How to use lifting straps for moving furniture

When your relocation gets closer you will need to start preparing for that day! And while it may seem like it will be a super stressful one, that is not always the case. With some tips and additional help on the side, your relocation will go smoothly and easily. You will just need to follow a couple of steps and know what to do when things get complicated. The hardest part is probably moving your furniture. Especially if your household is big and you have multiple rooms. Luckily there is a solution to everything and for furniture, it is using lifting straps. In case you never had a chance to use them before here is how to use lifting straps for moving furniture! 

Find high-quality ones

Some websites like Master Moving Guide suggest that the quality of lifting straps is the key! There is a lot of truth to that because they will need to serve you for heavy items multiple times. In order to use lifting straps for moving furniture, try to find ones that already have good reviews from different customers! As a result, you will know for sure that they will not break in the middle of your relocation. Lifting straps became popular a long time ago and since then they are part of essential tools for moving. Without them, moving furniture would be difficult and you will need to get a couple of additional hands for the job! Once you find the ones that suit you with the quality and the price make sure to get a couple of pieces. You never know how much exactly you will need and it is always good to have a backup plan! Ask the store about the return policy in case you don’t use all of them and don’t open the packaging. 

man carrying a sofa representing how to keep a balance when you use lifting straps for moving furniture
As a friend or a family member to help you out!

Steps to use lifting straps when moving furniture

Although moving straps will make the entire process easier, you will still need to learn how to use them. Before you get to that part, invite a friend or a family member to help you out. After all, for using the lifting straps you will need a partner on the other side to help you! All packing hacks for moving include additional help on the side and this process is not different at all! Also, make a plan for rooms you will be working in first! The best option is to carry out furniture from one room at a time. This will keep the space neat and as you progress you will be able to walk and carry out larger items. Leave the biggest items for the very end as they usually need much more space to carry out! 

Set the straps

Once you and your partner are ready, unbox the straps and put them on the table or another surface. Carefully unfold them and ask the partner to help you. The next step is to put them on your shoulders and ask your partner to do the same. Be careful when setting them up because you need to avoid lifting straps sliding off of your shoulders at any point! If you feel they are loose, you can adjust them on the site until they feel in place. If you realize that this is too much for you right away, always look for “furniture movers near me“. Don’t wait until it’s too late as you may hurt yourself or damage furniture as well. 

Attach them to furniture

The next step is to attach them to a furniture piece you would like to carry. You should have enough space around you during this process so you can do it properly. While you attach them on one side, your partner can help you out. Once lifting straps are in place take one more look if everything is in its place! In case you need them, always have a pencil or marker for labeling close to you. You may want to label the straps or furniture items themselves. Cheap moving supplies are essential during relocation, and you should always have them close to you!

tools on the table
Always have extra tools close to you!

Lift the furniture and walk slowly

There is no space for hurry during this process! Be careful while you use lifting straps for transfering furniture as you may hurt yourself and your partner. Always keep a distance between you, and walk slowly. Balance is very important so if you get tired ask your partner to put the furniture down. Keep the communication going all the time as our partner may also get tired at some point. Make sure that there are no boxes or smaller items around you. If you are carrying bigger furniture items, you may easily trip because your visibility will be limited. Once you get yourself some cheap moving boxes, make sure to set them aside until you are done with the heavy items! 

Remove lifting straps and put them aside

As soon as you finish carrying furniture and you get some rest, make sure to put the straps back. You can always use their original packaging or prepare a special box for them as well. You never know when you will need them next time and it is good to have a special place for them as well. On the other hand, you will surely need them, once you arrive at your new place! If you are left with pieces you did not use, inform yourself on how to return them to the shop on time!

orange sofa
You can use lifting straps when moving furniture for all the furniture items you have!

Bottom line

Once you decide to use lifting straps when moving furniture make sure you get enough rest. This job may be pretty exhausting especially if there are a lot of items to carry. You should be full of energy and ready for the exciting day in front of you! Take care of yourself and the people around you and your relocation will be more than successful! 

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