Living the Dream: Best Coastal Cities to Live In

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore, the salty breeze filling your nostrils as you sip on your morning coffee. Isn’t coastal living the epitome of a dream life for many of us? We all fantasize about escaping the hustle and bustle of city life for a peaceful existence by the sea. Fortunately, the United States has a plethora of seaside cities, each offering its unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether you’re an adventurer at heart, a lover of luxury, or someone who finds solace in simplicity, there’s a perfect beachside haven just waiting for you to call it home. Let Master Moving Guide help you take that leap and assist you in finding the best coastal cities to live in. So, are you ready to live the dream?

The Beauty and Benefits of Coastal Living

Life by the ocean is nothing short of enchanting. Imagine golden sunsets painting the sky, the feel of warm sand between your toes, and the soothing sounds of nature harmonizing with the sea. It’s no wonder that many regard the best coastal cities to live in as dream destinations. But there’s more to coastal living than meets the eye. Beyond the aesthetics and Instagram-worthy vistas, life by the sea has a lot to offer.

family in one of the best coastal cities to live in
Living by the sea has many benefits

Health, Happiness, and a Hint of Adventure

Firstly, let’s talk about health benefits. The sea air is laden with negative ions that help absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels, leading to a more rejuvenated and relaxed you. This makes coastal cities ideal for those looking to improve both their physical and mental well-being.

Happiness comes naturally when you’re surrounded by beauty and tranquility. The sea has a calming effect on the mind, and beach activities, from sunbathing to beachcombing, often leave people happier and more content. You’re never far from fun, social activities, whether it’s a beach volleyball game, a seaside concert, or simply a laid-back evening get-together around a bonfire. Adventure seekers, you’re in for a treat too! Coastal cities are usually bustling hubs for water sports and outdoor activities. Think surfing, sailing, or even a simple canoe ride; these cities offer endless opportunities to feed your adventurous spirit.

Daytona Beach: More Than Just a Spring Break Hotspot

Daytona Beach, Florida, often steals the limelight for its adrenaline-packed NASCAR races and lively spring break scenes. But there’s so much more to this coastal gem than meets the eye. Recognized as one of the best coastal cities to live in, Daytona Beach isn’t just a transient holiday spot; it’s a year-round haven, especially appealing to a younger crowd.

beach in one of the best coastal cities to live in
Daytona Beach is one of the best coastal cities to live in

A Year-round Paradise

For millennials seeking a blend of excitement and affordability, Daytona Beach hits all the marks. Not only does it offer an average annual salary of around $44,620, but it also boasts a more accessible real estate market. With a median home price of $278K, it’s easier to invest in property here compared to other areas where prices often exceed the national median. But what really sets Daytona Beach apart as one of the best cities for millennials is its vibrant local culture and endless entertainment options. Whether you’re into water sports, live music, or art galleries, there’s never a dull moment in this coastal haven. The city hosts a plethora of events all year long, ensuring that the fun doesn’t end when spring break does.

While it’s true that the area does attract a mature crowd, with a median age of 47.5, that’s not a drawback. In fact, it adds to the city’s appeal, as it offers a sense of community and stability that’s hard to find in more transient vacation destinations. Financially, living in Daytona Beach is relatively feasible. Residents typically spend around 25.38% of their median annual household income on housing, which is not excessively burdensome when considering the benefits of coastal living. So, if you’re a millennial looking for a place that combines economic opportunity, recreational activities, and the beauty of the sea, Daytona Beach should be at the top of your list. Why settle for a city that’s only buzzing a few weeks a year when you could enjoy a dynamic, oceanfront lifestyle 365 days a year?

Savannah: A Historic Gem on the Water

When you think about the best coastal cities to live in, Savannah, Georgia, often springs to mind, and for good reason. This historic city, with its cobblestone streets and antebellum architecture, offers a unique blend of the old and the new, making it an ideal home for families looking for something a little different.

street in one of the best coastal cities to live in
Savannah is a historical city with fantastic beaches

A Mix of Old and New

One of the greatest perks of life in Savannah is its rich history, beautifully preserved in its architecture and culture. Families can enjoy educational outings just by walking through the historic district, enriched by squares, parks, and magnificent old homes. But don’t let the historic charm fool you; Savannah is not stuck in the past. The city is teeming with modern amenities, from top-notch schools to excellent healthcare facilities, ensuring that families of all ages can find what they need. But the appeal of Savannah isn’t just limited to its mainland. Located on the Savannah River, this coastal city provides easy access to a variety of natural retreats. The most popular among these is Tybee Island, known for its inviting public beaches.

