Interstate moving day checklist: How to prepare?

Preparing for an interstate move is quite a challenge. But many of you do not know how challenging and hard can be the moving day. We often do not think about the day of the move. Being too busy preparing everything for that moving day, we often forget that the moving day can be stressful. And that also requires planning and some organizational skills. Once the movers enter yu house, the really moving party starts. That is why it is crucial for you to get everything ready for his special day. Master Moving Guide is here to help you by giving you an ultimate interstate moving day checklist. Get through it and prepared for that special day.

Rise and shy beauty!

Planning and preparing for the move comes down to the moving day. There are no more days to countdown. There is no more pressure and what is done is done. That is why you need to be well prepared for the morning on a moving day. This means you need to get up early. Most of you will not even sleep through the night before. But do not make this mistake. Even taking a few hours of sleep will be helpful. We know how exciting you must be and sleeping is not something that you want to do. But you want to be fresh and relaxed as much as possible.

This means sleeping is something that you need the night before. Getting up early to welcome interstate movers will not be so hard, based on the fact that you will be eager to start your move. Keep in your mind that everything you have done in the last few months and days to prepare for this day will be shown within the next 24 hours.

rise and shine sign to help you with your interstate moving day checklist
Get up early and have some coffee before the moving day starts.

This is a perfect chance to be close to your phone all-day

We know how much time our phone takes away from us. Most of us even try to cut down the hours spent holding the phone. But the moving day is something different. This is the day when you want your phone to be constantly near you. You need to have a chance to contact the moving company any time you need. In a case of an emergency or just to as one for time for some moving quotes. Place it on a charger the night before, so your battery is full. Of course, if you have it all well planned, you will not need to make a single phone call. But moving is something that comes with a lot of obstacles and disruptions. That is why having your phone nearby is important.

Interstate moving day checklist requires you to be dressed properly

You are not dressing to impress anyone. You need to dress properly because you are about to experience interstate moving. It is really easy to dress for this occasion. One of the best moving tips is if you are moving during the summer, make sure that your clothes are light and easy. You do not want something that you can sweat in. It is completely logical that is the moving day si during the winter, you need to have extra layers of tour clothes. Everything you wear must be pleasant to your and your skin. You need to wear something that makes you feel good all the time. Moving day is a long day so you must be prepared for anything.

Think about the first night

The first night bag requires items you are in need of. In this bag, someone likes to call it an essentials bag, you will have all the items that are necessary. From toiletries bags, paper plates, extra clothes, chargers, etc. This bag does not have to be big. Everything you can buy on your way to your new home should not be packed. This is important because this bag must be easy to carry around.

This bag also comes in handy when you enter your new home. Even though you have managed to hire interstate movers without getting scammed, you will be tired after the relocation. And even though the professionals will do everything, you will be tired of all the emotions and traveling. This bag will contain everything you need to have on your first night without unpacking.

phone getting charged
Charging your phone should be on your interstate moving day checklist

Make a special pile with items that are not supposed to be loaded in a truck

There are just some things that you will not place in a moving truck. These can be some important documents or essential items. One of the most common things people forget to separate and not load in the truck is the medications. Make sure that all of your medications are near you all the time. You can even place it in some moving essentials box and label it with the phrases “not to load” or in any other way that will be visible for movers and you too. It is also important not to be loaded in a truck because you will need it on your first day in your new home.

The moving truck might travel longer than you. You might even move interstate by plane. That is why your essentials must be near you. The average time the moving truck takes to get to the destination when you are moving interstate is 10 to 15 days. You will not have to wait for the truck to come to your new home. That is why it is very important to ask for a binding estimate. If you are not sure what is a binding estimate, you can always contact the moving company you have put your trust in and get all the information you need.

Keep in your mind that the movers are in charge of the move – write this on your interstate moving day checklist

Although you are the one that is moving and you are about to experience a great thing in your life, you must be aware of the fact that the company you have hired must control things. They have so much experience in this stuff. From loading the truck to having their own methods for packing. But one of the things we are sure you have no idea about is how to arrange moving boxes into a truck. That is why the best thing you can do is to sit back and watch your stuff being loaded. If you think that this pleasure will cost too much, you can always ask around for the average cost of an interstate move.

It might seem like you are not doing anything, but believe us, you are helping in the most possible way. A lot of people tend to bother the movers with the questions and offer to help. These situations are also known as obligations. Plus, if you bother the movers very often, it is a great chance that something will be broken.

Be well prepared if you are not hiring professionals

However, if you have not hired a professional, make sure that you have done a good a complete research about the best ways to load the moving truck. We hope that you have good moving supplies, like trailers, etc. These things will make the whole process easier.

Either way, you need to have a movers’ arrival time, whoever is helping you to relocate. Make sure that you have written down the exact time the help will get to your soon-to-be old home. And based on the fact that you know the time of their arrival you can do some last-minute preparations and check the items. Just be sure that you are ready when the help shows up.

signing the papers
even though it is your move, movers are in charge during the moving day

Create an inventory and be prepared that the movers will do the same

If you have hired professionals, you must be aware of the fact that they will put everything that is loaded in a truck. To be more careful you can have the same list as they do. This way you will avoid some situations, like believing that something was packed even if it was not. When you have the list, you can easily combine it and make sure that everything is the same.

If you are getting help from friends and relatives, this list will be helpful so as not to forget anything. So whoever is called to help you out, having this list of items will bring nothing but benefits.

Interstate moving day checklist means that you must be a good host to your helpers

Moving day is not just stressful for you. Everyone who is going with you through this period can feel a little bit overwhelmed. Even the professional movers. You might think that this is just another job for them. But if they are professionals, they will treat your stuff like their own. Which means the stress level will rise. This is the time when you show everyone how good a host you are. Prepare some beverages and refreshments. Make sure that there is plenty of water. If you are relocating during the summer, you can always get some ice cream or anything cold that will help movers a little.

*additional advice

One thing no one will tell you about is that you should tip movers. Prepare some money. and if you think that the movers have done a good job, make sure you tip them. Movers do not ask for this or expect it. It will just be a gesture of gratitude. So if you are satisfied with how did the movers treat your items, make sure you have some cash prepared and tip them.

fresh lemonade
prepare some refreshments for the movers

Get a bill of lading

This is just a document that is issued by a carrier of goods. You will get the affirming receipt that everything is ready for the move. It should contain details like type, the number of items, value, moving estimate, and proposed delivery date. When you choose between interstate moving companies make sure you check how they deal with a bill of lading. Some good companies will even have written the proposed destination of the stuff that is being relocated. Just be careful when you check it. Read everything twice. And even if it is necessary, give it to someone you know to check it twice. Before you sign it, make sure that everything written is true and correct.

Take one last tour of your home

Before you close the door of your soon-to-be old home, check it once again. Take one last tour of the house. It might be hard to look at it empty, knowing how many memories you have created there. Make sure that everything is ready. If there is something left, you can always put it in a bag or just leave it to the movers to deal with this item.

Remember that it is completely alright to be sad. Do not sustain your feelings. Let them all o the surface. It will help you deal with the interstate move easier. Look at your home one last time and be grateful that you god a chance to move for something better.

woman looking at the sunset and thinking about interstate moving day checklist
take as much time as you need to say goodbye

To sum up. An Interstate moving day checklist is an important thing to have. It will show how well you have done the assignment. But, if there is something that you have left behind or forget to do, do not stress too much. There will be time to deal with these items and stuff too. Keep in your mind that the best help for the movers is to stay out of their way. This will be a very long day. Prepare to have a nice warm bath and dinner in your new home, all the way across the country. Good luck.

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