How to start preparing for moving season?

Many people like to move, especially in the United States. A move brings so many new options, as meeting new people, better job opportunities, attending good universities, etc. In order to make their dreams come true in another city, people need to relocate. Since it is hard to organize a move alone, people hire moving companies. Usually, the busiest month for moving companies is summer. It is expected that people will move in the summer since they are on vacation and their children are out of school. Not to mention, all the college students moving in and out of dorms. For this reason, if you own moving and storage companies, you should start preparing for moving season. Not only should you attract new potential customers, but also you need to prepare your company as well. Words fly fast in the digital world, and you need all the positive ones. 

Start preparing for moving season by promoting your company 

As mentioned before, you need to attract new customers. For this reason, promote your company as best as you can. Try to find something that will make your company stand out from the crowd. Customers will go to the company that has gathered the most attention. That is why you should consider investing in marketing and promotions. This does not have to be anything big and flashy. However, an interesting add in the local newspapers, or on the radio can do wonders. Try to come up with an interesting logo for your company. In addition to this, make flyers, business cards, and similar promotional material. Spread them across the town. Have your colleagues, such as real estate agents or people from insurance companies to promote your company. You can always return the favor later.  

person holding card
Make flyers for your company

Pay attention to your web presence 

Flyers and adds in the local newspaper are great. However, the best way to attract new customers is through the world wide web. For this reason, check your web presence. Is it attractive enough? How does your website rank on google? What are some potential weaknesses? You should find answers to all of these questions. Hire a web developer if you do not know how to make your website. In addition to this, when you do make one, make sure it is easy to navigate. All the important information should be visible on the first page. Create an email address that you will use only for your business. Lastly, use social media to promote your company. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all social platforms you can use in order to attract customers. 

Start preparing for moving season – the budget edition 

Promotions, ads, and making a website is not cheap. Even though it is tempting to invest money in good promotions, you still need to be careful. Do not spend too much money if you cannot afford it. For this reason, it is extremely important to come up with a solid budget plan. You should include temporary staff employed for the busy season, new equipment, restock packing and moving supplies, and so on. It would be wise to calculate your expenses before and during the peak season. This way you can be sure you will not over-spend unnecessarily. Sometimes, the number of your customers can be smaller than you anticipated. Even if this happens, you will not lose a large amount of money. Be very practical and reasonably invest money in your company. 

 person counting dollar banknotes
Prepare your budget for the busy season

Make sure your employees are prepared for the busy season 

Your company cannot function without its employees. For this reason, they should start preparing for the moving season as well. Check their performance. See if they improved. In addition to this, since you are preparing for moving season, you might need wondering, how many movers do I need. If you need more than you currently have, then hire more movers. Make sure they know how to provide the best possible moving services. For this reason, check their resumes, ask for letters of recommendation, or you can observe how they do in some small local move. Lastly, do not forget about your moving equipment. You have to assess your equipment as well. See if everything is working. If not, then make sure to replace it. Restock if necessary and so on. This is the best way to start the busy season. You do not have to worry if you are prepared. 

Use inventory software for forecasting 

If you want to have a successful peak season, you should use the right inventory software. This software will track your sales history. The software is going to identify your most popular and the least popular items. This way you can see what it is your customers mostly seek. Since you are dealing with moving business, here are some services you should include. 

  • Moving services 
  • Long-distance moving services 
  • Local moving services 
  • International moving services 
  • Storage services 
  • Packing and unpacking services 
  • Special moving services such as moving piano, aquarium, music instruments, art collection, and so on 

Based on your tracking, you can see which services you should promote more. Maybe some of them you can stop offering since they are not profitable.  

Customers’ feedback 

You should consider your customers as well. See if they are generally satisfied with your services. Always make sure to ask for their feedback. In addition to this, most customers will leave a moving review. For this reason, you can replay. Usually, if customers will leave reviews on Google maps, you can answer by thanking them for the positive feedback. If they leave a negative review, take it as constructive criticism. This gives you a chance to improve some parts of your business.  

person holding black smartphone
Do not forget to communicate with your customers

All the tips on how to start preparing for moving season 

As you can see, these would be all the tips on how to start preparing for the moving season. Pay attention to your social media, adds, employees, and equipment. 

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