Further exploration will lead you to the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge and Ossabaw Wildlife Management Area on Ossabaw Island. And let’s not forget Hilton Head Island, a family-friendly destination just a 45-minute drive away. Financially, Savannah offers a balanced lifestyle with a median home price of $404.6K and an average annual salary of $49,170. The numbers make it clear: Savannah not only provides cultural richness but also economic sensibility. Given these factors, it’s easy to see why Savannah ranks as one of the best cities for families. Offering a harmonious blend of history, modern comforts, and natural beauty, this Georgian city is the perfect setting for a family looking to enjoy the coastal life without sacrificing the amenities of urban living.

Virginia Beach: Where Nature Meets Luxury

Looking for a coastal lifestyle that combines the beauty of nature with luxurious living? Then Virginia Beach should be on your radar. Ranking highly among the best coastal cities to live in, this Virginia gem offers a unique blend of scenic landscapes and economic opportunities, making it a choice destination for those looking to make a successful move.

bird beach view in one of the best coastal cities to live in
Virginia Beach offers luxurious living at affordable prices

Activities for Everyone

Virginia Beach is more than just a tourist haven; it’s a place where residents can enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle. The area is a hub for job opportunities, with an average annual salary of $53,920 and thriving industries ranging from tourism to technology. Companies like Dollar Tree and Norfolk Southern have their regional headquarters here, while NASA’s Langley Research Center and Langley Air Force Base contribute to the area’s diverse job market. But let’s not forget about leisure and entertainment. Virginia Beach boasts an array of public beaches and resorts for those moments when you just want to relax and soak in the sun.

Watersports, hiking trails, and golf courses offer endless opportunities for outdoor activities, ensuring that there’s something for every taste. When you’re planning your move to Virginia Beach, consider some smart moving tips to make the process smoother. For instance, timing your move to avoid the busy tourist season can help you settle in more comfortably. Also, explore housing options in advance to capitalize on the median home price of $355K, which is quite reasonable considering the area’s amenities and opportunities.

Pensacola: The Forgotten Paradise

If you’re on the hunt for one of the best coastal cities to live in but want to avoid the crowded tourist traps, Pensacola, Florida, might just be your ideal destination. This city, situated in the Florida Panhandle, is a hidden gem that offers a serene yet vibrant lifestyle.

beach in one of the best coastal cities to live in
Pensacola is one of the best cities for singles

Why Pensacola is a Hidden Treasure

Don’t let the relatively modest population growth of 1.09% between 2020 and 2021 fool you; Pensacola has a lot to offer. Its stunning white-sand beaches provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Moreover, the city has a strong job market, especially for those in the defense industry, given its proximity to the Naval Air Station Pensacola. The average annual salary here stands at $47,420, while the median home price is a reasonable $316K. When it comes to social life, Pensacola is one of the best cities for singles. Its relaxed atmosphere allows for easy mingling, and there are plenty of outdoor activities and nightlife options to keep your weekends full. Imagine kayaking in the morning, followed by a gourmet dinner and a night out in a trendy bar—all possible in Pensacola.

Beyond its military and defense ties, the city is developing a reputation for its cultural scene, which includes music festivals, art galleries, and food markets. The result is a community that’s as rich in experiences as it is in natural beauty. Pensacola offers an escape from the usual busy Florida hotspots. Here, you can enjoy the perks of coastal living without sacrificing job opportunities or social life. So why overlook this forgotten paradise when it has everything you need for a fulfilling life?

Tampa: Sunshine, Sports, and Seafood

When considering the best coastal cities to live in, Tampa, Florida, is a standout contender. This bustling metro area, which includes Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, is a hub of activity and opportunity. From its scenic Tampa Bay views to its array of employment options, Tampa offers a lifestyle that many only dream of experiencing.

