How to resolve complaints on social media

Can a person be moving and still stay happy and relaxed? Sounds like an impossible mission. Moving is a very stressful and tiring process. People decide to hire professionals to help them through. This is the moment when you as a professional should step in and help. This is a very sensitive time in their lives. Customers can overreact. In the ’90s customers could only share their moving experience from mouth to mouth.  We live in a time of digital communication. So it is very important how we as professionals present on social media. You may use any social platform to advertise your business. Customers’ reviews can either flourish or ruin your good name. Master Moving Guide gives you tips on how to resolve complaints on social media. Take this very seriously, do not be sorry later!

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Always opt for professional movers to avoid scam

Hiring reliable movers to avoid scams

On the stress scale, moving is right at the top. Many problems can show on the way. Hiring a reliable company is a good solution. In addition, people must be aware of the existing frauds on the market. Luckily, nowadays customers can read useful articles on this topic.

There are several ways how customers can have bad experiences with movers. They want to know that they will work with a reliable company. Here are tips on how to hire movers without getting scammed. Reliable movers should provide a clear contract. They should be ready to give any additional information to the customer. There should not be any hidden costs. A reliable company should act professionally and with respect. Otherwise, customers can feel cheated. Then they will post negative reviews. As a result, it would be very difficult to resolve complaints on social media. Once lost, a good reputation is hard to gain.

Last-minute moving

It is great if people can plan the move for several months. But there isn’t always the time for thorough planning. Many people face last-minute moving at some point. As a result, this can be a chance to run into scams. Customers should learn to spot them.

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Experienced movers will help with last0minyte moves

If this is the first time they need to move last minute, they will need help. Now customers do not have enough time to prepare. They can miss some important steps. They can still rely on DIY. To be on the safe side, we recommend customers hire last-minute movers. This way they will ensure the quality service in a short period of time. They will transport large goods to avoid injuries. If the movers do the packing, it can save a lot of time. Plus, skilled movers can save customers lots of money. As a result, this can resolve all potential complaints on social media.

The importance of resolving complaints on social media

Since moving is a very overwhelming process for many, people decide to hire professionals. No matter how hard you try, people are not always satisfied. The place where they post bad reviews is usually social media.

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It is crucial to efficiently solve social media complaints

For potential consumers, this may impact their purchasing choices. The social media team cannot ignore the power reviews can have on the business. Here you will find some basic steps to resolve complaints on social media. First, you should not take things personally. In addition, try to understand that customers undergo a lot of stress. Instead, show empathy and understanding. Thirdly, if you notice that they are overstressed, improve communication. Try to match your employees with your customers. Finally, be there for our clients. If needed, explain in detail. And above all, have patience.

Offer to make things right and follow up

Do not fall into the trap to respond to an angry customer with a generic response. In addition, avoid reading policies and terms and conditions to them. Even if you cannot help, at least try to. Apologizing is sometimes not enough.

Understand their feelings. Feel free to show them that you are feeling bad as well. In most cases, customers just want to see that somebody is hearing their problem. A returning customer is the one that receives not only an apology but a solution. Try to do everything that is in your power to fix the situation. Always go the extra mile. Not only will you solve complaints. You will also have satisfied customers recommending you around. Once you’ve responded to a complaint on social media, it’s not over. Follow up to make sure you‘ve fully met the customer‘s needs.

Teach your employees how to deal with the stress when resolving complaints on social media

Not only customers feel stressed when moving. Your employees may face difficulties with complaints. You should assign reliable employees to certain customers. For example, employees with more experience with last-minute moves can handle the situation better. This relates to the employees who handle difficult customers easier as well. You can consider hiring experts to teach your employees stress relief techniques. Include here your social media team. Don’t forget that a satisfied employee will have better results.


Customer care and support evolved greatly during the past decades. Social networks are a great way for brands to make lasting relationships with customers. However, if you drop the ball on customer experience, it can reflect on your business. Take proactive steps to respond, resolve, and learn from customer complaints. You would be able to position yourself favorably among the competition. When dealing with negative comments remember not to take this personally. Customers are not angry with you as a person. Nothing can go perfect, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, acknowledge and understand. Show empathy. Always be proactive and offer a solution on the spot. This way you will not only resolve complaints on social media. As a result, you will ensure a good reputation. And never forget-a customer is always right!

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