Important tips when moving cross country in the winter

No matter if you chose to move cross country in the winter or if this is the only time you can do it, you will face some challenges. Moving in the summer or any other season has its pros and cons as well, but we all know how winter is. However, it depends on where you’re moving from and moving to. Not everywhere in the US is winter harsh and too cold. So, you could be going from a very cold to a less cold place. Maybe you’re going from a less cold to a very cold place, or both places have the same climate in the winter. Whatever the case may be, Master Moving Guide is here to give you tips about moving cross country in the winter.

Moving cross country in the winter can be the right choice

If you’re asking interstate movers, you might be doing the right thing by choosing wintertime for your move. Yes, when you think about winter, you’re thinking about cozy nights in your warm home or some show activities that don’t involve moving your whole life cross country, but here is why this is good. The first and probably most important reason for many is the moving budget.

Person counting money for moving cross country in the winter
Moving cross country in the winter can save you a lot of money.

Most people choose to move during the peak season, which is the summer. Everything starts slowing down in the fall. The cost of moving cross country surely depends on the time of the year. In the winter, there are way fewer moves than there are in, for example, July. This is your chance to play it smart and plan to move cross country in the winter. With fewer moves during the winter, this means that you will most likely be able to schedule your move on the date you choose. Moving in the winter also means that your items are not at risk of being damaged due to high temperatures. Items such as artwork (such as oil paintings) or vinyl records often get damaged due to high temperatures.

Moving cross country in the winter requires a lot of planning

You’re probably asking yourself How many movers do I need, “How many boxes should I buy” and all other questions that one may ask before moving cross country. This is why having a list of questions you need answers to is a good idea. This way you can get in touch with reliable movers and have them answer all your questions and offer assistance.

Other than this, having a to do list is also a great way to keep track of your duties and how far you’ve come. Be aware that moving cross country in the winter means that there might be some delays because of heavy snow, wind, or other weather conditions. It’s good to have a window of a few days for certain tasks on your list, just in case. You should also make an inventory list of your household. With this, you will have a better vision of how much time you will need to pack everything and how many packing supplies you’ll need to purchase.

To save yourself even more money, you can do some decluttering. Getting rid of items you don’t need is even more important when moving cross country in the winter because you don’t want to move extra boxes in the cold. You can even earn money while saving it. You can do this by organizing a garage sale with all the items you will not take with you. A few extra bucks are always good.

Garage sale items
Organizing a garage sale for items you are not moving can bring you extra money.

Checking the weather forecast is very important when moving cross country in the winter

When moving long distances and hiring interstate movers, it’s very important to be familiar with the forecast and what temperature is expected around your desired move date. Like we mentioned before, you might be moving from a place with mild winters and expect the other place to be like that too. Checking the forecast for both point A and point B is crucial. If the weather is bad, it can cause delays and inconvenience for both you and the movers. If you have scheduled your move already and later on found out that the weather will be bad that day, don’t panic. Hopefully, you checked early enough and you can still reschedule. This is a perk of winter moves, more dates are available. Therefore, just keep an eye on that forecast and plan accordingly.

Pack your boxes according to the cold weather

As we mentioned, moving cross country in the winter is good since there are no risks of damaging items due to high temperatures. However, cold weather has its dangers too. This is why it’s very important to box and wrap your items with extra care. Be aware of your electronics at all times. This is important because it can take electronics a long time to acclimate to room temperature. You have to make sure that the boxes with electronics are not left outside in the cold for long or stored in your cold garage for days. If you’re taking care of items and the boxes they are in, you could even reuse your moving boxes later on.

Moisture is a thing. Items such as mattresses have to be protected from the moisture and snow that can accumulate in the moving truck. If you’re moving your washers or fridges, make sure to drain them to the maximum before placing them in crates. You don’t want them to end up frozen and cause you stress and time waste when you arrive at your new home.