Skyline of one of the best coastal cities to live in
Tampa is one of the most popular move-to destinations in the United States

A Booming Job Market and More

Tampa is far from a one-trick pony relying solely on its tourism industry. It’s home to the University of South Florida, MacDill Air Force Base, and Publix Super Markets, offering a wide range of employment opportunities. With an average annual salary of $53,270 and a median home price of $415K, this city provides a financially sound setting for building your life. This explains why it’s one of the best cities for your new home. But there’s more to Tampa than just job prospects. It’s also a city rich in recreational activities. Sports enthusiasts can catch a game featuring the city’s own Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Tampa Bay Lightning. Seafood lovers will revel in the fresh catches available at local restaurants, all while enjoying a view of the water.

Education is another plus point for Tampa, as its high school students rank 23rd for college readiness among 150 metro areas, according to U.S. News Best High Schools ranking. This makes it a compelling choice for families, too, not just professionals. If you’re searching for a city that combines the beauty of the coast with a robust job market and an active lifestyle, Tampa ticks all the boxes. So, why not make this your new home and enjoy the full spectrum of what coastal living has to offer?

Myrtle Beach: A Vacation Spot You Can Call Home

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is more than just a popular tourist destination; it’s among the best coastal cities to live in. With its warm, small-town atmosphere and growing population, this beachfront paradise offers an idyllic setting for your daily life. The city saw a remarkable 4.46% growth in population between 2020 and 2021, making it the fastest-growing metro area in recent rankings. Affordable housing with a median home price of $298K and an average annual salary of $40,470 further sweetens the deal.

beach in one of the best coastal cities to live in
Enjoy the small-town atmosphere in this beachfront paradise

List of Top 5 Activities in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to things to do, you’ll never be bored in Myrtle Beach. In fact, there’s so much to enjoy, you’ll likely want some packing hacks for moving to ensure you bring all the essentials for your oceanfront activities. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Beach Fun: Of course, the beach is the primary attraction. Spend your days sunbathing, building sandcastles, or participating in water sports like jet skiing and paddleboarding.
  • Golfing: The area is a golfer’s paradise with more than 80 golf courses offering various levels of difficulty.
  • Boardwalk Adventures: The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk has everything from shops and restaurants to the SkyWheel, a 187-foot-tall Ferris wheel.
  • Fishing: Anglers will find plenty to love, from deep-sea fishing to more relaxed pier fishing.
  • Local Events: Throughout the year, Myrtle Beach hosts numerous events like festivals, concerts, and markets. Keep an eye on the local calendar for fun happenings you won’t want to miss.

If you’re considering making the transition to beachside living, Myrtle Beach offers not just a vibrant community but also an array of activities that can fill your days with joy and adventure. It’s a city that proves you can indeed turn your favorite vacation spot into your dream home.

Jacksonville: Where Urban and Coastal Meet

Jacksonville, Florida, effortlessly blends the hustle and bustle of city life with serene coastal landscapes, making it one of the best coastal cities to live in. With a metro population of over 1.5 million, this bustling city offers the best of both worlds: the amenities and opportunities of a major city combined with the joy of oceanic access. Adding to its allure is the St. Johns River, the longest river in Florida, which meets the Atlantic here, providing myriad opportunities for water-based activities.

beach in Jacksonville
Jacksonville is one of the biggest American cities

Affordable Living by the Beach

When contemplating a move to a coastal city, affordability is a key consideration, and Jacksonville offers a relatively budget-friendly lifestyle compared to other Floridian coastal metros. The median home price stands at $301K, and residents spend around 25.17% of their median household income on living expenses. Given these stats, it’s a good idea to consider hiring movers to help with the transition to this dynamic locale. Their expertise can assist you in navigating the property market and settling in so you can start enjoying everything this multifaceted city has to offer.

For those who are seeking a coastal living experience without sacrificing the perks of city life, Jacksonville should be at the top of the list. From its varied waterways to a comfortable cost of living, it’s a location that brings you the best of both worlds.

