How to write a helpful moving review

When you were looking for your moving company, did you read moving reviews? Were they helpful to you? The answer is probably yes. So, the question is, do you now want to help others in the same way? If you wish to, but if you aren’t sure how to write a helpful moving review that will be useful, stay with us. Master Moving Guide can give you a lot of advice regarding moving and help you at the same time. And now we will teach you how to help others. So, in the continuation of this story, we will reveal all the details about reviews that will help you write a useful and high-quality recommendation or review. Not only for the moving industry, but you can also use our tips in writing other reviews. Shall we begin?

Why should you write a helpful moving review?

If you have chosen your moving company based on moving reviews, then you know what we are talking about. But if you encounter this topic for the first time, then we will tell you a few useful and informative words. First, we will start with what moving reviews really are. So, moving reviews represent a kind of criticism. It can be positive or negative. And it’s mainly related to the moving industry. A moving review can tell you several things about the business of a moving company and customer satisfaction. And it can also point out things you should avoid or represent a red flag. And the most important thing to be aware of is that, unfortunately, you can often come across fake moving reviews.

A person who is trying to write a helpful moving review
Writing a moving review will not take you more than half an hour, and it will mean a lot to someone! Keep that in mind!

So, the point is that you write a moving review in order to help others who decide to move, hire a mover, and who decide to rely on a moving review. What is important is that you should be honest and that you should write the way you really think. Your opinion can be of great use to others, but it can also point out to them the shortcomings of the moving company in question. You also need to know that you aren’t obliged to write a moving review, it’s your goodwill.

How to write a helpful moving review?

Writing a moving review will not take much time. About 30 minutes at most. And the best time to write is right after the move. So, let a few days pass after you complete your move with the help of moving and storage companies. Allow the impression to settle a little so that you can write a moving review as honestly as possible. But don’t wait too long to avoid forgetting most of the details. And if you’re ready now, here are some guidelines to teach you how to write reviews!

  • Don’t forget the date, time, and location
  • Summarize your impressions
  • Mention what you are not satisfied with
  • Give a final rating

Date, time, and location are the main details

Never leave personal information such as an address, phone number, etc. on public websites. Not even when you write a moving review. What is necessary and what would be useful for others is to leave the date of your move, as well as the approximate location. Say the name of a city or state. For example “My move was January 12, in the Los Angeles area”. What is important to mention is whether it’s a local, long-distance, cross-country, interstate or international move. As well as the time of year (summer/winter) in which you moved.

A person looking at a watch
The date and time of the move are the most important details of every moving review, try to remember them!

Write down your impressions, but also what you are not satisfied with

What is your first impression? Were your dorm room movers useful to you, and what are the benefits of hiring them? How long did the moving process take, are they correct? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when writing a moving review. What is very important is that you describe your experience. An ideal moving review should contain up to 10 sentences in which you will write your impression, important details, and advantages of the company, and give them a final rating. And of course, if there are things you were not satisfied with, be sure to mention them. Even if it will lead to your review being a criticism.

Final grade and done!

Some companies have the possibility of rating on websites. Most often, they look like small stars, of which there are usually 5 or 10. Each star represents a certain level that the customer can express his satisfaction with his service. If you were completely satisfied, you can give the highest rating. But if there is something that bothers you, think about it. Also, if the company’s website doesn’t have this option, at the end of your review you can give a final word, for example, “I can rate the whole moving experience with a score of 8“.

Rating experience
Keep in mind that if you write a helpful moving review and rate your experience, you can be of great help to someone!

So, writing a moving review is not as difficult as finding and hiring international movers. Perhaps international moving seems like a difficult and demanding experience to you, but in general, it is not. And our guides can help you overcome everything you think is impossible.

Take some time and help someone!

So, let’s sum up the whole page. If you decide to share your moving experience with others and write a helpful moving review, keep in mind that you can help someone. Because more and more people rely on reading reviews when they want to hire movers and if they can find a million tips for hiring movers. It will take very little time for you, but it will mean a lot to someone. So, don’t forget the essential details, date, time, location, type of move, experience, and rating.

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