Items you should transport personally when moving

Moving and planning to hire professional movers to help you transport your items? Even though this is the best and easiest way to move a bunch of items to a new location there are some items you should transport personally when moving. Those are usually items that your moving company won’t transport in a moving truck. And there is a long list of such items. If you are wondering about how to handle your upcoming move and how to transport everything you planned this moving guide may help.

List of items you should transport personally when moving

There is a long list of items your movers won’t transport in a moving truck. Those are usually flammable items, chemicals, other sorts of potentially dangerous items, food, as well as living things like animals or plants. So if you are planning to transport some of these items to your new home, you will have to move them in your own vehicle.

loading a car
There are many items you will have to transport on your own when relocating

Have some food you failed to use before the move?

Most of the time when you move you know it for months in advance. That is when you can properly plan your food rationing and slowly start emptying your food supplies from the freezer and from your storage. However, if you are in for a last minute relocation where you didn’t have time to deal with your food supply and you don’t want to get rid of it, you can move it with you. However, most moving companies cannot transport food in a moving truck. So food will be one of the items you should transport personally when moving. If you decide to move food with you, make sure that you do it properly. Of course, if you are moving locally, that won’t be a big problem. However, if you are moving long distances, you have to make sure that your food doesn’t spoil during the trip. Use a portable refrigerator, or at least frozen food bags for traveling that will keep your food frozen at least for a couple of hours.

You will have to move your plants by yourself

If you have potted plants, unfortunately, residential movers won’t move them either. Even though it might sound strange, there are several good reasons why that is the case. Plants are simply too delicate to be transported in hot and dark vehicles. They cannot be packed properly. And a moving company needs a special license for transporting plants long distances. So if you are planning to move plants, you will have to find a way to do it on your own. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any special advice on how to do this since there are many different types of plants and the size of your vehicle is also a significant factor. Just make sure that you secure your plants well to prevent them from tipping over. Also, make sure that nothing can fall onto your plants. Consult experts on whether you should water your plant before the trip.

potted plant
Movers won’t relocate plants

If you have pets, learn how to move them safely because you will have to transport them personally

Besides plants, moving companies also won’t move pets. Regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, reptile, bird, or some other type of animal, if you have it, you will have to transport it in your own vehicle. Now, how you will approach this depends on the type of animal you have. Dogs usually handle long distance trips very well. Still, there will be a few things that you need to pay attention to. If you have any other animal that will be traveling with you please read some online animal moving guides that will give you directions on how to transport your animal.

Planning to transport paints or some other chemicals?

If you have a workshop and you are working with paints, thinners, and similar chemicals, will you dispose of them or do you plan to move them to your new home? Your local movers will not want to load them into the moving truck that is for sure. So, you have to decide whether to move them into your personal vehicle or to get rid of them. Of course, it all depends on your needs and how many items you have. If you decide to move them, please be cautious and take all measures of precaution in order to prevent damage, injuries, or other types of hazards. To do this, check whether all containers are properly sealed. If your containers are not in the best condition, move the paint (or whatever you are handling) to new containers that can be sealed properly. Also, cover the inside of your vehicle with plastic sheeting in order to prevent potential spills from damaging your car.

paint cans
Transport chemicals carefully

Move your valuables, keys, and documents personally

Finally, all important items like documents, valuables, keys, and such you should also transport personally when moving. Even though a moving company can move these items without a problem they usually avoid such items because of possible complications. That is why these are also items you should transport on your own when relocating. Naturally, you also need to pay special attention when moving such items. Because they can easily get lost during a complicated move. So pack them carefully and label the boxes accordingly.

Consult with your movers even if you are transporting some of your items personally

As you can see, even if you are hiring movers there will be many items you should transport personally when moving. The important thing is to take all measures of precaution regardless of whether you are moving food, plants, animals, or dangerous chemicals. If you are not sure how to do it properly consult with your movers, they certainly have some good pieces of advice for you.

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