How to store documents safely in a storage unit

No matter how digitized today’s way of functioning is, paper is still the best way to store information. It is also interesting that large government systems, corporations, and companies still trust physical access to information rather than digital access. This of course creates some problems and requires a different approach. Paper can pile up and in some moment it will start taking a quite large amount of space. Before this happens we must store documents safely in a storage unit. Although it may seem like this is an easy task, the reality is different. Luckily, Master Moving Guide is here to tell you all about it.

There are some requirements to fulfill if you want to store documents safely in a storage unit

Paper is a sensitive category of material. In addition to the fact that liquid can damage it, there are also risks of flammability. The wind can blow it away, rain and snow can wet it, and moisture and time can permanently destroy it. When we take into account the importance of the information that can be recorded, the issue of secure storage is a priority. Quality storage service is, at least today, easy to find. A large number of companies offer these services, you just have to find what suits you in terms of location, with suitable conditions and a price you can afford. Make decisions about:

  • What you should put in storage?
  • Organizations and digitalization
  • Preparing for transport and storing
  • Finding storage with adequate conditions
  • Security
trying to store documents safely in a storage unit
You need to protect the pieces of information that you have

Declutter and sort out your documentation

The first thing we have to do before storing documents safely in a storage unit is to decide what to spare. This is very important because a lot of documents often accumulate that become redundant, have an expired date, have been processed completely, and no longer have a purpose. Remove everything you no longer need and save some space. This can be beneficial because you will be able to use that extra space in the future.

Save valuable data permanently

The organization and digitization of documents are essential nowadays due to faster access to information and easier work. Now that we have the documents that we plan to leave in storage find some good storage tips if you want to secure your documents in the best way possible. One of the ways to secure your documents is to digitalize them so that they are always at the tips of your fingers when you need them. This is a process and it can take time, so you will most likely need help with it. Scanning documents is a necessary step and it would be good to find someone to help you with this.

Code on the paper
There are several ways to protect your documentation

Pack properly before storing documents safely in a storage unit

When you finish scanning the documents, they need to be properly sorted and packed. Use binders that have the ability to insert PVC films and smaller amounts of documents. This is one of the ways to protect documents from possible creasing and getting wet. Mark all folders carefully and list the sections of the documents that are in them so that, if necessary, you can get to the desired document faster. This step also takes time and is quite tedious.

Carefully choose the packing materials

Choose firmer and waterproof materials when you store important documents. If you have digitalized them, it is even more important. Electric devices can be especially sensitive. This should be mandatory if you make a decision to take cheap storage without inner conditions control, to save money.

You may need a little more than empty space

Finding adequate storage can be a bit of a difficult task, especially if you are looking for storage specialized for documents. If you can’t find a storage facility that specializes it’s best to find one that has conditions control. Storing large amounts of paper is an extremely complex task and the right conditions are necessary. As we mentioned before, even if you have digitalized documents you will need some precaution measurements in order to save devices. Electronics need some extra protection. Finding adequate storage is a chore that can take time and is not easy. You need to find it close to you and negotiate the price because it is not that cheap to rent with special conditions. In addition to all these, the warehouse should have security. Most specialized warehouses have, if not physical security, then at least video surveillance.

Organizers for documentation
Organize and protect those important papers

Store documents safely in a storage unit

It is desirable to add some kind of security depending on how sensitive your documents are. From just an additional lock to the installation of additional video equipment that can be bought and installed very easily these days, though slightly more expensive but more complex surveillance and alarm systems. All this gives you control over the security of the document and helps the security service to do its job more easily. With modern surveillance systems, you literally have 24/7 video surveillance on your cell phone or another device of your choice. These systems are getting better every day and getting cheaper so it’s worth investing in them if you have sensitive documents.

Keep documentation in storage and gain additional office space

In order to save as much office space as you can, you should store documents safely in a storage unit. This is a great option because you will be able to control conditions and ways of saving the stuff. There are so many options, even if you want to save them in a paper version. To work on safety, you can rent a controlled storage under video surveillance, or you can install it yourself.

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