How to protect your moving crew from injuries

In our line of work, safety is pretty important. No job is a job well done if someone got hurt. And, lest we forget, moving involves handling rather heavy objects, often with considerable difficulty that forces us to think outside the box and handle these objects in precarious ways. However, there are ways to protect your moving crew from injuries. Furthermore, just your readiness to ask and research this topic seriously is already a step in the right direction. Therefore, let us start this instruction on how to protect your moving crew from injuries.

Protect your moving crew from injuries with preparation

First and foremost, you have to deal with the planning phase. No plan will survive the clash reality, we know that. However, having a plan for most of the things you ought to encounter is still pretty important. Therefore, let’s get on with it.

The most important thing to plan out is accessibility. There are several accessibility issues you want to make sure are not present.

Protect your moving crew from injuries with preparation
Plan out everything you can!
  • First and foremost, you want to make sure that the hallways are clear. There is no such thing as successful furniture movers if the hallway is blocked and you are moving something from the fifth floor with limited elevator space. It is a nightmare. Be sure to plan the route.
  • Protect your moving crew from injuries by making sure the apartment is safe. There is nothing precariously hanging, no structural damage, no sharp objects on the floor. Make sure that any wardrobe you are moving is empty and well secured…
  • Parking spaces – yes, you would be amazed, but having closed-off parking can not only make everything more stressful, therefore more dangerous, but can also lead to problems with loading with people holding something a lot more than they should’ve.

With these out of the way, we have to move to the best way to keep your crew safe.

Training and equipment

And that is obviously to train them. If you want to comply with the principals of workplace safety and health, you will remember that every and all training now will protect your moving crew from injuries in the future.

Training and equipment
Be sure to possess the right training and equipment

However, no amount of good training will make their heads and toes more impervious to injury- buy good equipment!

Don’t be in a hurry

What makes expert interstate movers be on time is not that they are hyper-fast or in a hurry. Now, they are in time because of the plan things out.

Don't be in a hurry
Be on time, so you get good reviews, but don’t be in a hurry

Even if you are late, do not try to hurry up your workers. You are late anyway. No point in someone getting hurt…

Common sense will protect your moving crew from injuries

What it all comes down really to is common sense. Take your time, have the right crew and equipment and plan everything out. As long as you take potential dangers in mind and train and prepare for them, you will protect your moving crew from injuries just fine.

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