Items you should personally pack

When you are about to move, you must be excited about the change of scenario. However, before you can enjoy all the beauty of your new home, you need to pack. Packing can be tiring and quite stressful. Most people have so many things they need to transport. This is quite a demanding feat for one person. In addition to this, there is a high chance of forgetting some items or damaging them in the process. For this reason, you should hire professionals for the job. However, there are several items you should personally pack. If you do not know which items made it on the list, be sure to read the rest of this article to find out.


All ladies love their jewelry. It makes them look beautiful. However, most jewelry pieces can be quite expensive. In addition to their market value, some pieces have sentimental value as they might be passed down to each generation. In order not to lose or damage these items, you should pack them yourself. This is especially important if you have many earrings or rings. Smaller pieces are easier to lose, especially in the chaos of packing. For this reason, you should pack them separately, so you will know they all the time their location. Furthermore, make sure to seal the boxes of your jewelry well so they will not slip from the box during transportation. If you have only one small box of jewelry, then it would be smart to take it with you. If you lose any of your precious gems, it will affect your moving budget drastically.

a woman holding a ring
Pack your jewelry by yourself

Items you should personally pack – important documents

This entry is quite logical and expected. All the important documents should be scanned first so you can have a copy of them even in the worst case. In addition to this, you never know when you might need some of your documents. Those might include passports, tax returns, licenses, insurance information and all the documents related to your move. Keep your moving contract with you all the time so you can claim insurance if something unexpected happens. In addition to this, have one box designated for all of your documents. Label it so you know the contents of that box. If there is a chance, bring this box with you in order to avoid the possibility of the box being delayed or lost somewhere during transportation. If you plan to store them, then rent a climate controlled storage unit.


There are two reasons why pictures are one of the items you should personally pack. First is their sentimental value. No one really wants strangers going through their personal collection of pictures. The second reason would be the price. Most movers will bring their own packing materials and boxes. While movers want to make sure your pictures are safe thus using their own supplies, this additional service is not cheap. For this reason, you should personally pack your pictures. You can find free moving boxes easily on the Internet. A great way to save some money while packing and moving.

Items you should personally pack – Electronics

If you are a big fan of gadgets, then these items you should personally pack. Similarly, with the picture, movers will be extremely careful when packing your electronics. This especially applies if you have some expensive pieces. Movers will bring their own packing supplies which means the price for packing service will be bigger. In order to save even more money, you should do it yourself. After all, you best know how to take care of your beloved gadgets. In addition to this, if you are packing for storage as well, you should do it by yourself as well.

electronics as one of the items you should personally pack
Personally pack your gadgets

Personal or sensitive items

Your private life should remain private. There are certain items that you might not want your movers to see. These might include lingerie, toys, adult magazines, or videos. There is nothing wrong to have one of these items. You might not be one of those people who are easily embarrassed. If that is the case, then let movers pack your personal items. However, if you do not want to expose your private life, pack these items yourself, and avoid any potentially awkward situation.

Items you should personally pack – money

If you have a certain amount of money in your home, then pack it yourself. It would be better just to keep it in a bank. However, if you for some reason prefer to have it with you, then be careful. If you let movers pack your money, and somehow it gets lost, then it is hard to claim the insurance. In order to be safe, have the money with you all the time.

a person counting money
Put your money in a bank

Some things you should let the movers pack

Now that you know what the items you should personally pack are, here are three items you should let the movers pack for you.

Odd shaped items

It is difficult to find the right-sized box for your oddly shaped floor lamp pr big flat-screen TV. If you want to keep them well protected, then let the movers pack them. They have special boxes prepared for all the strange-shaped items.

Fragile items

There are several fragile items you should not pack yourself because you can easily break them. They are the following items.

Professional will know the best how to handle them.

Disassembled furniture

Why would you stress about disassembling your large furniture when you do not have to? Your movers have all the adequate skills to do it in a short amount of time without causing damage. For this reason, you should better take care of the items you should personally pack, and let professionals deal with your large furniture.

Items you should personally pack

As you can see, there are several items you should personally pack. For this reason, find good quality boxes, and start to pack them.

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