Have a family member or babysitter watch your kids and pets

You need to give a lot of time and focus to this move. That’s why hiring a babysitter or asking a friend or a family member to jump in and help is a good idea. Let them watch your kids and/or pets while you’re preparing and packing for this big move. If you’re looking for a babysitter, make sure to find someone your kids and pets will like, because you don’t want them to get bored. Since the weather is chilly, they might have to stay inside or will be limited when it comes to outdoor activities. This is why the babysitter, friend, or family member must be, someone who can keep them entertained.

Kid and dog spending time together
Finding a reliable person to watch your kids and pets while you’re preparing for the move is very helpful.

Keep your walkways and driveways clean

When we say “clean” we mean clean from snow and ice. If your area gets icy, it’s important to clean it out every few hours. This is important for both your family and the movers. The last thing you need is someone getting injured on your property. Not only does this cause delays, but it can mess up your whole move. Keeping everyone safe is more important than anything. Since you’re moving cross country, it’s not easy for you to know how the driveway and sidewalk are looking in your new place. But there are ways to take care of this too. You can hire someone online to clean your driveway and walkway even across the country. This will make it convenient for everyone once you’re at your new location.

Don’t bring the cold inside your home and take care of yourself

This might sound silly, but it’s more important than you know. Many people forget about this when they’re moving during winter. You should keep your home warm. You will want to take a break from the cold, so why spend it in cold rooms? Make sure your heat is working inside and close the front door behind you. There is nothing less comforting than sitting in a cold room during winter. Also, remember not to overdress when you’re packing and taking your stuff out. If you overdress, you might sweat more and with cold weather, that’s the perfect mix to get sick. Treat yourself and your movers with some hot beverages that will keep everyone going. Don’t forget to eat well, just like any other day. Moving is not the reason to skip meals or do work while hungry.

Hot tea in a colorful mug
Hot beverages are a great source of warmth and energy when moving cross country in the winter.

Prepare yourself and your personal vehicle for the move too

Considering that you have discussed moving quotes and made the best decision choosing professional movers, you will have more time to prepare yourself and your car for the move too. You should probably have your car serviced about one week before the move, to make sure everything is working well. There are also some items that should be in your car on the road. Some of those items are:

  • winter wipers
  • tire chains
  • ice scrapers
  • tow rope
  • roadside flares
  • jumper cables

Other than preparing your car, you need to prepare yourself and make this ride convenient. You should have these items in your car when moving cross country in the winter as well:

  • emergency kit
  • extra money
  • extra set of warm clothes for each family member
  • food, drinks and snacks for everyone
A family ready for moving cross country in the winter
Keep all the needed items for your family and your car stacked.

Preparing yourself is very important when moving cross country during the winter. You have to keep in mind the shorter and darker days. You might want to leave extra early to avoid driving in the dark. If your destination requires more than one day of driving, talk to a family member or friend that might be on your way. You can use some quality time and spend an evening with your family by staying with another. Since you never know what can happen, you must have an emergency contact list for all scenarios. Let’s hope you don’t have to use it, but have it ready.

Make sure everything is off at your old house and on at your new house before moving cross country in the winter

This is a big one. You have to make sure that everything is turned off at your old house. This means all the electricity, heat, water, gas, and other utilities. If you’re leaving any electronics behind, such as a television or a fridge, unplug it all. These things can cause some danger if left unsupervised, especially in the wintertime. Likewise, you have to make sure everything is turned on and ready for you at your new house. If you have a reliable neighbor or friend in your new area, have them do this for you so you’re not coming to a cold home.

Talk to your movers and make sure everyone is on the same page

It’s important that you hire professional movers in order for this move to go smoothly. Master Moving Guide is here to give you tips on how to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. There are a few ways to avoid this, but it all starts with you, you should plan this move in advance and know what kind of movers you are looking for. You can always check the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and check if the movers you are about to hire are their members.

Moving company employee with boxes
Good movers will make your move a stress-free experience.

Another important thing is to make sure you don’t accept any unseen estimates. Reliable movers will give you precise information about their estimates, fees, services or anything else you want to know. We recommend you ask for a binding estimate to make sure nothing inconveniences you later on. If you’re not sure what is a binding estimate, we are here to talk about it. Get in touch with us and we can explain each step of your move and why moving cross country in the winter is not bad at all.

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