List of 6 best cities for single men in USA

Being a single man in the USA has its pros and cons. There are numerous advantages for you a single man here. However, it all comes with a certain price. But no matter why you are single, or at which age you are, there are places where you will find yourself and places that will make you feel at home the moment you move there. If you are a single man and you are looking for a place to have a new fresh start, to find better job opportunities or just to retire, follow this Master Moving Guide. Within the list of the best cities for single men in USA, you will be one step closer to finding your perfect home.

List of 6 best cities for single men in USA

In order to determine which are the best places for singles in the USA, we have created some factors that will indicate how and where to have the best time of your life. There is over 120 populated metropolitan area in the USA. If you are doing your best to find your new home, researching all of them will be too much. That is why this list is going to help you with the top US cities for singles. Keep in mind that these cities might not be perfect for you. The statistics have shown that less than 3 percent of single men have chosen different cities than the ones listed.

empire state building
Can you guess which is the best city for single men in the USA?

Number one on our list is, of course, New York

According to the statistics, this is the best place a single person can move to. This is the biggest city in the whole of USA and there are currently 8 million residents. Pretty big, right? As a single person who is looking for a new start, this place is considered to be a big dating pool. There are a lot of advantages to this. However, being among so many people might affect your judgment. You might be thinking that time is ahead of you and you still have a lot to do before you settle up. It is the biggest con of this place. No matter how big the place is, no one says you will be able to find the one you are looking for.

On the other hand, female residents here have outnumbered male residents. There is 53 percent of woman here and 47 percent of men. Therefore, a single man in the USA living in NY will be easy find the one he likes. These are all the fact that makes NY one of the best cities for millennials in the USA. And now you have a chance to experience all that.

Think it through when you choose the best cities for single men in USA

The other fact that makes a single man move here, are great job opportunities and a lot of activities. The nightlife is also outstanding. You will have so much fun meeting new people who you are working with and the ones outside the office too. So if you have been thinking about moving here, you shul not hesitate. Hire the moving company you have chosen and make the arrangements o your relocation as soon as possible.

Finding a home in NYC is easier if you are a single person. However, one thing makes this almost impossible. If you do not have enough savings or your salary hasn’t got 6 digits, it will be hard living here on your own. Do not let this frighten you. There are tons of people waiting to be called a roommate and tons of people ing for their own way of living here.

So if you think that moving expenses will be too much for you and you do not have enough savings to live alone, there are two things you can do. Ask for a moving estimate to calculate and determine your moving budget and find a roommate. Someone with who you will divide your living costs. If you do all of this, your life as a single man in NY will be like a dream come true.

buildings during the day
Like in any other city, there are pros and cons of living here

The city of Angels

Los Angles is the second most populated city in the USA. Located in California, Los Angeles is a place where you can find more sunny days than you have imagined. Therefore, LA has so much to offer for single men in the USA. And the number one thing this place can offer is the outstanding and enormous nightlife. With so many restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, etc. you will be able to find someone you will like. Meeting people has never been so easy as when living in LA.

The other great part of LA is that you will be able to spend so many days outside. You will go home just to sleep in a cozy bed. And even though this place is the number one choice of people looking for parties and meeting new people, LA has a lot to offer to people looking for a place to live after they retire. Most single men here are actually retired. They have lost their significant other or they never had one. And what is the best way to spend the rest of your life? Have fun on the beach and enjoy some of the best beach activities. So if you are in this group of people who are looking for their dream home after retirement, LA is one of the best US cities to retire. Therefore, do not think it through too much. Book a moving company and make sure you have chosen the right home for you.

Things you can do here in LA

There are all sorts of places that are cool and where you can hang out. Some of the most famous bars are The Well and The Eagle. Here you can taste some of the most tasteful cocktails and drinks. These are also the places where young people like to meet and find out if there is anybody worthy of their attention. But even if you are older, you will find so many opportunities and hobbies. People here also come to find partners for some workshops, galleries, etc.

palm trees in one of the best cities for single men in USA
Check out the benefits of living in LA as a single man

Have you thought about moving to Houston, Texas?