Melbourne: A Space Coast Experience

Located along Florida’s Atlantic coast, Melbourne offers a unique blend of natural beauty and high-tech innovation, making it one of the best coastal cities to live in. With a metro population exceeding 600,000, the city provides a combination of year-round warm weather and striking public beaches. But what sets Melbourne apart is its proximity to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, offering not just a beach life but a ‘space coast’ experience.

house on the beach
Melbourne has some of the best public beaches in Florida

A Space for Everyone

If watching rockets soar into the sky excites you, imagine being part of the aerospace sector that makes it all happen. The city is a hub for aerospace employers, alongside other major players in the healthcare and manufacturing fields. Financially, Melbourne also comes across as a sensible choice; the median home price here is a reasonable $308K, and residents allocate about 24.03% of the median household income for housing. Given these factors, it may be a good time to consider moving long distance to Melbourne.

Melbourne is more than just a city; it’s an experience. From beach outings to aerospace opportunities, this Floridian gem offers something for everyone. So, if you’re in the market for a vibrant coastal city that’s also a gateway to the cosmos, Melbourne should definitely be on your radar.

Naples: Luxury Living at Its Best

Naples, Florida, is a synonym for opulence, safety, and exclusivity. As one of the best coastal cities to live in, this metropolitan oasis ranks impressively in desirability and safety metrics. The city also offers a unique blend of stunning beaches, high-end amenities, and an exceptional quality of life, making it a preferred choice for those who want to experience luxury living by the sea.

Naples pier
Combine stunning beaches, high-end amenities, and an exceptional quality of life in the city of Naples, FL

The Upscale Coastal Lifestyle

Living in Naples isn’t just about beautiful sunset views and a dip in the ocean; it’s an entire lifestyle dedicated to the finer things in life. Think of high-end shopping districts, gourmet dining experiences, and elite golf courses. A median home price of $700K signals that this is an affluent community, but with an average annual salary of $50,820, many find the investment in the good life to be worthwhile.

Safety is another compelling aspect of Naples living. It holds the No. 1 rank for its remarkably low rates of property crime, violent crime, and murder, making it a haven for residents who prioritize safety along with luxury. If you are in the senior age group and considering a move, this city’s low crime rates and luxurious amenities make it an ideal destination. Senior movers would do well to add Naples to their list of potential new homes. Naples promises not just a home but a haven. Whether you’re shopping on Fifth Avenue South or lounging at one of the city’s pristine beaches, Naples offers a quality of life that is second to none.

Sarasota: Culture and Coastline Combined

If you’re in search of one of the best coastal cities to live in that offers a harmonious blend of culture and coastal beauty, Sarasota, Florida, is where your search ends. This thriving metropolis doesn’t just boast stunning beaches; it’s also a hub for the arts, making it a perfect locale for those who want a side of culture with their ocean views.

museum in Sarasota
Find a blend of culture and coastal beauty in this unique city

Arts, Beaches, and More

Sarasota is more than just a pretty face with beachfront properties. It’s a cultural hotspot brimming with art galleries, museums, and theaters. When you’re not soaking up the sun on Siesta Key or Longboat Key, you can immerse yourself in opera performances or explore art exhibitions, all while enjoying an average annual salary of $49,760.

For those who are past the hustle of the working world, Sarasota has a median age of over 53 and ranks 11th on the list of Best Places to Retire. Abundant waterfront homes lining Sarasota Bay offer residents a chance to enjoy the ocean without ever having to leave their property. Even if you don’t live right on the water, the beaches are never far away, offering plenty of opportunities for sailing, fishing, or simply enjoying the sunset. Considering the city’s median home price of $499K, this coastal haven offers a luxurious yet accessible lifestyle. For those looking to move to Sarasota and in need of car transport, there are various services to make your relocation process convenient.

The Ultimate Picks: Why These Are the Best Coastal Cities to Live In

From the vibrant culture of Sarasota to the serene luxuries of Naples, our roundup of the best coastal cities to live in offers a perfect fit for every lifestyle. Need a family-friendly atmosphere? Savannah has you covered. Searching for a youthful, energetic scene? Daytona Beach fits the bill. For those eyeing job growth and urban charm, Tampa and Melbourne are on the rise. Each city not only brings its unique flair but also delivers health, happiness, and a hint of adventure. Ready for coastal living? Don’t just dream about the ocean breeze and scenic sunsets. Take the plunge and start planning your move to these captivating coastal cities today.

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