Items you have to disassemble before moving them

When moving, you have certain belongings that are easier or harder to move. The harder ones can be tricky and require your full attention and, even more importantly, help from professional movers. That’s why we at Master Moving Guide want to help you out and tell you more about the items you have to disassemble and how to take care of them. Here are just some of those items that might create more problems for you when moving them.

Items you have to disassemble  – Pool tables

One of the items you’ll surely have to disassemble is a pool table. It’s among those items in your home that you can really enjoy, but it can be very hard to move. For that reason, you need to pay attention when it’s time to relocate it.  It’s of the utmost importance to prevent damage to your pool table and pay attention to any little detail. From the legs to the pockets it’s important to disassemble them properly and pack them securely. Obviously, you don’t want to scratch it but the table itself needs to be properly packed by professional movers, and the parts that can be reattached stored in a safe space where they can’t get damaged.

A pool table
A pool table needs a lot of attention when disassembling


Another big item that is robust and delicate at the same time is the piano. Above all, it’s an instrument, however, it is still kind of a status symbol for many people. That’s why it needs special attention as any damage can ruin it. Not to talk about the monetary value that will go down the drain. It’s no wonder people use the best moving and storage companies to store away their pianos. When we talk about the piano there are more and less obvious parts and items you have to disassemble. Everyone will know to remove the legs if your piano has them, but there are also parts that are better off separated from the piano when moving. Like the keyboard and the hammers and many other parts. It’s always best to consult your piano movers when actually moving it.


Bookshelves might not seem like a big problem however there’s no way you can move them before doing something beforehand. However, you need to be delicate and precise. Find the places where you can start disassembling them. It’s one of the things that the senior movers do when helping senior citizens move. They have so many books that they want to preserve and saving the original bookshelves just adds to the good feeling.  However, when moving them they shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Always remember where you’ve put your screws and parts of the bookshelf. You don’t want your hard work ruined.

A lot of books
Make sure you bring your bookshelves with you for your books

Items you have to disassemble  – Beds and frames

Moving to a new place can be exciting, however changing your bed really isn’t. For that reason, most people will actually disassemble their beds and frames in order to take them to their new house. You might not need to take care as if you’re moving the most expensive furniture brands in the world, however, it is good if you pay attention to small details. You don’t want your beds and frames scratched. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a professional disassemble your beds and frames.

Furniture with glass and mirrors

One of the more tricky items you have to disassemble when moving is furniture with glass and mirrors. That’s because obviously, the glass is very fragile. You need to take special care that the glass doesn’t break and ruin your furniture. As always, and depending on how robust the furniture is, we advise you to hire experts to help you out. If you’re superstitious, breaking glass can bring bad luck, and who wants that when moving to a new home? All the jokes aside, it really can be a tricky task to do and it requires a lot of attention. Especially if you decide to do it by yourself.

Items you have to disassemble  – Large tables

Another item that really isn’t that difficult to move at first glance is a table. Of course, we’re not talking about smaller tables, however, the larger ones can be very tricky. Especially, if it’s antique furniture or a one-of-a-kind item. Larger tables really require precision and attention to detail in order to not get them scratched and damaged. Another pro tip is to disassemble the legs and other parts that can actually be disassembled. It will make the move smoother, but also safer.

A family sitting around the table
Tables and furniture with glass will need special attention

Mounted TVs

Having your TV mounted on your wall is a great thing if you enjoy watching it from time to time. However, when moving it can be a bit of a hassle. For that reason, make sure you protect your TV when disassembling the parts of the TV that keep it on the wall.  At the same time watch out that the TV doesn’t fall over and gets broken. It can be a very costly mistake and you might need to buy a new one. Of course, as always, if you’re not sure about your capabilities, hire professionals to do the job for you. That will guarantee a safe move for your TV.

Whenever you have a professional and efficient mover for your move it’s easy to relocate. That’s because they will take care of the items you have to disassemble before moving. Some of them are delicate by themselves, others are robust but have many parts that are fragile. Whatever you need to move you need to pay attention to details and do it step by step. That way you’ll have more time and concentration to do it. Obviously, our advice will always be to have professionals help you with dealing with such items. Whatever you decide to do we wish you a happy move!

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