This is a home for over 2 million people, which might seem smaller than the previous two we have listed. 2 million is definitely not a small number. According to statistics, more than half of single men who have moved here have found the thing they were searching for. Whether it is a job opportunity, a new office place, or meeting the love of their life, they have found it here. So this place might be the perfect chance for you to follow your dreams. We have said it before, being a single man has its advantages. Ahem is definitely moving wherever you feel like you are supposed to. One of the things that make Houston not likable is the cost of living. It might be a little more expensive than you have been thinking. It is one of the cities on the list of the most expensive cities in the USA. But, like in everything in your life, there are some hacks and things you can do to still have a cozy life and not spend too much money on it.

The most popular place in Houston is Etro nightclub. This place is for everyone who likes dancing to some retro vibes and sanding to the music of the 80s. So, if you are a single man who is feeling most should definitely visit this club. But there are modern places with modern music you will also find very attractive. Do not think that Houston is a place just for fun. There are numerous parks, some outstanding nature views, and great restaurants. There is even more. But we are sure that you will find something that will make your heart warm and make you move here.

a man standing in the field
Houston is also one of the best cities for single men in USA

Not very far away, there is Dallas – heaven for single people

There are numerous reasons why Dallas is the perfect place to call it home, but when it comes to single people, Dallas might be the number one place for them. The number one reason is that here the majority of the population are young and single people. This means that if you move there as a single guy, you will have more chances to meet the person you might fall in love with. The other reason is that there are tons of activities and things to do, as a single person and in pairs. With numerous entertainment options, great restaurants, great food, good costs of living, and one way of living, Dallas is one of the best cities for your new home.

One of the most famous places in Dallas is Fair park. Here you can find events throughout the whole year. With some of the best concerts and some of the greatest people in the music area, Dallas is the perfect place for romantic and fun dates. As we have mentioned before, the costs of living here are on average level. Therefore, there will be no extra hidden fees and taxes you will have to pay once you are relocated. This is leaving you some space to spend more money on the relocation and hire some of the best moving companies. This will also give you space to get some of the best moving insurance you can find. It will be a huge help not worrying about your stuff and items. And if you get all the moving services the company you hired is offering you, you will not have to unpack and waste your time on this process. You can easily go straight to some restaurants and try to find the best meal possible.

panorama of one of the best cities for single men in USA
Dallas is one of the best cities for single men in USA

Another one on the list of best cities for single men in USA is Jacksonville in Florida

Jacksonville is a place that everybody thinks of when they mention the beach. There are numerous most gorgeous beaches you will be able to find. With so many activities here, spending time on the beach has a whole different meaning than you thought so. Some of the most beautiful sunsets are right here. So that is the most romantic place you can find in the US. Taking your new partner here is something you will both remember for too long. And if you are single, there will be no mistake if you decide that looking at the sunset should be your fists date.

One of those beaches is Fernandina Beach, where you will find a couple making picnics and drinking wine. But to get a person to come here, you will need to find them first, and you can do it by visiting some of the nicest and most urban bars, restaurants, or even some activities that include your hobbies. There is something romantic about this city and if you are moving here with the help from residential movers, you will be inspired to search for a better half. Jacksonville will make you fall in love. If not in someone else, then definitely in yourself. Everything about this place is magical. You might even reconsider your life’s plans and change the moment you move here.

San Diego is calling! Check out why is this place on the list of best cities for single men in USA

The best description of this place is that it is tranquil and beautiful. And it is also one of the best cities for single men in USA. With the high level of diversity, you will be able to meet so many different cultures and meet so many different people. This will be ideal for the single person looking for a new home getting out of your comfort zone is maybe the hardest task person can do. However, San Diego is making you do it just by living here.

And another cool fact is that if you are a single man looking for a new city to live in, and if you are still a kid in your head and heart, San Diego has something for you. If you are into comics, superheroes, and evil villains, you will be able to get to Comic Con which is happening every year in San Diego. This will be a perfect place for you to meet a person with the same interests. And that is a great start to meeting someone new and interesting.

San Diego ais one of the best cities for single men in USA
Find out what is waiting for you in San Diego

Choosing some of the best cities for single men in USA is not difficult. Just think about the reason for the move, the things you need and your expectations. Make sure you have explored each and every city. Being a single man moving has one big advantage. And that is the fact that you can relocate once more if the place you have chosen turns out not to be the right for you. Just follow your gut and trust your instincts. You will find the best place for you and you will enjoy it.

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