How to store a pool table

If your pool table is an item you often use and you are attached to it, make sure you take care of it properly. This should especially be the case when you need to store it. In order to do everything by the book, we are going to let you know how to store a pool table. If you do not skip any steps, your pool table is going to remain in perfect condition for as long as you need. So, do your best and the effort you invest in this part is going to pay off.

First, you need to disassemble your pool table

This is one of the most important steps. Your pool table is going to be much safer if you disassemble it than if you decide to store it in one piece. Pool tables are extremely heavy and they can easily get damaged. Of course, even when you disassemble it, there will still be some heavy parts you will need to deal with.

It is highly important that you take care of all of the details. On the other hand, if you see that this is not actually your cup of tea, hire pool table movers. They are professionals and they know precisely what to do and how to do it in order to keep your pool table safe.

Pool table in a room
In order to pack a pool table properly, you should disassemble it first

How to properly disassemble your pool table?

There are several steps you should take to complete this task properly. Firstly, you should remove the pockets. Then, disengage the rails and slide them out with great care. After that, remove the felt from the table. The felt may be stapled or glued down. However, you still need to remove it in order to get to the slate. Once you do this, remove the slate. Now, this is the part when you are going to need some helpers. It is quite heavy so make sure you carefully lift out each piece and place them side by side on a moving blanket. The next step is to flip over the frame and remove the legs. This all seems simple, but it is not quite so. The good thing is that you can count on local movers to help you. They will complete this part with no great effort.

The next thing you should do is wrap all of the items

Now that you have disassembled your pool table, it is time to move to the next step. First of all, make sure all of the screws and other small parts are in a bag. You should also know at all times where this bag is. What you can do is tape it to the frame or the slate. Then, take one piece at a time and wrap it in a bubble pack.

A couple holding a roll of bubble pack
In order to keep your pool table safe, wrap its pieces with a bubble pack

This is going to keep your pool table pieces safe and in good condition. When you complete this part, think about what will suit you best, that is, how to pack those pieces. If possible, put the legs in one box. If not, you can always count on moving blankets. However, if all of this sounds too complicated, let Master Moving Guide help you find a suitable moving company.

Think about what kind of storage unit is going to suit you best

Considering the fact that there are different kinds of storage facilities, you can feel free to choose one that is going to suit your needs best. Since your pool table is made of wood, it is advisable that you rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Depending on how long you need your pool table to be in a storage unit, choose between long-term and short-term storage. If you want it to stay there just until you settle in a new home, choose the best short-term storage option. In this way, your beloved item is going to be safe and you will not have to worry about whether it will suffer some damage or not. Use this chance and avoid going through stressful situations.

When all of the steps are over, it is time to store a pool table

Now that you have completed all of the steps, you can be sure that your pool table is going to be safe. It is going to be in a climate-controlled storage unit and it is going to remain in perfect condition. If you are wondering how to prepare for movers, you should know that you have already done this. If you have packed all of the other items, there is nothing to worry about.

Mover trying to store a pool table
When all of the steps are completed, the time has come to store a pool table

Your team of movers is going to come to your home, check every box, and separate the items that need to be stored. Then, they are going to load the moving truck and transport all of your belongings. Do not worry – they are professionals and they know how to handle pool tables properly.

Get all that you need and start preparing your pool table for storage

You are now familiar with what you need to do in order to store a pool table. What you should do is prepare all of the tools you are going to need and start completing the steps. Of course, if it happens that you realize that this is not something you can do successfully, you can always rely on your moving company. Your movers are going to give you a helping hand and you can be sure that your pool table is going to be in great hands. So, all you should do now is think thoroughly about what is ahead of you and make plans. One thing is certain – your pool table is going to be safe in a storage unit and its condition is going to remain the same.

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