How to use moving straps for moving furniture: Complete guide

During the moving process, there are many things that you will need to do. Starting with organization and planning, all the way to packing and moving furniture and other things in your home. This is a difficult and tiring job, but there is a solution for everything. A reliable moving company can often offer you a solution for your move. But, in situations where you want and have to move the furniture by yourself, there are some things that can make it easier for you. These are lifting straps, or as professional movers would call them, “moving straps”. Both names imply the same thing, so you can’t go wrong. In this moving guide, you will be able to find all the important information about how to use moving straps for moving furniture. So, let’s see!

Use moving straps for moving furniture for moving the heaviest and bulkiest items safely

Lifting straps are most often used for lifting and moving bulky and heavy objects. These straps are most often used to lift home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators, but also other items such as sofas, shelves, and other bulky furniture. In addition to being very useful when moving furniture, lifting straps reduce the risk of injury when carrying bulky items. With the help of straps, you will bend less and the load will be evenly distributed over the whole body. This will reduce the risk of muscle strain, back injury, etc. So, to move bulky objects, you will need lifting straps, the help of friends, and this guide. In this guide you will be able to find out how to:

  • find lifting straps
  • prepare furniture for the move
  • move furniture with lifting straps
  • avoid injuries
Couple moving furniture without lifting straps
Lifting heavy objects can lead to injuries, so, be careful and use adequate tools for this job!

Where you can find lifting straps?

So, to be able to use lifting straps, you have to get them first. Lifting straps are mainly used by professional furniture movers. Now, you will surely ask yourself “where can I find furniture movers near me“? Don’t worry, there is certainly a moving company in your city that can help you.

You can also borrow them from a friend who has recently faced a similar situation But you can also buy them in one of the local stores where they sell moving supplies. Or if it’s easier for you, order them from one of the online stores like Amazon. The price of lifting straps usually ranges from $40 to $100. And yes, there are two types of tapes. Arm straps and shoulder straps. Depending on what you are moving, make a choice.

How to prepare furniture for moving?

If you are preparing to move, it’s necessary to carry out adequate preparation of your furniture, which consists of several steps such as sorting, cleaning, and preparing for packing. Preparing for packing means wrapping your furniture and other items that you are packing. You can use moving blankets or bubble wrap or try to find other cheap moving supplies. After you prepare the furniture and pack it, you can proceed to the next step.

Couple packing chair in bubble wrap for moving
Bubble wrap can be a good choice when it comes to protecting your belongings from damage during moving.

You may be able to pack some items in boxes. Especially smaller pieces that you detach from your furniture. Therefore, in relation to the size of the item, look for the appropriate boxes. Also, keep in mind that the price of medium-sized boxes is around $40. If that looks expensive, try to find cheap moving boxes that you can locate online or in local thrift stores.

How to move furniture with lifting straps?

The guide for using lifting straps consists of several steps. The first and most important is to read the original instructions written by the manufacturer. Next, make sure you have suitable non-slippery shoes. Avoid canvas sports shoes. Finally, call a friend for help and advance to the next level.

The next step is road preparation. So, choose where you will move your furniture through your house all the way to the truck for loading. Clear the way, measure all the doors, and make sure the furniture can fit through. Then, depending on which type of lifting straps you have chosen, place them correctly on your forearms or shoulders. After that, put the other part of the strap on the ground next to the object you are moving, and then, with the help of a friend, transfer that object onto the strip. If you use one strip, make sure that it’s centered properly. And if you use two, keep them close to the ends of the object. After that, you can lift the object, but taking into account proper lifting techniques that will help you avoid damage and injuries.

Tips to avoid injuries when moving furniture?

In this story, it’s very important to learn how to avoid injuries. Luckily, lifting straps serve that purpose. Instead of gripping with your hands, with the help of lifting straps, you will distribute the weight of the object evenly over the entire body. So, here are some tips to avoid injuries when moving furniture:

  • Keep your hands free – If your hands are free, you will prevent injuries that may occur by colliding with other objects in your home.
  • Lift properly – With proper lifting techniques, you will save yourself from stomach pains that can occur if you suddenly lift an object.
  • Watch out for your back – While wearing moving straps, the load is distributed and will not hurt your back.
Girl who has back pain
Back injury is one of the most common injuries, so it’s recommended to use moving straps for moving furniture.

Injuries can also occur during the packing and preparation of moving furniture. That’s why we always advise you to research packing hacks for moving. With the help of useful hacks, you will make this job easier for yourself.

Don’t start this job without our guide!

So, by now you must have learned something new when it comes to moving furniture. So, try to remember our complete guide about how to use moving straps for moving furniture. Or even better, have this guide handy when you start this job.

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