throwing a fabulous farewell party. It is important to say a proper goodbye to your friends and family members. Tell them how much they mean to you and plan out how you will stay in touch after you move. Remember, it does not have to be expensive, what matters is that you get your closure before you move to Austin.

Moving to Austin TX is the best thing you can do. We have shown you some of the most important aspects of this marvelous city, and we will leave it to you to explore what else this city has to offer. Good luck!

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